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  1. [​IMG]

    Family comes in many different forms. It can be your biological family, your nonbiological family, or even your friends. No matter what form it decides to come in, family is family. And you love your family all the same.

    This is a slice-of-life roleplay that is centered around a specific family that isn't all biologically related. They live in Rocklin, California and go to school at Birchburgh, which goes from Kindegarten and all the way up to the 12th grade. We'll roleplay the ups and downs of a family who, even though not blood-related, love each other just as much as a family who is blood-related.

    Character Sheet
    | Real Life Picture |
    Full Name: [ First, Middle, Last ]
    Nickname: [ Optional ]
    Age: [ Kids/Teen: 5-18, Adult: 20+]
    Gender: [ Any gender goes ]
    Sexuality: [ Any sexuality goes ]
    Position: [ Sister, Mother, Brother, etc. ]
    Personality: [ At least 5 traits ]
    Health Ailments: [ Asthma, ADD, Anxiety, etc. ]
    Nationalities: [ Kiwi, Japanese, American, etc. ]
    Grade: [ Kindergarten-12th]
    Biological Family: [ Someone/You can play a biological relative of your character ]
    Romantic Interests?: [ Optional ]
    Significant Other?: [ Optional ]
    Anything else?: [ Add anything I missed or you'd like to share ]
  2. The Family
    | Parents |
    • Benjamin Lionel King | 48 years old | Father
    • Adette Willow King | 45 years old | Mother

    | Children |
    • Rhiannon Olivia King | 10 years old | Sister/Daughter
    • Shardae Elizabeth King | 17 years old | Sister/Daughter
    • Ace Diamond King | 16 years old | Brother/Son
    • Emilia Quinette King | 24 years old | Sister/(Biological) Daughter

    | Grandparents |
    • Eleanor Catherine Lark | 68 years old | Ex-Foster Mother of Adette and Brendan

    | Cousins |
    • Alec Berrington | 17 years old | Casper's and Alexandria's Son

    | Uncles & Aunts |
    • Candace Layla King | 42 years old | Aunt/Benjamin's Sister
    • Brendan Holt Weiss | 39 years old | Uncle/Adette's Brother
    • Burgundy Helena Lark | 35 years old | Aunt/Ex-Foster Sister of Adette and Brendan

    | Nephews & Nieces |
    • Amari E. Summers | 24 years old | Nephew (of Benjamin)
    • Jesse A. Summers | 8 years old | Nephew (of Benjamin)

    The Rest of Rocklin
    • Riley Miles Delgado | 14 years old | Neighbor/Josephine's Brother
    • Sasha Lilian Wallis | 17 years old | Foster Kid (of the Kings)
    • Josephine Rose Delgado | 17 years old | Neighbor/Riley's Sister
    • Maxwell Ray King | 21 years old | Ex-Foster Kid (of the Kings)
    • Leonardo James Belle | 17 years old | Neighbor/Lilith's Brother
    • Quincy James Baker | 24 years old | Neighbor
    • James Hartsean | 17 years old | Neighbor/Zachary's Brother
    • Zachary Hartsean | 21 years old | Neighbor/James' Brother
    • Isabella Alice Turpin | 34 years old | Neighbor/Mother/Jackson's Wife
    • Jackson Gregory Turpin | 41 years old | Neighbor/Father/Isabella's Husband
    • Casper Berrington | 33 years old | Father of Alec
    • Alexandria Berrington | 33 years old | Mother of Alec
    • Lilith Jade Belle | 17 years old | Neighbor/Leonardo's Sister

    [ Who's crushing on who, who's dating, who's enemies, etc...]

