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  1. Not everyone has a fair chance at life, the underprivileged, those born into poverty and those who are simply born into an abusive household. The rich and famous feign care for such issues but none of them want anything but publicity. One family though, in composed almost entirely of the underprivileged. A wealthy couple living in North Dakota has done all they can to take in several of the lower class. They educate them, enroll them in schools and give them something they never had -- a full functioning family. People in their social circle wonder why the couple adopts and fosters children instead of having their own, but it’s a little known fact that the two have been incapable of having their own children since Mrs. Forbes nearly died giving birth to their daughter. So, out of their own love of large families they give a loving home to those who don’t already have one.

    Activity is welcome. There won’t be a posting order but don’t clog the thread with just the two of you.
    Minimum of two paragraphs per character, per post. Just to give enough quality and quantity to flavour other players Muse’s.
    Only take on what you can handle. We don’t want to wait three weeks for one post.
    Proper grammar is required.

    Most likely, I’ll only take in five to six other players to begin, just to give us time to adjust and get to know one another and the pace before we invite other people in. No worries, we will have more eventually.
    In regards to character spots, I intend to have the kids themselves actually go to school, so we can have close friends and boyfriends/girlfriends included as well. Initially I intend for their to be between six and ten adopted and the daughter (played by moi), and the parents as characters. An uncle may have a place at some point to with his child.
    I will happily take pictures for bedrooms and places to post in the Overview (assuming that we garner enough interest for this to begin). Keep in mind that the younger ones will have to share a room while the older kids might not have to, depending on past behaviors. I also need help with a good title -.-

    Character Skeletons
    Appearance (I don’t give a fuck about art styles)
    Gender Identity:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Occupation Ambition:
    Criminal Record: (where it applies)
    Education History:
    Pets: (Each child it allotted one pet after they turn twelve that they must care for themselves)
    Talents: (Optional)
    Hobbies: (Optional)
    Personality: (At least one paragraph, including three positive and three negative traits)
    Biography: (One paragraph of their life before being adopted by the Forbes)
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  2. This is only domestic adoptions correct?

    I am interested however today I start traveling and then I have holiday stuff and then some more traveling. To put it simply I will not have a computer until the 27th.
  3. I'm interested :3
  4. You caught my interest with North Dakota. It is rare to see anything take place in ND, but it is the place I know best. :D
    I like the idea for the role play also. Deciding on a character will be hard.
  5. Haha I generally try to go out of my way to pick somewhere that not everyone knows and google it a bunch when I need to. But if you can provide information on the area that'd save me so much googling XD

    You can make whatever you want; but remember, they usually only adopt troubled or underprivileged kids.
  6. Sure thing. ^^ Feel free to message me with any questions.
    I have a few characters that could fit, so maybe I will see the personality and everything of a few other characters before I decide.
  7. Awesome, can't wait to see it. I'll be putting up the OOC shortly actually :)
  8. I'd be interested in this.
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  9. I'm down!
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  10. SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I join.
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  11. almost done with my character, just need personality and bio
  12. I haven't been able to work on my character yet. I'll try to make it on my mobile, but I may not be able too.

    So I wasn't sure by your last post international adoptions or no? (I don't mind either way)
  13. Oh you want us to make are chars here, I thought we had to wait until you made an OOC.
  14. Are special needs kids ok?

    Or do you specifically troubled kids with criminal records but otherwise function normally?
  15. Is this good?
    Name:Max Munoz
    Nicknames: N/A
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Gender Identity: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Birthdate: January 8th
    Occupation Ambition: professional Boxer
    Criminal Record: attentive murder.
    Education History: He has a 10th grade education
    Pets: Black cat (Ninja)
    Talents: Setting fire's, drawing, fixing things, and cooking.
    Hobbies: Reading, watching T.V, and building things .
    Personality: Quiet, reserved, with loner tendencies. Private and hidden. Has trouble describing feelings, tends to be unemotional. Not very affectionate. Can be insensitive to the misfortunes of others. Isolated and not influenced by others. Avoidant. Not complimentary. More interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family. Disorganized and messy. Can be a risk-taker who lives in the moment and may have an interest in extreme-sports. Uncomplicated desires. Loyal to peers and own value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done. Not comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Fears drawing attention to self. Dislikes leadership and tends to be submissive. Dislikes counterculture. Interested in how and why things work. Excellent skills with mechanical things. Detached and analytical, excels at finding solutions to practical problems. Lower energy.
    Biography: There really isn't much to Jack's past. His mother left because his father was a drunk, no surprise to Jack of course. He acted out every chance he could. Jack's father wasn't to violate at first. Little fire here, something broken there, no harm no foul. One time Jack's father hurt Jack's sister really bad. He didn't mean to, but the own man was stronger than he thought. After that Jack set fire to a warehouse on the other side oh the train tracks that was just behind his house. That was the first time Jack got in trouble with the police. Jack's father let him stay in the holding cell for three days, he probably didn't want anyone to see his sister's broken arm. Jack was ten years old when this incident happened. A few months later Jack's father passed out on the couch after a long night of drinking. Jack's sister suggested that they rid themselves of the old man for good. This seemed like a good idea to Jack at first. Jack took his father's liter, that he had laying around, and set fire to the chair he was sleeping on., but the plan would quickly go south. He woke up, and ran out the house. While running, his father knocking over papers. This made the fire go all over the place. But the worst part is that his sister got badly burnt. After the incident, Jack ended up in a juvenile care facility for six years. After the six years was up Jack was given a choice. He could go to a adult correctional facility, or go with this family that wanted to adopt him. Of course Jack picked the family choice.
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  16. that's so weird we picked the same birth date, but my char is 17
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  17. LOL! I just went with my birth day. XD
  18. oh i can do my birthday which would be 6 days later
  19. You don't have to change it, I really don't mind. It's not like I own that day.
  20. I think it's kind of cute that they share the same bday I can tell you that my char will want to celebrate for them like the best day ever lol
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