Family Vacation Gone Wrong (Horror Genre)

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  1. I'm thinking about creating a small group Roleplay of maybe 4 to 5 people. Just a big happy family; Mom, Dad and three kids. Mom has another baby on the way. Family decides to take one last vacation before the new baby's arrival. Car breaks down, they decide to stay in a hotel nearby. But they get to learn the hard way that the Hotel is Haunted and is Monster-Infested. Can they escape?

    -Father/Husband (No older then 49)
    -Pregnant Mother/Wife (No older then 34)
    -Eldest Child (Age 15-17)
    -Middle Child (Age 10-16)
    -Youngest Child (Age 7-9)

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  2. I might be interested in joining as one of the kids (preferably the middle child) but I gotta make sure I can actually keep up with this first. I don't want to join every single RP I join and forget about em all.
  3. I might be up for that, if I could play one of the kids.
  4. I'm interested. Hopefully I'll be able to post as much as I am able to. Would like to play as probably the youngest child. ^^
  5. Well, I guess not every role has to be filled. It could be just Mom (Expecting) and two kids.
  6. Ah well if you're up for it I can take the dad role ^^
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  7. Would seem that enough people are interested. Though i am left with the role of the Mother, which I do not mind, I will create threads when I find a working computer.
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