EXERCISE Famous Plots in six words

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  1. This is an exercise I do with my parents all the time. It really helps you to think, and learn quickly, by changing stories with long, complicated plots, into six word snippets that are essentially Cliffsnotes to the Cliffsnotes.

    Here's an example:

    The Great Gatsby:
    Rich guy
    People die
    He's Homeless

    Some extra notes:

    1. I would like to keep away from Religious Texts. This is to prevent someone saying something offensive about another religion.

    2. If someone gives an example you had, post yours! It may be completely original!
  2. Forest fairies meddling with mortal love. - A Midsummer Night's Dream
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  3. Hamlet: Father's ghost, vengeance quest, everyone dies.

    Lord of the Rings: evil ring, long journey, ring destroyed.
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  4. Magical boy, noseless villain, love conquers. --Harry Potter

    Wealthy visionary, engineered dinosaurs, people eaten. --Jurassic Park (Movie)

    Douchey profiteer, cutting corners, prehistoric disaster. --Jurassic Park (Book)


    "Life uhm, uh... finds a way." --Jurassic Park
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  5. Aliens attack, patriotism prevails, aliens dead. -Independence Day
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  6. Ooh, fun! I'm counting contractions as two words.

    The Great Gatsby: Green light actually femme fatale: bang!
    Hamlet: To be or not to be

    A Canticle for Leibowitz: Eternal recurrence even for nuked Catholics
    Anne of Green Gables: "Life, graveyard, buried, hopes" -- kindred spirit
    Wuthering Heights: HEATHCLIFF! IT'S ME, YOUR CATHY -----

    Gone with the Wind: Slaves? War? Who cares -- Ashley Wilkes!
    Casablanca: Here's looking at you, kid.
    Citizen Kane: Charles Foster Kane -- Rosebud equals sled.

    Lawrence of Arabia: Ambitious sadomasochist ends up raping Arabia.
    Apocalypse Now: Adventurous jingoist ends up raping Vietnam.
    Andrei Rublev: Icon painter struggles with terrible Russia.
    Giulietta degli Spiriti: Superstitious woman struggles with failing marriage.

    Star Wars: The Hero with a Thousand Faces.
    The Empire Strikes Back: No, I am your Father. -- Vader
    Return of the Jedi: Death Star II, Emperor, toy franchise.

    A Serious Man: (Why am I persecuted here?......Abraxas)
    True Grit: Leaning on one-eyed marshal for revenge

    El Topo: What the fuck is this shit?
    The Holy Mountain: Shit -- Nigredo Albedo Citrinitas Rubedo -- Summit

    Das Rheingold: Tina Turner song meets Warwick Davis
    Die Walkure: Incest may seem fun at first....
    Siegfried: Only thing to fear is women
    Gotterdammerung: Fuck it, just burn them all

    The Fellowship of the Ring (film): Little people, big world; Farewell, McKellen
    The Two Towers (film): The Wicker Man; precioussss; unfaithul adaptation
    The Return of the King (film): Why not eagles?; Still no Scouring
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  7. Oh, here's my take on this.

    Fate/Stay Night - "People die when they are killed."

  8. Fate Zero - Heroes become villains to save many
  9. The Immigrant:
    Ill sister
    Someone dies
  10. The Walking dead (as far as I am right now): Carl, why are you like this?

    Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji: Lying gets you a hot boyfriend.
    • Judge Dredd: Dredd Murders, Not Traitor, [Incoherent Babbling]
    • Ghostbusters: Blue Collar Conmen Stop Ghost Marshmellow. (Imagine this as a newspaper headline.)
    • Ghostbusters (2016): Feminists Blast Ghost In The Nuts.
    • Archer: Shitty drunk bond fucks up, wins.
    • Gurren Lagann: Boy finds giant mech, saves planet.
    • Armageddon: Giant asteroid blown up by oilers. (Canadian joke, haha.)
    • Attack on Titan: Boy becomes monster, destroys other monsters.
    • I Am Legend: Will Smith eerily predicts his future.
    • Red Dawn: American Nightmare becomes true, freedom wins.
    • Ender's Game: Humanity saved; trick boy into genocide.
    Some jokes. All accurate though.
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  11. will smith's future: the only successful black man in showbiz?

    also, other episodes of archer: awesome drunk bond suffers mother issues
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  12. Think more how he shoots his credibility in the foot concerning his son and typecasts himself so hard as the cold cool guy now.
    Also, other other episodes of archer: CAROL! CAROL! CAROL! CAROL! CAROL! CAROL!

    Transformers: Toys you buy fight each other.
    Antman: Marvel superhero origin story; Thief DLC.
    Star Trek (TOS): Id, Ego, Superego, explore the universe.
    Star Trek (TNG): Captain and crew explore philosophical quandaries.
    Star Trek (DS9): Entire plot ruined by wormhole aliens. (Which is a shame because this show had the strongest and most interesting supporting cast out of all of them.)
    Star Trek (VOY): Only female captain; lost seven years.
    Star Trek (ENT): Save the earth from time aliens.
    Star Trek (Abrams' Timeline): Running, yelling, explosions, brainless star wars.
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  13. Doctor Who: Man steals a box. Hijinks ensue.
  14. Game over, reset, game over, reset
    -Edge of tomorrow/all you need is kill

    Pirates are skeletons and no rum
    -First Pirates of the Caribbean
  15. Oh shit, here comes AIDAN again. -The Illuminae Files
    How much can one person ruin?- The Lunar Chronicles
  16. I have no memory of ever posting in this thread.

    Genocide or world peace? You decide. (Undertale)
  17. They got a bit carried away.
    -To my knowledge, every single Shakespeare play.
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  18. Lawyer defends wrongly accused black man. - To Kill A Mockingbird.
  19. Proud man, Prejudice girl, MUCH drama -Pride and Prejudice.