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So, I've been writing this K-On! fan fiction a little while ago, but then, it evolved into something else, and I just have to share this with someone, especially when I've already written so much, when I've already established the ideas, values and emotions of the characters in my story to such a great extent. But, I can't share it with the people I wanted to share it with, because that would be giving away the spoilers, and the spoiled storylines as written below are powerful plot devices that make the story all the more emotional. For me anyway.

So, what to do? Post it to some folks who have probably never watched K-On, but still having the possibility of respecting anime enough to have at least came across its name. Let them review it. Besides, this story is far from being a K-On fan fic. It's nothing like K-On, excluding the use of its main characters. They have no reason to not read it because it's 'K-On'-ish.

And if they don't review it, not giving a damn about it? Works either way. At least I finally got this off my chest.

This is meant to be both a foreword and a prologue for said fan fiction of mine (including a list of character profiles below).

How 'Fan-Made' was born
When I first started writing "Diary of a Moe-Tsundere," a K-On fan fiction centered on Akiyama Mio's highschool life, I had barely got to Season Two of K-On. All I knew was that I love Mio's character, the 'mature' side of her personality. When I did get to Season Two, however, I was kinda disappointed. She was a lot more annoying than the Mio I knew in Season One, mostly because of the moe factor.

Now, I'm one to get buttsore easily. I don't take criticisms very well. Hence, when I read multiple writings of people criticizing Mio's character, her personality... Yep, you guess it. I have to change that.

With pain comes growth. I knew that I have to provide Mio lots of agony to make her grow. But when it got to a point of the story when the abuse got really rough (imagine having her getting over her shyness - then having me depriving her pride once again), I started thinking: I know all these is just for the sake of character growth, but damn, if she's a real person, this is really some sick stuff I'm doing (even if it doesn't involve rape or sex).

And that's how my idea was born. What if Mio was to come confront me like a real person would? How would I, as a fan fiction writer, react? How would I, as a writer, deal with this? Would I cease from continuing writing, cease from growing the characters I love just because they suddenly turned into real people from fictitious ones? It was an idea I just have to fully explore.

Then there was another aspect of this story I have to explore - being a god. Now, I've seen many stories going about this, and none of them act like the God I know from the Bible stories. They are not omnipotent. They are not omniscient. They are not omnipresent. Why? Because it wouldn't make the story interesting... right? Well, again, I'd love to change that. Flaring Rebel. Always rebelling. That's me. If I have the mighty three powers of God, what would I do with it? From Genesis to Revelations - the story is my own to tell.

A third aspect - the truth is subjective. Everything you know might not be true. That is true for Mio in my story, and that truth itself might not even be true. Someone else, in my reality, might be puppeting my actions. He, the Almighty One, might be the one stringing me in writing this story. But does that matter? Would knowing that her life is a lie make Yui any less happier in my story, any less naive? To enjoy life itself, just for the sake of it, isn't that enough? To just have tea and cake after school... the simple pleasures of life. Ignorance is bliss. Once Adam and Eve ate that apple, the bliss was of no more.

Other than that, I really have not much to say, other than that I'm really excited for this project - and that I might be sent to Hell for it. Ah well. The worst things possible are done out of the best intentions, says Alan Grant.

With that, Fan-Made awaits. Till then, enjoy these character profiles. They are made mostly for me to get a better grasp of the personalities of the characters (just like how this foreword lets me get a better grasp of the idea of this story), but they also serve to let you know a little better about the paths I am pushing my characters towards.
WBoon (Codenamed "God")
I always felt insignificant in this world. I was perceptive, but my sense of intelligence had no place in my world. I was a lone wolf throughout my twenty years of pathetic life.

Then one day, an experiment revealed to me my control over another world, my powers as a god. I was apologetic for my actions at first, but after granting my people free will, I was able to act like the biblical God Himself. My powers knew no boundaries.

That was, until love got in the way. I love my characters. I love my people. I love… that girl. Love became my weakness as a god. And when my carelessness got in the way… when one of my loved characters had to suffer the worst fate ever dealt, my powers meant nothing to me.

I am WBoon. Fictitious and fan-made? Who knows…

Konoe Karebu (Codenamed "Lucifer")
I am the dark side of the moon. The person WBoon could never be. The person WBoon have always wanted to be… though he is too conceited to admit it. I was led into the garden by him, meant to tempt his people with my so-called 'evils' and 'sins'. I say bleh. I am the god that everyone has wanted. Happiness is subjective. And the pleasures I offer are boundless… unlike those of The Almighty Boon.

I should have been king. And I will be king. Power is the rule of this land. I dare to do things you would never do, WBoon. You are too weak, too soft-hearted, protecting your precious Mio's virginity, when you very well knew that the best way for her to grow is also the most painful way - by depriving her of her most precious gift.

