Fancy Hosted Roleplay Blogs - Are you interested in this?

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Would you be interested in purchasing space for your own personal roleplay blog?


  2. Maybe in the future! I like the idea but couldn't do it now.

  3. Nope! I don't need one!

  4. I don't have anything nice or constructive to say, I just wanted to press a vote button. >:[

  1. Iwaku actually has freebie blogs right here on the site, which are super awesome. But some of us (like me for example 8D) are serious roleplay addicts and run our own personal roleplay blogs, like mine on for all of our character bios, story snippets and roleplay logs.

    Jared has been doing paid hosting for a couple people's rp blogs already and he is thiiiiiiiinking about doing it more "officially" for everyone on Iwaku that want to pay for good hosting. Where members could have something like or even their own domain name. The prices would be around 5 to 15 dollars monthly depending on how much space you needed and if you wanted a domain name, etc.

    SO THE QUESTION IS... How many people are actually interested enough in having their own roleplay blog to wanna have their own url/domain? Is this worth Jared setting up a fancy info page? Vote in the poll and reply!

    And if he diiiiid does anyone have cool suggestions on domain urls they'd actually LIKE having a blog hosted on. XD
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  2. I definitely like the idea but I probably wouldn't be able to afford something like that now. Question though, would the blog posts be updated to the main site? Like how our blog page is set up to have recent entries, would it still look like that? I know some of us like to advertise roleplays through our blogs as well.
  3. Nope, this would be your own separate site thing! 100% yours, not connected to Iwaku or affiliated with Iwaku. (unless we like, put iwaku in url title or something. >>) You actually wouldn't even have to use it as a roleplay blog, and could use it for a regular blog too... o___o It will look and work however you like, cause you could change the style, graphics, widgets and all that stuff. For example, Ocha is being hosted with her new business website. I have a non Iwaku person who is hosting a World Heritage blog. Most of the peeps setup now though, ARE using it for Roleplay blogs, so we figured that's the best way to present it if we ran with the idea.

    Kinda like how runs, only BETTER cause you have full control of the site, design, contents and don't have to pay for silly things like new styles or widgets. >< It's your server space.

    Basically, we have a lot of extra space and resources on the servers, and this would help cover costs. Jared and I pay halfsies on a giiiiiiaaaaaaaant machine, and donations usually cover Iwaku, but he's thinking about restarting his hosting hobby on a small scale if enough people are interested.
  4. I am not sure if the blog system in place now supports importing RSS feeds or something similar.

    Also technically it would be for any site (blogs, photo gallery, wiki, custom code, etc.) but blogs like Diana and others have seem to be what a couple people have shown interest in.
  5. Alas for the broke status!!