Famous Romance

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  1. a normal girl called Allison Hale. She has a normal day job at a bar and also dances there, she doesn't exactly enjoy it but she needs the money to be able to pay for her flat and everything. She is 19 years old and is actually a pretty girl which she doesn't exactly see as she was abused by her parents and they also said she was ugly and worthless and that was when she moved out of the house and got the job at the bar.

    Allison sighed as she saw the time and that it was time for work, she had a shower and got dressed in the outfit she was given to work there which seemed to get her a lot of male attention seeing as it was very reveling and put the heels in her bag and put on make-up and got her car keys and going out her door and down to her car

    She actually hated work and by her luck, it was also the night she had to dance, she hated that the most, behind the bar she could deal with but the dancing on stage she hated sometimes as she felt like she was a hooker or something and she wasn't like that at all. She got out her car and put on the heels and headed into the bar and saw it was packed already and she put her bag in the back where other staff keep there things and put her phone in her pocket and went back out to the bar and served
  2. Taylor walked into the bar with a black leather jacket, jeans, and sunglasses on his head. He looked thirsty and hungry as he walked toward the bar. He sat down on a bar stool looking around for a waiter and saw Allison."Excuse me miss, would you mind getting me something to drink?" Taylor sat there waiting as he pulled out a pamphlet of the area and started reading. "Does anyone know where Fallen Rock is?" He waited for his drink and a response.
  3. Allison heard a voice that she actually recognised but hadn't looked at who it was but was sure she had heard that voice before and got the guy a drink and went to where he was sitting and once she saw who it was the glass slipped out her hand and smashed "Oh my god, i am so sorry, i'll buy you a drink on me and it is not far from here" she said and started to clean the glass on the table, she couldn't believe actually she had just saw Taylor Lautner, he was her first ever celeb crush and she even still liked him now. As she was cleaning up the glass she cut herself on it and groaned and put it in the bin and knew she would be told of for that and got him another drink on the house which would come from her own paycheck

    She wiped the drink away from the table and bit her lip "I am so sorry for dropping the glass" she said glancing at him and then put a towel around her bleeding hand after she wiped up the drink
  4. Taylor seemed concerned. He walked over toward the other side of the bar and grabbed a wet cloth and pulled her hand to his left hand. He pulled off the towel and dabbed the wound with the warm cloth looking at you kindly. After so he began picking up the rest of the glass pieces putting them into the waste bin. "I am Taylor, what is your name?"
  5. Allison was surprised when he come over and took her hand and felt how warm his hand was compared to hers and the wince a bit at when he dabbed it, it actually stinging a bit and saw the kind look in his eyes and her heart was racing just looking at him and watched what he dones "You shouldn't of helped, really" she said biting her lip and looked at him and smiled "I know who you are Mr Taylor Lautner, i'm Allison Hale, and thanks for helping and that, it's kind of you" she said smiling and blushed a bit
  6. "It's fine Allison." Taylor pulled his wallet out and laid a twenty on the counter along with a small note and walked out. The note read "call me, (insert number here). He walked out waving to her and continued to his car.
  7. Allison bit her lip and nodded and looked at the twenty on the counter and was going to say something and looked back at him and waved back and took the note and a smile formed on her lips and she put it in her pocket and put the money away and sighed, hoping to have a break soon so she could call him
  8. Taylor walked to his car and drove off to a nearby hotel. The only reason he was here was because he was doing some research on a character. He paid the man at the front desk at the hotel 150 dollars for a two night stay. He went to bed after reading a part of his script.
  9. Allison got on with her night and even went up and danced even if her mind kept wondering to Taylor meeting her. After her night of work and seeing it was early hours of the morning she was let to go home and she got home and collapsed on her bed with exhaustion and knew maybe it was wrong but she did text Taylor saying
    Hey Taylor
    It's Allison, i'm sorry if i woke you up at all, i was just giving you my number
    Allison xx

    she sent the text and actually fell asleep
  10. Taylor got the text message around 4 am. He woke up and read it. Then he texted her back.

    Alright, how's your hand? I hope it's ok, have a good night.
  11. Allison didn't realise it was that early in the morning and she had hardly gotten any sleep due to the people next door to her not exactly being the best to live next door to, with fights always going on and sometimes someone would even be stabbed or something like that from next door, yeah she was scared about it.
    She got her phone and smiled

    It's alright, i put a banage around my hand and i think it's fine anyway, too tired to check but you as well

    she sighed and lay back on her bed and changed her clothes to sleeping ones and tried to get some sleep at least
  12. Taylor got up in the morning and ate the complementary breakfast at the hotel. It included eggs, bacon, and a drink, which in his case was orange juice. After eating he got into the car and drove around for a little. Taylor got to thinking about Allison, he wondered how she was and she interested him. Plus he needed to know about the scenic regions and exciting places to visit. He drove the car to the bar again and sat in the back booth on his phone and texted her.

    I need some help, are you at work yet?
  13. Allison had pretty much slept the whole day, which happened everytime with her job but yet even when she got up for work she was still shattered as she hadn't slept right at all. Allison heard her phone go off and goraned and got it and then swore under her breath and got up and had a quick shower and got changed into her work clothes
    I'm on my way, thanks for the sort of wake up call
    she sent it and got her bag and ran out the door and down to her car and the drive to work
  14. Taylor waited at the bar for about an hour. He waved to Allison when she entered into the bar and waited for her to come to him.
  15. Allison blames the traffic on the way and she saw Taylor and smiled going over to him and sat at the bar "hey" she said smiling and changed her flat shoes into the heels for work
  16. "So, could you mind telling me about this place?"
  17. Allison looked at him and went behind the bar "This place, well it's a club mainly but you also have girls dancing at nights and it's not exactly the best kind of dance to do when guys touch you in places you don't want to be touched, trust me, it's not nice but there isn't much to this place really"
  18. "My agent says otherwise, she says that it will help develop a character I will be playing. Are you sure there isn't anything else?"
  19. Allison nodded and smiled "Well i could help you out a bit, are you playing a waitor behind the bar or what?, i could maybe help if you told me what character you are playing" she said smiling
  20. "I am playing a young man that is looking for his wife. It's more clever than that by the way."