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  1. So recently I've wanted to do a family rp. Except all the ones I join become lame or move extremely quickly because only two people rp on it and go forever or everyone's posts are tiny.

    Anyway onto the idea. This isn't an ordinary family. I was thinking somewhere between 4 and 10 kids. A lot of which are adopted.

    Now here's something important. For adopted kids especially if they were adopted at a later age those creating them need to do so actual research into orphans from whatever country they choose.

    This includes disabilities the kids may have, looks, speech, behaviors the child might have even without disabilities. I want this to be realistic kind of.

    I'd be accepting anywhere from 2-3 people to keep the group small. 4 at a stretch.


    Be dedicated. I understand in the holiday season it's hard but try for one post a day at least.

    Don't make it into a one on one with another player

    Be realistic. For example a child just adopted is not going to suddenly perfect at English or accustomed to America.

    Be nice. Don't be pushy jerks about how you want the rp to go.

    Actually advance the plot. We'll have a chat to talk about ideas and such. Bring up ideas!

    Be able write about a paragraph per character.

    Also be ok-good at grammar and spelling at least.

    Be willing to play more than one character.

    Play all genders and all ages. Exception: all characters must be above 2.

    Anyway comment of your interested!

    This rp is closed! However of you still like the idea you may create your own adopted family rp.

    And at some point in time I may create another if I like how this one runs.
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  2. Interesting if this takes off I be in
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  3. Same here. ^^
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  4. Awesome! I'm gonna wait for today see if there's any more interest and then this evening if not we can start discussing plot, characters, etc.
  5. I'm interested in this :3 it seems fun. i get home at 3:30 est, but i wont be available 7-9ish pm tonight. but i'll be able to work on this all night if need be.
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  6. Awesome! I'm gonna close up spots now.

    I'll start working on spots and such as soon as I can.

    However we should decide how many kids we want the family to have before I do anything else.
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  7. So I'm thinking 6 kids?

    Two of us get two kids two get one kid and a parent?

    Anyone wanna volunteer to play a parent?

    Would that work or do you think more kids? Less kids?

    I think we should have at least one bio-logical kid too.

    What do y'all think?
  8. That work's on all
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  9. I'm gonna put a some forms up here that is like to use.

    Anyone can suggest stuff for it. Pleas don't start posting characters until we've decided on spots and such.

    Adopted Kids Form:

    Current Name(first middle last):

    Name before Adoption(first middle last of possible)



    Age at Adoption:


    Place of Birth:

    Short Bio(including why they were orphaned, how long they were an orphan, what type of orphanage(s) they were in, previous failed adoptions and/or fosterings if applicable, etc)

    Birth Family Info if known-(Father, Mother, Siblings)
    Adoptive Family Info-(Father, Mother, Siblings)



    General Personality-

    Do they have any interest in finding their birth family?: (If so is it a secret or not)


    Any repetitive behaviors?
    Calming techniques?
    Special objects or places they like?
    Anything you want to add that wasn't in the form?
    Any sports? Fav school subject? Do they go to a special school?

    Parents Form:

    Name(first middle last):


    Age(take into mind what age s/he adopted kids at. Some countries have have age requiements for both young and old parent wannabes):

    Age(s) s/he adopted at(can be edited in later when all forms are done)


    Length of Marriage:

    Place of Birth:

    (Include siblings, father, mother, and any other family info as well as husband and kids. If s/he was adopted include birth family)

    Job(state here if s/he are a stay-at-home parent):

    Why s/he wanted to adopt:



    Short Bio:

    Include any disabilities here(again be warned some countries will not let disabled parents adopt. Also they have 6 kids to take care of. )
    Include any other info you feel like including here.)

    Biological Kid(s) Form:

    Name(first middle last):



    Age(s) at time of adoptions:



    How do they feel about having adopted siblings?:


    Short bio:

    Family:(father, mother, siblings):


    (Likes, dislikes, sports, extra circulars, etc)

    For the roommate thing most families don't have 6 spare bedrooms so I was think 2-3 per room?
    What do you guys think?
    Anything you want added to the form?
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  10. Everything looks good
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  11. Would anyone like to volunteer to be a parent?
  12. Sure can do 3
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  13. I can unless they want to :3
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  14. @Katrina Iceheart and @Scorpio Queen.

    Thanks guys. If at Shayla wants to be a parent she can ask, I honestly don't mind if y'all are chill with switching up. :-)

    Alright, so each of us get one adopted kid(At least. One(Or both) of the people(Me or @Shayla) will play a biological kid. I'm fine with whatever honestly, I'll take whats left.

    Anyway. You can start on your characters if you want, just be willing to change if needed. I want everyone's opinions taken into account before we start even creating the RP thread.

    So please post here if you want one of the others to create a siblings adopted at the same time.

    Also when your character is complete post them here so they can be put into the cast list when I make the RP thread
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  15. ~ I can do one parent and a biological kid if that is all good by you. ^^ I can do others where they need be I assure you!
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  16. @Shayla

    Currently @Scorpio Queen and @Katrina Iceheart are doing the parents. However if either of them want to let you do that, thta's fine iwth me.

    You can have the biological kid.

    For last name of the family I was thinking Moody, Sutton, Toliver, or Townsend. Please vote and/or add your own suggestions.

    Also we need to decide where they live. I was thinking mid west-ish maybe in the Dakotas, again please suggest and share your opinion!
  17. Mortelle



    Last name ideas

    But I like Sutton or Mortelle
  18. I forgot to add. In all the forms under Current name/Name add a Nicknames catagory. :-D

    Thanks for contributing ideas! :-)
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  19. Is this open still?