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  1. My grandmother's older sister (my great-aunt) is in the hospital and it doesn't look good. She's been sick for quite a long time and she's just now going to the hospital -_- She's severely underweight (has been for as long as I can remember) and NOTHING she eats or drinks will go down. Not even liquids. She usually ends up just vomiting it back up or ends up going to the bathroom. She also feels absolutely terrible pain that makes her literally cry. She keeps suffering from nausea and dizziness spells as well. No pain medication works or kicks in fast enough.

    The point of this thread is that I don't know how to feel about my great aunt and her suffering. I went to visit her with Grandma yesterday and honestly when she started crying and whimpering in pain, I wanted to cry and hold her. Anything to make her stop. But the problem is that she can be A PAIN IN THE ASS!! She talks too much about the most random and oldest shit and she definitely has a history of being.......foul-mouthed, obstinate, insensitive, and just plain crazy. She's said some of the most terrible things at the worst possible times. But she has had her moments of goodness I guess. She and her son don't get along very well but they have their moments of closeness.

    Even Grandma gets sick of her bullshit sometimes. The reason she continues to be around her is because she's the only living sibling she has left. Her three brothers and older sister have passed away already from various illnesses (usually cancer). Grandma's pretty stressed out about this and if her sister ends up dying, she'll be all alone and won't have much family left. She's already lost two of her children (my mom and her oldest son). She has her middle son left now. I don't want Grandma to get even more depressed and feel even more lonely and I sure as hell do NOT want her to start her fucking mood swings again. I honestly have no idea what to do or say. It's like I'm a fucking spectator here!
  2. Take it from a guy who just lost two uncles in the past two months to cancer, you're going to feel a lot worse if you aren't there when you can be. There's not much you can do about her suffering, but the fact you're there for her and visiting honestly will make all the difference in the world for her. If she's being difficult, just try to put up with it because really, you don't want to make things awkward or uncomfortable in what little time you might have left. Keep in mind a short visit is nothing compared to being trapped in a hospital bed, and getting visitors makes all the world of difference.

    As for the rest of the family stuff, try to stay out of it and ignore it. Your sicked loved ones always take priority, the living can wait. Just make sure you do visit when you can, because take it from a guy who missed the past 4 funerals and wasn't able to see his loved ones, it kills not being able to say goodbye or let people know you're there for them.
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  3. Treasure the time you have left with her, and don't be afraid to show that you care.

    Both of them are probably going through some very terrible things right now, and it can mean the world to have just one person be kind and caring to them.
    And yes people can be difficult, but in all honesty that's part of family, dealing with the good and the ugly.
    And you're going to really regret it if you let annoyances with them prevent you from being close to them and saying goodbye after they're gone.
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