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  1. Do you write, or have you written fan fiction? What kind did/do you like to write? Any you've read that you'd recommend?
  2. I have written Inuyasha fanfiction in he past. It was Sesshomaru/Kagome, but the site it was on closed down. /cry I still read it from time to time though. Dokuga is great for any Sesshomaru & Kagome fans. I also used to read True Blood fanfiction, but I haven't in a long time.
  3. I've written one Natsume Yuujinchou fanfic which I never finished (but another person has taken over now), and I've written one rise of the guardian fanfic (I made a remake of snow white with Jack frost hahah) And four months ago I started a new rise of the guardian fanfic (with jack frost as cinderella.. Cause why not?) but it has been on a hiatus for a while. I might get back to it at some point.
  4. I used to write a Bleach fanfiction along with my two friends when I was in 8th grade. It was a horrible self-insert fest without any real plot, but we found it tremendously entertaining and I still remember my OC, a mad scientist with absolutely zero social skills, with great fondness. There was something incredibly stylish about her custom of cutting up her dead enemies, stuffing them into plastic packs and using them later in her experiments.

    Also, I don't read fanfictions much, but The Oneiroi series from Water-smurf is an honorable exception. It's totally a crack pairing in its purest form (Vaarsuvius/Redcloak from The Order of the Stick), but the writing is so good it almost cured me out of shipping Vaarsuvius/Belkar. Almost. Those two are my OTP. And Belkar's attraction to V is cannonical! *squees happily and ignores the fact that Vaarsuvius probably still hates him and/or loves Inky*

    ... Am I weird for shipping stick figures so passionately?
  5. Go read My Immortal.

    You can thank me/tell me how much of a prick I am later.
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  6. I did that. And I read the second one. For anyone really needing a laugh (or a cry, whatever you prefer) listen to the dramatic reading of My Immortal. Comedy gold.

    I've read numerous fanfictions featuring so many non-canon pairings, it hurts. I'm in the process of writing a Mass Effect 3 fanfiction as well as having several ideas for Kingdom Hearts fanfictions that should probably never see the light of day.
  7. I read some when I was younger. I did write a few, too, but I don't think they're up any longer. They were of Final Fantasy characters and what not... if I can remember correctly.
  8. I did this fan fiction That happened before The hobbit, Galadriel and Gandalf had a daughter together and she winds up dying as she defends the shire from destruction. that is all I am saying about that. lol.
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  9. I wrote a Madoka fanfic when it first came out, but instead of having magical girls there were jewel knights, each with a jewel like sapphire, amethyst and ruby. It was split up in two parts, the first being like 8000 pages and the second being around 12000... My fandom knows no boundaries.
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  10. Not a big fanfic writer, but I have read some Thorki in my time. O.O So much Thorki...
  11. I used to be an admin for an old anime fanfiction website.

  12. Currently making a Walking Dead Fanfiction without the characters but my own. Don't know how well it's going to be and I do not care. Just having fun with it.
  13. I have written fan fic for Supernatural and that's about it... :3
  14. I always say reading fanfic is like making friends; you gotta wade through an ocean of shit to find the good ones
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  15. Ah how could i have forgotten... I heartily recommend a certain piece called "Legolas by Laura"

  16. Now I'm tempted to start translating my sister's trollfic Ouka and Yukina. Or her trollfic Tekken: Angelic Voice. Or maybe her Bleach trollfic Souls of True Love. They're genuinely funny and absurd without inclusion of grammar errors that would make you want to use brain bleach.
  17. I've written harvest moon fan fiction as well as…. *prepares for laughter* world of warcraft fanfics. the lore is so good but by god, I was like 8-11 when i was writing those
  18. I've written for Soul Eater and D.Gray-Man. There are some I've thought about writing for though like The Hobbit and Beelzebub. The DGM one was centered around Miranda Lotto and Leenalee Lee wanting to open a daycare center for lousy parents/gaurdians like Cross Marian. It was rather good. I keep thinking to go back to it one day... Maybe.
  19. I'm documenting my Leafgreen nuzlocke run from the point of view of Red, so does that count?

    Also, this.
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