Famous Romance

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  1. I am looking for someone to RP with, and the title of this RP is Famous Romance, it's going to be a Romance and it can be mature if you wish but i am under 18 or you can keep it simple and skip over that part if it gets to it.

    About The RP
    The RP is about a normal girl called Allison Hale, she has a normal day job at a bar and also dances there, she doesn't exactly enjoy it but she needs the money to be able to pay for her flat and everything. She is 19 years old and is actually a pretty girl which she doesn't exactly see as she was abused by her parents and they also said she was ugly and worthless and that was when she moved out of the house and got the job at the bar.

    All i need is for someone to play a famous male guy, i don't mind who it is and you can choose that as you would be the one playing them, it could even be your favourite male who is famous. Just as long as you put a picture of him when it comes to the RP and if you want anymore detail on the RP then you can PM me :) and also they can either meet in the bar or out on the street or something


    List of Male's i like who are famous if you can't think of one
    Taylor Lautner
    Alexander Ludwig
    Kellan Lutz
    Zayn Malik
    Cam Gigandet

    ^^I'll leave the list at that XD
  2. I'll play, I really don't care which famous person I play. If you want to choose, go ahead.
  3. okayy awesomeee :), don't have a celeb you look up to that is male? of not then think you could play Taylor Lautner? the guy in my picture?
  4. I know him, sure.
  5. ahaha alrighttyyy :), i'll make the thread :) and put the link on here after :)
  6. I'd like to do this and would Logan Lerman be a good famous person
  7. yeahh i can make a new thread and new name and that and i'll do that when i get home :)