~Family Matters~ (Windrunner X Disney)

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  1. ~Family Matters~

    Setting: Mulvane, Colorado

    October 2014, Fall

    Town Info
    Mulvane, CO is a semi-rural town in Jackson County, Colorado not far from the North Platte River. In this medium-sized town, just about everyone knows each other...Unless you just moved into town, but it is not often people move into town. There are only a few public schools and even fewer private schools; Jackson High School, Mulvane Middle School, Lincoln Elementary School and Douglas Elementary. In addition to the four Public Schools, there are three public libraries and Mulvane Academi Pre-School. Since its a mostly Country Town, don't expect any exotic sports cars; Trucks, Vans and Classic/Vintage Sports Cars tend to be the norm in Mulvane, but the more popular cars are usually just your everyday sedans.

    Families Of Mulvane

    Husband: Elijah Gilbert ~ 28 {January 1} ~ Disney

    Wife: Angelina Dang {Angie} ~ 26 {June 1} ~ Expecting a Boy ~ Lightning

    Kids: 'Little Prince' Gilbert ~ Due December 15

    Pets: Razor ~ Male ~ 4 Years Old ~ Rottweiler

    Husband: Jaqen H'ghar ~ 33 {December 27} ~ Disney

    Wife: Gwendoline London Kennedy {Gwen} ~ 32 {November 15} ~ Expecting Twins ~ Lightning

    Kids: Baby H'ghar A ~ Due October 23
    Baby H'ghar B ~ Due October 23

    Pets: Zazu ~ Male ~ 2 years old ~ Tabby Cat
    Garfield ~ Male ~ Age 3 ~ Orange Tabby Cat
    Ben ~ Male ~ 3 Months Old ~ Tabby Cat

    O'Conner - Collins
    Boyfriend: Cody O'Conner {Code} ~ 17 {June 20} ~ Lightning

    Girlfriend: Samara Collins {Sam} ~ 17 {November 3} ~ Expecting a Boy ~ Disney

    Kids: Shawn Collins ~ Due January 14, 2015 ~ Disney

    Pets: Glider ~ Tatra Shepard Dog-English Springer Spaniel-Huntaway Mix ~ Male ~ 8 Months Old

    O'Conner - Wellington
    Fiance: Damien O'Conner, Jr. ~ 26 {November 13} ~ Lightning

    Fiance: Patricia Elane Wellington {Trish} ~ 25 {December 10} ~ Expecting ~ Disney

    Kids: Baby O'Conner-Wellington - Due November 5

    Pets: Tyrion ~ Horse ~ Male ~ 3 Years Old ~ Stays at her Father's Place
    Rocky ~ Racoon ~ Male ~ 4 Years Old
    Jack ~ Cat ~ Male ~ 2 Years Old
    Natasha ~ Siberian Husky ~ Female ~ Siberian Husky ~ 4 Years Old
    Andre ~ Siberian Husky ~ Male ~ 4 Years Old

    Collins - Stevens
    Boyfriend: Shane Collins ~ 17 {November 3} ~ Disney

    Girlfriend: Terri Angelina Stevens ~ 17 {November 3} ~ Expecting a girl ~ Lightning

    Kids: Sammie Collins {Sam 2} ~ 5 Months {May 5} ~ Disney
    Baby Stevens ~ Due December 13

    Pets: Tazz ~ Pomeranian=American Eskimo Mix ~ Male ~ 2 Years Old
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  2. Samara Collins

    Sam was sitting with her feet up on the coffee table as she ate her ice cream. She was waiting on her boyfriend to get out of the shower and come spend time with her and their soon to be child. She was rubbing just under her big stomach where her child seemed to be resting comfortably yet it as highly uncomfortable for her. She pressed and made the child move. She was groaning at the slight pain until the child moved aging and settled more comfortably for her.

