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  1. Hey there. If you are reading this, then be warned. You have been chosen to become a possible operative. Of what? That will remain an unknown until it is determined if you are qualified or not.

    First, I need to ask you a few questions and give a brief explanation.

    Did you ever watch a show called "Person of Interest"?
    If you did, then did you enjoy it? Because this is going to have similair basis.

    If you have not, then allow me to provide a short explanation as to what this possible roleplay will be all about.

    The year is 2020, and after many attempts at creating an AI that will be capable of detecting threats within the world without turning on humanity, they achieved it. The "Perfect" AI, which was named Detection And Suppression System, or 'Dass' for short. (Several others have been made, but were eliminated before they could become a major threat).

    The setting will be several months after the new AI became fully active. Terror attacks decreased, and now the AI have decided to start assigning teams to handle smaller things. Threats that aren't national.

    It has been studying human kind and is now capable of tracking down everyday threats. Mobs, murders, muggings, all via all the knowledge it gathers from the human kind, which now has technology as an part that they cannot be seperated from it.

    So, with the approval of the UN, a few teams are being assigned to handle everyday tasks. However, they do not just get the knowledge of "What will happen." They recieve a number, which they then need to decode and understand for themselves what is the threat to that person.

    The AI cannot predict the future, only major threats to the targets. So it gives the Target's ID number to the team, they decode it and then go on to understanding the situation and preventing the threat or threats.

    Have this peaked your interest? If so, just note it down below. If I get 3-4 people to show interest, I will set up a full roleplay. I do not wish for it to become a large roleplay, so as a beginning I will only accept up to 8 people. So if 8 people show interest, then within the 24 hours following the eighth's person interest, there will be an active roleplay.

    But until then, Let me see if you are indeed... Interested.

    (This is my second attempt at doing this interest check after a while, if 3 people will show interest then I'll make an OOC! Last time only 2 showed interest... :'c)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.