No matter. Tsumugi is mine. You have always been irked by how they messed up Mio's character in Season Two, how the other characters became more likable because of this stupid mess-up. Well, I'm going to get that revenge you secretly desired… by messing up Kotobuki Tsumugi.

I am Konoe Karebu. Fictitious and fan-made? Who cares…

Tenjiru 'Flare' Mosugi
I am the clone of a demon who thought himself as god, the representation of his views and ideas. When I learned the truth, I thought there was nothing left for me to live for. My love for Mio was made-up. My hatred for humanity was not of my own.

But I knew, my love for her might have been fictional, but what I felt was very real. When I was given free will, I used that powerful human emotion Mio had taught me to use to help people, to repent for whatever sins I had subconsciously done. To protect that girl I love.

I learned, man's love is the most powerful god power.

I am Flare, fictitious and fan-made.

Akiyama Mio
I detested my childhood. I hated my fabricated life. My love for my friends, my fond memories with them were scripted and made-up. I was the subject of amusement for billions of people. I did not know what was real in this life anymore. 'Love' became abstruse for me. I didn't want to understand it. Death was the only option for me. I was sprang back to being that cowardly little girl I was first made to be. I wanted out of this Hellish world.

But then, Flare showed me the true meaning of love. He reminded me what did it mean to love. My friends… and Ritsu, they reminded me that I have people who still love me… regardless of its meaning. I have been gifted and cursed with the responsibility of protecting them. I have been gifted and cursed with strength, with growth, with love.

With love for my friends and Flare, I need to use my strength and growth to protect them.

I am Akiyama Mio, fictitious and fan-made.

Tainaka Ritsu
I was made to be an imperfect character by people I didn't even know. Loud. Childish. Forever envious of Mio's perfections over me. Protecting Mio was all I ever knew, all I ever lived for. However, when I learned the truth, I questioned myself, if I had done all those things just to make myself feel better… If I had enjoyed torturing Mio, just so that I could protect her.

Worst of all, my envy turned into jealousy, and my rashness made me hurt her… My imperfections made me hurt the ones I love.

But it doesn't matter. I will not admit defeat to my weaknesses. Having the strength to protect is what I have, and protecting my friends is what I shall devote myself to doing. I don't care what it means. I don't care if I'm faking it. I'll just do it. Because I love my bestfriend.

I am Tainaka Ritsu, fictitious and fan-made.

Hirasawa Yui
Having teas and cakes together with my friends was the only happiness I ever knew of. I didn't crave for power or fortune. I didn't crave for anything the world did the worst things to get its hands on. Looking forward to a brighter day made me happy… It made my friends happy, hopeful.

However, ever since learning the truth, my friends became saddened, one by one. I was unaffected. God claimed that I was too naive. I believe the word He was searching for was 'ignorant.'

"Ignorant is happiness," some smart guy once said. How true it is. I wish I could give away all those skills and talents the gods have unconditionally given me to make my friends happy again. I don't want to be good in playing guitar. I don't want to get the highest score in class. I just want to have tea with my friends again.

I am Hirasawa Yui, fictitious and fan-made.

Kotobuki Tsumugi
As a child, my life have always been innocent, filled with love and naivety. All I ever yearned for was to explore all the interesting aspects of life with my beloved friends, to bring happiness to them for as long as I shall live.

But then, upon the unleash of the truth, two tragic events struck me down. I became fueled with hatred. I forgot entirely what love is, shutting the world out from my life. It wasn't fair. God protected Mio from being deprived of her most precious item… but he abandoned me because I was the most insignificant character in the story.

But no matter. I've finally found a more significant purpose to life - to hate, to eradicate, alongside the true god of the world.

I am Kotobuki Tsumugi, fictitious and fan-made.

Nakano Azusa
"A perfect character." That's what He called me. "Someone whom all others sought to become." I never sought to be interesting. I never sought to be significant. All I ever knew was that working hard was important. It was a part of my life. Learning to have fun taught me the more beautiful things in my life, and once I clutched onto those beauties, I couldn't let go of the only thing that filled my heart - love.

Like a poorly conjured twist, I failed trying to hate, when others failed trying to love in the most desperate hours. I wanted to hate the people who caused the pains to the friends I love, but I was too knowledgeable of its pointlessness. My heart is unmovable by hatred. All I ever want to do is love.

I am Nakano Azusa, fictitious and fan-made.
I think this may be the best piece of characterr introspection I have ever read, and I have no idea who they are. I hope character introspection is the right ...term. I have always loved the whole 'worlds within worlds' concept, of the possibility of everything, the whole universe and your life being just someone else's imagination.
Thank you, Lunatic Al. Many people have toyed around with the idea - John McTiernan with Last Action Hero, Marc Forster with Stranger Than Fiction - but none has really done it like this, to truly delve into what it truly means to be a fictitious character, and in this case, in the form of fan fiction.

I might post a few of my chapters in the future when I get to the part where the characters find out about their fictional nature. I'm still at the part where they are still living 'fictional lives'... if that makes sense.