    Shane Collins and Sammie collins
    Shane was at home with Sammie and trying to get his little girl to sleep. When his pregnant girlfriend walked in which set Sammie off because she wanted her mother. Shane sighed and kissed his girlfriend." Hey baby guess who wants her mommy to put her to bed." He said and handed her Sammie he shook his head with a small laugh and put a light hand on her stomach. "How you feeling beautiful?" He asked her lightly.

    Elijah Gilbert
    Elijah finally finished up work at the office and made his way home to his beautiful wife. He kissed her when he walked in and walked up to her. he placed a small hand on her stomach."How are you beautiful and how is the little man treating you today." He asked her gently and smiled as he put a gentle hand on her stomach lightly.

    Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen finished his day on the ranch and went into his wife. She had made dinner, they ate and got ready to lay down. He joined his wife in their bed and placed a light hand on her stomach." How you doing honey.Did you have a goodday?" He asked her gently and kissed her lips. He had missed her every though it was their ranch, he still was busy most of the day and didn’t see her till the evening.

    Trish Wellington

    Trish sat at home on the couch waiting for her fiance to get home. She had a hand on her stomach. She was feeling overly fat and her child was making her hungry. She couldn't wait to be done with her pregnancy. Her body was not what it used to be however she was not as big as most pregnant woman her stomach looked like she was about 4 months pregnant. She was a tiny pregnant woman and everyone told her so.
    Trish turned when she heard her husband to be walk in a small smile went to her face and she stood slowly." Hey baby." She said as she held her back walking over to him, she kissed him lightly.
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  3. Friday, October 3rd, 2014, Evening

    Damien O'Conner, Jr.
    Today had been a long workday for Damien. He was in the shop till late today as he was finishing up repairs on a Sedan that was set to be released back onto the road by tomorrow afternoon. Little did he know, he was going to have a lot of work tomorrow, which he didn't mind, as he enjoyed what he did for a living. After cleaning off his hands, he closed up shop and headed home to his pregnant fiance. Despite what people have been telling her, Damien had been very accepting of his wife's changing body and still continued to remind her that she was beautiful. He was aware of the fact that the pregnancy was taking its toll on her, so he considered taking tomorrow off to spend time with her and allow her to rest while he did chores around the house and clean up, perhaps even help her set up the nursery, which was halfway done.

    Upon arriving home, he was greeted by Trish, which left a smile on his face. When she greeted him with the kiss, he did the same as he put both hands on her hips. "Hey honeybunch, how were you today? Hopefully the little one hasn't given you too much trouble." He smiled.

    Cody O'Conner
    Sadly for young Cody, his Girlfriend was expecting and wasn't too far behind his Brother's Fiance. The crazy part was she was already pregnant before they met or even started dating. The baby was not even his, but he was really going out of his way since the biological father left her. He was doing his best, working at his Brother's Autoshop in order to make a living. He still wanted to finish school though, but College would have to wait so that he could put money towards bills and caring for their baby that was to be born soon. Upon exiting the shower, Cody dried his hair and went to the living room, where Samara was eating ice cream and relaxing, with her feet on the coffee table. He frowned upon hearing her groan, so he simply walked over and sat down next to her. "Sorry I took so long. Seems like whenever I'm gone, the little one starts giving you a hard time." He said, looking at her swollen belly. "I'm sorry. I wish I can make the pain go away." He sighed, gently caressing her stomach to help her calm down and then kissing her on the cheek and wrapping his arm around her.

    Terri Stevens
    After closing up the Salon, Terri headed straight home to find that her boyfriend was having trouble getting Sammie to go to sleep. However, Terri had always been the one to get their little one to go to sleep. Luckily tomorrow was her day-off. However, she was working more part-time so she could take care of Sammie, whom she treated like her own child. She smiled when Shane handed Sammie to her. Cradling her soon-to-be stepdaughter, Terri smiled as she gently rocked Sammie and placed a kiss on the infant's forehead. After Sammie finally went to sleep, Terri placed her in her crib and turned to Shane. As soon as she did turn to face him, he placed his hand on her belly. In turn, Terri smiled and placed her own hand on top of his. "Heavy. Maternity leave starts soon. I'm starting to have trouble cutting people's hair because of how big I'm getting" she said, answering his question as to how she was feeling.

