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  1. Alright so this is my first shot at starting an rp here! So real quick: I'm willing to play two characters, the catch is if I play two, you have to play two as well. Also I am willing to play male or female characters, I don't mind much either way.

    Fantasy (open)

    Princess/her guard(or knight)
    Witch(or Wizard)/Monster
    Witch (or Wizard)/person

    Fullmetal Alchemist (open)

    I would really like to do an Ishavalan war (or immediately after the war) or post FMA ending rp (doesn't matter if you'd prefer the 2003 anime storyline or the manga/brotherood storyline I can do either), I would also prefer to keep the characters in the military, but I'm pretty lenient on that. I'm okay with playing canon characters, though I do prefer to play original characters. However, I'm very open to ideas! So if you have an idea you'd like to do then we should discuss it!
  2. If your up for anything Fantasy based, hit me up! Im looking for another rp to get into X3
  3. I'd love to do the Princess/Wizard one with you.
  4. I'm willing to do the Wizard/Person one with you, if that's alright with you of course.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.