Family is a Circle of Madness

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the family.
    In this psychological and deranged horror RP, I have seen fit to bestow upon you the pleasure of playing the part of one of five members in a mentally and thoroughly deranged family. In doing so, you will weave a tale of the maniacal lifestyle, wicked thoughts and brutal behaviors that such a family might exhibit. And, seeing how our quaint home is located in a quiet little suburb in Amityville, PA, we shall no doubt be able to spend lots of quality time with the neighbors.

    THE RP
    The goal of this cleverly devised and soon-to-be beautifully orchestrated tale is simple: to artistically and violently express, each, our own inner madness. To get creative with obscene and taboo thoughts, and to practice the unique art of horror RP. Seeing how Iwaku is inviting those of terrifying dispensations with open arms, I figured I'd foster that love. Not to mention that I've been brooding over this scenario for quite a while. It strikes me as jolly good time.
    Don't you feel the same?

    I've also considered that you must be wondering if there is a plot. My answer would be: of a sort. You see, my wish is that the plot will...more or around each characters individual perception on madness as well as their unique role and relationship within the family. In an intimate and artistic way, I want to tell a story that will cause the reader to feel a tinge of madness within their own hearts when they read it. Not simply indiscriminate murders, you understand. I'd also like incoherent ramblings, fantastic hallucinations, alternate personalities, strange art and such. There is an entire home as well as neighborhood to be explored, with a whole mess of possibilities therein. I would mention however that, if at all possible, we try to stay together as a family. Create a comical sense of fellowship in our own psychotic way. I also encourage ideas on what other things we may do. Maybe even have a family picnic in a cemetery.

    Our humble little picturesque group consists of a father, mother, two daughters and a son. The ages of the children will be chosen by those playing them.
    The father and the mother are not married and never have been. They are certainly deeply in love though. They share intimacy in many strange and grotesque ways, so feel free to be elaborate with the strangeness.
    I will be playing the role of the son.

    ! RULES !
    1) Be involved! I ask that we have posts at least once every two days.
    2) Be considerate, and all that you can be! I want to see zero percent rudeness and a hundred percent creativity.
    3) Absolutely no plot grabbing. I want to see ideas, not tyranny.
    4) Sexual content is not allowed. Romantic behavior is, but if pants come off, you will be removed from the roleplay and beheaded.
    5) PM me with any extraordinary ideas on the furtherance of this roleplay! I would love to see our family going on a roadtrip!
    6) Have fun and keep all Iwaku site rules firmly in mind.

    Name: (What are you called?)
    Age: (How long have you been alive?)
    Appearance: (What do you look like?)
    Role: (Which member of the family are you?)
    Hobbies: (What is your favorite bunch of activities? The more deranged, the better, my dears.)
    Psychotic Diagnosis: (What do those silly doctors think you have mentally wrong with you?)
    Background: (What can you remember about your past leading to the present?)

    Father - Not occupied
    Mother - Not occupied
    Daughter 1 - Evelyn Willow Shank - played by Powerless_
    Daughter 2 - Amanda Shank - played by Moogle-Girl
    Son - Brandon Shank - played by Whispers_of_imagination

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  2. [BCOLOR=#800000]Name: Brandon Shank[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]Age: 10[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]Appearance: [​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Role: Affectionate and murderous son[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Hobbies: Dissecting animals, destroying furniture, screaming, playing tag with himself and staring.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Psychotic Diagnosis: No functioning within the frontal lobe. Occassional seisures induced by schizophrenic episodes.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Background: I once was a human. Not any more.[/BCOLOR]
  3. Name: Evelyn Willow Shank


    Role: The Overly-Batty Daughter

    Hobbies: Talking to the dead, Stabbing rag-dolls, Staring for long periods of time, Screaming in the shower, Singing creepy lullabies, sketching dead animals

    Psychotic Diagnosis: Severe Depression and Schizophrenia

    Background: Life? Death? What does it all mean. I have never liked people, I accidentally shanked a girl in pre-k. Hmm there's lots more..but I don't want to share it with the LIKES OF YOU.
  4. Dig it! You're accepted.
  5. Ooh great, this looks like it could be a lot of fun.
  6. Yeah. *smiles thoughtfully* You know, I was thinking the same thing. :)
  7. Oooh~ I'd like to play the other daughter; I'll have a bio up ASAP if that's okay. :3
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  8. Sure thing! Go ahead and slap that baby on here.
  9. Name: Amanda Shank

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Amanda has a pretty bookish look, standing in contrast to the unsettling appearances of the rest of her family. Her round face is framed by long dark hair and rectangular glasses, marking the most obvious features of anyone's first impression of her. Her build is tall and thin, reaching just under six feet and a little over 140 pounds. Narrow brown eyes and casual clothes worn more for comfort than fashion complete an appearance of an innocent intellectual, at least at first glance.

    Role: The caring older daughter that often helps with the cooking.

    Hobbies: Computer programming, fantasy writing, internet roleplaying, baking, indiscriminate murder, and cannibalism.

    Psychotic Diagnosis: Episodes of intense and violent psychopathy.

    Background: Amanda was your average high school student for the longest time. She dabbled in programming and amateur writing, kept in touch with her numerous long-distance friends, and generally got good grades. Things changed when she heard about a really deranged piece of fanfiction, and she thought, "This can't be all bad." Suffice to say it planted some ideas in her head.

    Human flesh, as it turns out, is fairly bland on its own; it needs some sugar to bring out the real flavor. Most people don't even realize they're biting into the remains of another person until Amanda tells them, and she doesn't always fess up right away. Her pastry of choice is the cupcake (of course), but she's not afraid to mix things up if the situation calls for it.
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