    However, she was just being honest. Having gained another nine pounds in the past week, Terri looked forward to the next month and a half. "Now that Sammie's asleep. We can go get some rest ourselves." She smiled as she kissed him.

    Angelina Dang
    When her husband came home, she stood up from the couch and slowly waddled to the front door, holding her back as she did so. Angie would be greeted by a kiss and Elijah's hand on her belly. When asked how she was, Angie simply pulled him closer so she could lean on him, her head on his shoulder and her hand on top of his after kissing his cheek. "I'm pretty tired. Our little prince has been kicking all day. Won't even let me take a nap." She smiled.

    Whenever Elijah was not around, the baby would kick a lot. But whenever he was around, the baby was quiet. Perhaps their little prince missed daddy whenever he was not home, and would make a fuss about it, taking it out on mommy. She sighed as she continued to lean into him.

    Gwendoline Kennedy
    Most of the day, Gwen's husband Jaqan would be out on the ranch tending to the animals, while she stayed at home with their two cats. Because he had a long day, she decided to make dinner for him. Today, she had spent a lot of her time resting. Although she enjoyed it, she was over being pregnant. Not to mention she was expecting twins, so either one or both of them would kick, making it more difficult to take a nap. When he finally came back, Jaqan came back up to their bedroom and joined her to relax. "I'm doing great. I just wish the twins would let me sleep. Its hard to take a nap whenever one of them...or both of them are kicking." She smiled as she leaned into him.

    When he put his hand on her belly, one of the babies started fidgeting. The other was a little quiet. Because she had PTSD, brought on by abuse, Jaqan had always been very gentle with her. Gwen used to flinch whenever he touched her. Now, not so much. Gently, she caressed her belly. In another two or three weeks, they would get to hold their precious babies.
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  5. Samara Collins
    Samara smiled upon seeing Cody."Yeah He is a little stinker especially when your gone I get no sleep and no relief." She said and kissed him." Mmm guess what I found today after work, Their is this thrift store and it had a crib for little Shawn it was like 15 dollars I got it but their holding it because I had nothing to take it home in." She said placed her hand on his. She likes his hand their it felt right. Her ex Dimitri Veil was a ass hat. He had just gotten with her to sleep with her, Yeah they did couple stuff, but he just wanted her as piece of ass. When he found out she was pregnant, He was gone and to another girl so fast it wasn't even funny. It left Samara devastated and no clue what to do. Cody however was a God send. He swooped in like a white night to save her from her dark depressing world. He cared for her and her child. She did work part time with school and being pregnant but she only had a few classes and mostly worked as a secretary for the tattoo parlor. She could tattoo and they would allow it only for a bit since she was pregnant. After the baby and her maternity leave she could work full time.Right now she was making 14 an hour with commission when she tattooed. So the money was nice but the pay cut for her maternity leave was going to be a bit crippling. She only be payed 12 at hourly rate until she came back after 3 months of having off.

    Sam was enjoying her time with her boyfriend and hopefully next day husband. They would eventually move into their own place but for now shared a place out back of his brother's Fiance's house. Her dad gave it to her and she only had to pay for electric, water, and Internet. They pay rent to stay in the pool house in the back it was like a small 2 bedroom house but really nice. Also his fiance worked for a big Lawyer company as Secretary and made quite a bit of money.

    Shane Collins and Sammie collins

    Shane smiled as Sammie calmed down in her mother's arms. She finally went to sleep and was placed in her crib. Sammie would be asleep for most of the night. Well maybe it depended on a lot of things. Sammie was unpredictable at nights, she could sleep all night or sleep a few hours at a time.

