Family Drama ideas! (Queer/Gender Variant Characters, Advanced)

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  1. Hi everyone! I have a few RP ideas I'm looking for partners for. I love slice of life/modern family drama stuff! I don't do romance often, as I'm very picky in terms of plot. I'm not much good at making characters up on the spot, so I tend to reuse certain characters for certain plots while shifting who the main focus is around. I do have my favorite characters, I'd be lying if I said I didn't. This is a sample of my writing. Please be able to match it.

    My requirements:

    -Please don't join the RP, and then drop it right in the middle. It bugs me when people only post once, or post a few times and then just leave.
    -Please be advanced. At least four paragraphs per post with good spelling, grammar, and detail. I can make exceptions at times. This is a big thing for me. I get annoyed when people can't do this. I don't mind a few screw ups, but if you 'typ LIek diss' and don't use decent capitalization and punctuation, or use long run on sentences I'll most likely drop the thread or ignore the request to RP with me. Everyone makes mistakes, and I understand that, but if you can't mange basic grammar then please don't ask to RP with me. If you can't think of what to reply with, PM me and I can add a bit more. I would prefer you to match my length.
    -Be active PLEASE. I'm online most every day. I haven't Rped on a while due to real life issues, and I understand you might need to drop. If you do please PM me first.

    Anyway, here are my ideas. Listed in order if preference/desire to do

    The Circus Family:

    My character is an intersex performer in a traveling circus, deemed a freak for their possessing both sets of genitals as well as small breasts. Their mother was also a circus performer, a talented fire eater–a talent she passed on to her child. You would play my character's father and half siblings. Their father met their mother when the circus passed through their father's town for two weeks nearly nineteen years ago. He had a whirlwind romance with her, and his heart broke when she had to leave and he was unable to go with her for whatever reason (that reason is up to you). She kept her pregnancy a secret from him, and he was unaware of Ryan's existence as he moved on with his life. He married someone else and had two children with her (ages are up to you, I was thinking teenagers 13-17). His wife died shortly after the birth of their second child. Years later, he's having financial trouble, the circus he met his first love at returned to his town, and he takes his children in the hopes of finding that woman again, unaware that she died a year before. He eventually meets Ryan, and is offered a job with the circus, that job being kitchen duty. He accepts, and he and his children are thrust into the circus life. That's all I really have so far. This would be a family drama plot.

    Hello Again:

    My character is a transgender woman, and your character is her older sister. She is a few years older than my character and the two of them were very close as children. Your character moved out to go to college when mine was younger and cut off all contact with her family. The siblings fell out of touch for several years, and your character has no idea of anything that's happened to mine since, not even anything gender related, and as far as she knows, my character is still her brother, Eric. Your character lost her job and is being forced to find somewhere else to live. Her husband left her a few years ago, so this left your character and her children (the same age as mine's kids, two about 15-17 and maybe one younger if you want) without any money. Mine tries to find her and eventually hears about her situation. She offers to let your character and her children stay with her family until she can get a job and find a place of her own. Your character is kind of closed minded about a lot of things, and because she thinks they aren't "normal" and are a bad influence because of the gender things, drag (my character's adopted kids do drag), etc. She doesn't really understand my character, but is trying because she loves her and has missed her. It could cause drama between the sisters. The sisters are trying to reconnect after their several years of no contact and both of them have changed a bit since their last meeting. That's all I have so far. I'm not sure how the kids would react to my characters, but that's up to you. I would just rather not have romance between the kids.

    A Little Family Reunion

    My character is a 19 year old male assigned genderfluid person. His mother died giving birth to him and his father ran off upon finding out his mother was pregnant with him, which resulted in him being raised by his maternal grandmother. He began to take a great interest in drag around the time he was just starting to come to terms with his genderfluidity, and now performs as a drag queen in various bars around the city.You would play my characters father and his children from a different relationship, none of whom my character has ever met. They've run out of money and my characters grandmother is allowing them to come stay with them because she knows my characters mother would have wanted it, and drama ensues. I was thinking that there could be three kids, two around my character's age (16-18.) and one younger (I have other characters that'll come in at various points, so you won't be doing all the work). I was thinking that one of the older kids would really like my character and think he's interesting and the other really doesn't like him for various reasons and is embarrassed to be around him. The dad is kind of confused about my characters doing drag and kind of tries to get him to stop seeing his friends and pushes him toward other activities so he'll stop, and the younger kid's feelings are up to you. I don't really have a plot aside from that, we can make one up as we go.

    Where Have You Been?

    My idea is that my character is a trans woman who grew up being raised solely by her mother. You would play her father and his children from a later relationship. Her parents were only sixteen when they had her, and her father got scared and ran off. She has never met him. He came to regret not raising her and went searching for her. He found her phone number and called her, and during their phone call revealed that he had recently lost his job and he and his children from a later relationship were on the verge of being homeless (probably two kids around 15-17) and my character, being a compassionate person, hesitantly offers to let them come stay with her family (wife and children). Her father doesn't know she's a trans woman as she didn't tell him, and as far as he knows, she still is and has always been a boy. How he and his kids react is up to you.
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