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  1. hello there! I haven't been on in a long time, so I'm not setting my standards very high! Just so long as you can reply with AT LEAST four medium paragraphs per response. I also will not RP sex at all.

    When it comes to fandoms, I'm not in many at the moment, but there's a few I wouldn't mind.
    NATSUME YUUJINCHOU: (I'd play Tanuma, and you Natsume.) (this is such a long shot but I'd love this so much)
    BASICALLY ANYTHING CLAMP: (characters I can play are; Kurogane, Doumeki, Kazahaya, Subaru, Yukito, Touya,)
    FINAL FANTASY VIII: (I can play squall, and I'd like a Seifer)


    I have a literal book of ideas, and I'm up for suggestions.

    Some ideas include:

    Character A finds himself in a house he can't leave, with a demon who plans to keep him there until he looses his mind and takes his place as the demon of the house. The demon was once just like character A, tricked into entering the house decades ago.

    Character A joins a traveling circus to get away from a rich yet abusing family. In this circus he meets character B, the 'son' of the ringmaster. Character B was actually kidnapped from his family at an early age and trained to be the ring masters servant.

    Character A has always had vivid dreams, so has character B. One night, their dreams merge, and from that night they see eachother every night in their dreams. Character A and B actually live in two different worlds, and it is impossible for them to ever meet while awake.

    Character A and B have both died and are now stuck together in a strange, scary purgatory, trying to accept and understand their own deaths and the complex emotions they left.

    Character A is a single parent, character B is a preschool teacher who was raised by a single parent. From their first meeting, character A gets the impression that character B doesn't like them. Character B has a bad relationship with their parent as they were neglected as a child, and now believes that single parents are bad people.

    (I'll leave it there for now)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.