    Shane sighed and looked at Terri. "Your not big babe. It's just the baby, you are still very beautiful to me, okay. No one is big in this house my love." He said as he kissed her. He paid mostly for a 2 bedroom house by his self with assistant manager pay at the garage he works at. He dropped school which pissed his sister off. However he got his GED and basically ran the auto bodies shop. He helped his girlfriend out with anything and everything he loved Terri a lot. He wanted her to have everything, though he wanted the same for little sammie. He had named her after his sisters Nickname Sam. He always told his little Princess she was named after a great woman. He knew his sister was a great woman. He however acknowledged that his love was also an amazing woman.

    "Hmm okay I got a bit more work to do on my computer, but we can lay in bed. I will just bring the laptop in their. You shower and get ready to relax with me. I will get the bed ready and lay beside you." He said and kissed her. Shane yawned and went to get everything ready for her. He had also brought in dinner just in case she hadn't eaten he did not want her to have to move for much of anything after her shower. He set up his lap top and sat down. When Terri came in He smiled and lay a hand on her stomach hen she layer down. He had been waiting all day to tell her. " Mmm so babe guess what, we don't have to worry about anything with your maternity leave I got offered the GM Job at a new store, so raise and more money as well as a new car to get us around." He said. With a small smile and winked at her."What you think love?" He asked

    Elijah Gilbert

    Elijah smiled and rubbed her stomach."Aww hey buddy you got to let mommy sleep okay." He said and picked up his pregnant wife."come here my lovely beautiful wife and you little son." He carried them to the couch and set his wife down. He rubbed her belly and kissed it lightly." My little Prince you need to let mommy rest while daddy works. I can't be here all day sadly to enjoy your company and our mothers company, but I will always come home to you and her." He said

    Elijah smiled and just spoke gently to their son as he rubbed his wife's stomach. He kissed up to her lips "Hey beautiful you doing better?"He asked his wife as he rubbed her belly and made sure their son stayed calm for her and settled. He smiled and sighed." looks like we got a daddies boy already." He said and sighed gently."Alright I need food and you need rest he should be good until about the end of my shower unless you want me to go get you something. You have any cravings my sweet?" He asked her.

    Jaqen H'ghar

    Jaqen sighed" My poor love" he said and moved slowly and gently with his wife. He knew what had happened to her and he wanted her to feel safe with him. He would protect her and their two unborn babies with his life." Mm I can't wait to meet them, beautiful." He said." Just a bit longer hang in their, they got 2 more weeks to 3 weeks okay love. Then will have two crazy little babies in the house driving us both up a wall in a good way. Now Gwen love I need to eat and shower, then I will be right back here to meet you and lay with you and the twins." He said. He whistled and Dragon hoped up on the bed and lay at his wife's side. He went to kiss her and dragon growled. He laughed and shook his head.

    Jaqen went to shower and eat. He smiles and walked in to see his wife. "Well their is my beautiful wife protected by my darling mutt." He winked and lay down beside her with a sigh. "ugh this feels good." He said and rubbed his head he Had a slight headache.

    Trish Wellington

    Trish smiled upon seeing her fiance. She had really missed him. Her hand was on her back and she felt really big and felt tired. " Mmm our little one is driving me nuts baby. Your home late. oh shit I was going to ask you to grab me some sour cream and maybe some hot sauce and tacos. Little one is driving my Mexican food craving through the roof."She said and rubbed her stomach. "So if you want to shower and relax, I can go grab something. I made dinner, but I am not in the mood for it any more.Seriously this is driving me nuts." She said. Trish hid into her fiance with a frustrated groan.

