Family secrets

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  1. Belle

    She smiled "Good to know." She tapped her heel against the floor. "He'll be a pleasure to meet."
  2. Just engage it however is comfortable for you. There's no need for a "rushing into each other's arms" sort of meeting or anything like that. They could be more stoked to see you than you are to see them, since you said it unsettles you, which is perfectly understandable. All you can really do is find out about each other. Either you'll find you get along, have things in common, etc...or that you don't.

    I went through something like this before. It was more of a having half-siblings just show up at your house to stay for half the year. My parents seemed to forget to even mention them to me or even explain it after the fact. I'm still trying to sort it out. In the end we pretty much had absolutely ziltch in common. They were old enough to have children of their own and I got along with them, but just not them.

    This'll be a journey of discovery for both sides. There's no need to rush anything. Just head in as you see fit and at a pace that feels comfortable for you. If they live far away or something like that, then why not just swap emails? That might be more comfortable since you could control the pace of communication.
  3. It's really that simple, isn't it? I think I just needed to hear it. Real talk: thanks Amp. I think what was overwhelming me is that sense of family obligation, like I need to drop everything and try and make up for 25 years of not knowing them... but like you said, there's not really any need to.