Fandom 1x1s - Sexy Edition (mostly mxm)

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  1. Hello! I already have a 1x1 search thread up looking for some fandom roleplays (here, if you're interested), but I have a craving for some plots that are kinda sex-heavy, where the sex scenes are too important to fade to black, so I thought I'd throw up a second thread to attract some partners who are comfortable with a sexier plot.

    • Adult partners (obviously)
    • Descriptive sex scenes
    • Romance (duh)
    • Good communication. I can be a little self-conscious with my writing and might want to check with you before I throw something in plot-wise.
    • Canon characters
    • Light BDSM and kinks, depending on plot
    • Hate sex, first time sex, awkward sex, otherwise imperfect sex
    • Openness for a little bit of angst and feelings along with the sexy times, again depending on plot
    • Fairly active partners
    • Post sizes typically between 1-3 paragraphs
    • Decent spelling and grammar
    Do Not Wants
    • Yaoi-esque MxM relationships/sex (very important to me; I hate the yaoi genre. I can explain this more if you need me to.)
    • OCs, unless stated
    • Hardcore/not entirely consensual BDSM
    • Anything not entirely consensual, for that matter (unless as part of a backstory, or with a side character)
    • The typical squicky kinks -- blood, scat, watersports, etc
    • Anatomically incorrect mpreg (I'm hesitantly open to trans or intersex male pregnancy)
    Some things to consider:
    • I am by far more experienced in writing MxM smut. I have a little experience with MxF, but I have almost no experience with FxF. This is by no means to say I am less willing or less comfortable to try it, just that I would prefer a partner who is understanding that I may not be as great at writing it.
    • Canon LGBT characters retain their canon sexualities and genders in my plots. No exceptions. I don't care about straight characters, though. (Obviously, considering my pairings.)
    • I like to do threads, but I am open to PMs if you prefer. Just ask. I probably won't do anything off-site though, sorry.
    * = my preferred character. I can be flexible, though. Just ask.
    ♥ = craving

    All listed plots are simply suggestions. If it's not your cup of tea, I would love to discuss something else.

    ♥ Dragon Age (open)

    ♥ Dorian* x Iron Bull: Filling in the blanks of their canon relationship during Inquisition. Would probably include some BDSM (I mean, c'mon. It's Iron Bull.)
    ♥ Dorian* x Cullen: Friends with benefits type deal, set during the events of Inquisition. Dorian, doing what he does best, convinces a very lonely Cullen to engage in a casual sexual relationship with him. Cullen is hesitant, due to never having been with a man before, but Dorian insists it's just a little stress relief.
    Dorian* x Inquisitor
    Sera x Inquisitor*
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Fenris* x Hawke: AU where the Hawkes are a noble mage family from Tevinter. Fenris is still a slave, and (preferably male, possibly female) Hawke meets him while working with Danarius. He takes a liking to the interesting elf, but the feeling is far from mutual at first.
    Fenris* x Anders: Hate sex galore. Enough said.
    Fenris x Anders x Hawke: open for ideas (either one of us would play Fenris and Anders both, or we'd bring on a third partner)
    Warden x Zevran*

    Please suggest other pairings and plots! I can't promise I'll love it, but I might.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender (open)

    Zuko* x Katara: Post-canon. Zuko is married to Mai, and Katara is married to Aang. The two start up an affair.
    Zuko* x Sokka
    Mai x Ty Lee
    Azula x Ty Lee

    Attack On Titan (open)

    ♥ Erwin x Levi*
    Jean* x Eren
    Levi* x Hanji

    Black Butler (open)

    Grell* x Will
    Grell* x Madame Red
    Grell* x Sebastian

    Please note, I will play Grell as a transgender woman, and I will expect her to be referred to that way. The only exception would be if we were to do a pre-transition plot, but I would still play her as transgender.

    Vampire Knight (open)

    Yuki x Zero*
    Zero* x Kaname

    Free! (open)

    Rei* x Nagisa
    Rei* x Rin
    Rin* x Nagisa

    More to be added later on! Other fandoms I like:
    • Fruits Basket
    • Adventure Time
    • Mass Effect (minimal knowledge; I'm still working on the games)
    • The Witcher (minimal knowledge as well)
    • Hunger Games
    • No. 6
    • Elder Scrolls
    Please feel free to make suggestions!
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  2. Updated with pairings for a few of my listed fandoms.
  3. Heya - are you just looking for partners to do the plots listed? I'm not really familiar with any of the fandoms you posted - Hunger Games being the exception - but I'd be down to work something else out if you are.

    Let me know! :)
  4. I'm definitely open to other ideas, though I can't guarantee I'll be into it. PM me if you've got something in mind. :)
  5. Hi there! I'm interested in the Kuroshitsuji fandom, but I'm a bit confused. Grell as a transgender woman is alright. He already refers to himself as a lady in the manga. Does this mean a complete transition, body-wise?
  6. Nope, unless we were doing a modern AU or something. By transition, I just mean going through the decision to live as a woman. :)
  7. Still looking for partners for most plots!
  8. Updated a little. I don't know why I didn't have A:TLA on there -_- It's also worth clarifying that any fandoms involving underage characters will be aged up.
  9. Looking for a few more partners! I've been feeling a lot healthier lately and I'll probably be able to get online more during my free time ^^ Also might start looking for some original plots... Let me know if you've got something in mind!
  10. Still looking ~ A few taken plots are re-opened.
  11. You like the Witcher? I would be up for something along those lines ^_^
  12. I only know the third game (and I haven't 100% completed that yet). Is that okay? If so, PM me :)
  13. I'd be up for something Hunger Games related
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