PORTRAIT REQUEST Fanart needed for fan fiction I'm doing

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  1. So I'm trying to get some inspiration for a fic that I'm writing, it will have animal spirits that will give the characters animal ears, wings, or scales. I'm also trying to figure out what some of the characters should be mixed with. This is going to be a Bucky/OC/Steve fic. Alexandria "Alex" Murphy was best friends with James Barnes and Steve Rogers growing up, the three were always close and the three became mates when they got older. Then Bucky leaves to fight in the war and both Steve and Alex are approached by Dr. Erskine to become part of his new experiment with bonded mates, Steve becomes Captain America and Alex becomes Miss America.
    Name: Alexandria Murphy
    Nickname: Alex
    1. Spirit Animal: Wolf
      Alpha/Beta/Omega: Omega
      Height: 5"5
      Hair: Long red hair that reaches just below her shoulder blades, she mainly keeps her hair back in a braid or a bun.
      Eyes: Bright green
      History: Her mother was Irish and her father was Scottish, she was picked on because of her parents not being from America, but Bucky and Steve stood up for her and they became friends right away.
      Markings: A bite mark on both sides of her neck, Steve's on the left and Bucky's on the right, and freckles across the bridge of her nose.
      Ear color: Her wolf ears are black and grey with a little bit of white mixed in.

      Bucky - Pitbull, if you think about it, it fits perfectly
      Clint - Hawk
      Pietro - Cheetah?
      Bruce - Grizzly bear
      Loki - Panther or Fox?
      Brock Rumlow
      Nick Fury - Snake?