    Trish was upset about nothing at the moment slightly she didn't want her husband to be to leave her. Trish leaned into him. She started to cry as she stayed wrapped around him and buried her head and sighed. She sniffed and shook her head." Sorry your marrying a crazy emotional person." She said to him.
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  6. Cody O'Conner
    When Samara mentioned that she had purchased a Crib for their son, Cody smiled. He still remembered the day that they first got together. Her previous Boyfriend, and the Father of her child, up and left when he found out that she was pregnant. If it were not for him, she'd be enduring it alone. Because no one wants to talk...Let alone date...a pregnant girl. But not Cody. He was always good with kids. Besides, Samara was a beautiful girl and deserved better. Even though the child that she carried was not his, he will still help her raise child as if it were his own. Perhaps one day, they could have their own child together, her second but his first. No doubt little Shawn will probably get lonely as an only child. "I'll pick up the Crib tomorrow after school. Maybe borrow my brother's truck. He won't mind."

    After a couple of minutes, he came down to eye level with her belly. "Alright baby boy, calm down. Let Mommy rest." He said before giving her belly a gentle kiss. "No doubt you're tired. Wanna go to bed and cuddle?"

    Terri Stevens
    When Shane called her beautiful, Terri blushed before smiling. Despite her getting bigger, Shane still thought she was beautiful and that was enough for her to be happy. Momentarily, she went ahead to go shower up, washing any stray hair that could have gotten onto her before getting her night robe, not wanting to wear anything too constricting and more breathable. But that was what she loved about Maternity Clothes; they're breathable, loose and comfortable. As she settled into bed, Terri laid on her side where she was facing her fiance. When he told her about a new job, as well as getting a new car, Terri wasn't sure if she relished the idea. "As long as it doesn't take away from Family time, I'll be happy." She said, smiling back at him. Their baby would kick at his touch. "Hopefully the little one will calm down, because today was a long day and I'm really tired..."

    Angelina Dang
    As Angie leaned into Elijah and, having complained about their son's excessive kicking and fidgeting, felt relieved when he started rubbing her stomach. Finally, he picked her up and carried her over to the couch before continuing to rub her belly and speaking with their little prince, telling him to let her sleep. There were a few times that he kicked while Elijah spoke to him, but it came to a slow, smooth stop.

    When he asked if she was craving anything, Angie shook her head. "Not at the moment sweetheart. But we'll be waiting for you in bed. Enjoy your dinner. I made it with love." She smiled before giving him another kiss as he went to go shower before returning back downstairs to go eat. Slowly, she started walking up the stairs and into bed, where she put on her reading glasses and started to read her pregnancy guide.

    Gwendoline Kennedy
    Jaqan was showing excitement for their twins, which made Gwen very happy. When the Dog came up on the bed, Gwen smiled at him before petting him when he was close enough. After a couple of minutes, her love went to go bathe and eat up before finally joining her back in bed.

    When she noticed him having a headache, Gwen frowned. Hopefully getting it to go away would be easy, laying down on her side, the middle-aged mother stretched out her legs, straightened out her dress and started laying on her side, making it easier for Jaqan to interact with the twins, not to mention it would be easier on her back. With two babies in her belly, it was hard for to rest on her back like she normally would. They started kicking as Gwen turned to face Jaqan. "There they go again..." She sighed, gently rubbing her belly. "C'mon, Daddy's here. Settle down."

    Damien O'Conner Jr.
    When he arrived home, Damien was greeted by his heavily pregnant fiance. Knowing that it was tough for her to stand, he kept his arm around her to support her standing. She then proceeded to go on a rant, but Damien maintained his patience. When she mentioned that her Mexican Food cravings, he frowned. However, he started holding her close when she started crying. "Its okay. Its not your fault." He replied and kissed her forehead. "Look, you're still beautiful and I still love you. Its okay." His hands both moved to her hips as he came to eye level with her belly. "Okay, take it easy for mommy. I know you miss me, but that doesn't mean you have to make mommy's life harder. Let her rest." He said before giving her belly a gentle kiss.

    He stood back up. "You can relax. I'll make those tacos for you. Well, if you'd like." Damien loved Trish very much and it killed him to see her unhappy. He would do anything to make Trish smile, whether it was cooking for her, cleaning up around the house or spending time with her. He placed his hand on top of hers as they cradled their unborn child.