    • Ace and Leonardo are friends.
    • Amari and Quincy are dating.
    • Alec and Josephine are friends.
    • Zachary has a crush on Shardae.
    • Alec has a crush on Sasha.
    • Rhiannon and Maddie are friends.
    • Shardae and Lilith are friends.
    • Josephine has a crush on Ace.
    • Sasha and Leonardo are friends.
    • Alec has a crush on Lilith.
    • Rhiannon has a crush on Max, Sasha, James, and Zachary.
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  3. Full Name:
    Rhiannon Olivia King
    Energetic Curious Tenacious Friendly Obnoxious Imaginative
    Health Ailments:
    Sleepwalking and Hyperactivity Disorder
    African American
    Dead Biological Parents
    Adult Half Sister in Canada
    Benjamin King (Adoptive Father)
    Adette King (Adoptive Mother)
    Emilia King (Sister- Biological Daughter of Kings)
    Shardae King (Adoptive Sister)
    Ace King (Adoptive Brother)
    Maxwell King (Adoptive Brother)
    Sasha Wallis (Foster Kid-Lives with Kings)
    Candace King (Adoptive Aunt)
    Brendan Weiss (Adoptive Uncle)
    Amari Summers (Cousin trough Kings)
    Jesse Summers (Cousin through Kings)
    Alec Berrington (Cousin through Kings)
    Casper Berrington (Uncle?? Alec's father)
    Alexandria Berrington (Aunt?? Alec's mom)
    Romantic Interests:
    Max (Crush)
    Sasha (Crush)
    James (Crush)
    Zachary (Crush)
    Significant Other and Friends:
    Maddie Turpin (Friend)
    Anything else:
    When she was younger her biological parents died in a car accident while they were driving to her ballet recital. Rhiannon wasn't placed into the system immediately because she had a half sister who lived in Canada, but her sister didn't want to give up her life to raise Rhiannon.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Shardae Elizabeth King
    Nickname: Charlie
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi
    Position: Adopted Sister
    Personality: Charlie is very introspective, and observant of her environment. She feels her feelings strongly, and isn't afraid to let you know how she is feeling and why. She acts out for attention. For example, her hair is purple and she has a tattoo on her side all to get the attention she so badly needs from her family. After years of being in a bad family situation, she still has trouble remembering that she is loved.
    Health Ailments: Anxiety and Depression
    Nationalities: American
    Grade: 11th
    Biological Family: She has never met her parents, and her older brother lives in Florida, but they are not in contact at the moment.
    Romantic Interests?: Unknown
    Significant Other?: None yet
    Anything else?: She is a rebel, and a pouter. She loves her family, but sometimes hides her emotions because of past trauma.
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  5. [​IMG]

    ♦ Full Name ♦
    Ace Diamond King
    ♦ Nickname ♦
    ♦ Age ♦
    ♦ Gender ♦
    ♦ Sexuality ♦
    Bisexual Panromantic
    ♦ Position ♦
    ♦ Personality ♦
    Rebellious - Ace is the type to push one's buttons, especially one of an authority. When you lay rules and restrictions in front of him, he'll try to find ways to bend them to his will instead of actually following them. And, if that doesn't work, then he'll just break them and try his best to get away scot-free. You tell him not to do something and he'll do the exact opposite. It's either to let you know that you don't control him, or because he just feels like it. Either way, he is a young man who marches to the beat of his own drum and will go against whoever tries to change it.
    Sarcastic - He's been told many times that he has a sharp tongue and his mouth would get him in the worst kind of trouble, which turns out to be true a lot of the time. Unable to control it, Ace has the worst mouth, especially when he's upset. Half of the time, the things that he says aren't meant to be seen as sarcastic, but they come out that way. Not only is his speech sarcastic, but so is his body language. Eye rolling, dull looks, and fake, sarcastic smiles are things that he is very talented in and do a lot, if one watches him. Among his peers, and even family members, he's earned the title "King of Sass".
    Reserved - Ace isn't the one to reveal his emotions to others, even if you're really close with him. He isn't the one to shoot their hand up to answer a question, even if he knows the answer immediately. He doesn't like to bring unwanted attention to himself and, according to him, all attention is unwanted, unless it's from friends and/or family members. The brunet could have the most amazing idea, but would never speak on it. He could be hurting deeply inside, but wouldn't let anyone else know about. He likes to keep things to himself and will never change.
    Protective - Although Ace is small, that doesn't mean that he'll let people walk all over him or his loved ones. When he stands up to others, it's like a Chihuahua against a German Shepherd, but we all know how feisty Chihuahua's can be, which is exactly how Ace is. He will never hesitate to call someone out on whatever they're doing, especially if it's wrong. When he feels like his loved ones or himself is being threatened, he will give his all to protect whoever it is. Because of his strong will, the brunet isn't one to back down without a fight, even if the odds are stacked against him. He will do anything to protect what is his.
    Stubborn - Ace's stubbornness goes hand in hand with a lot of his other personality traits. Besides that, the young teen knows what he wants and will always be determined to get it. When he sets his mind on something, he's like a mountain - it'll take a miracle to make him budge. A lot of persuasion and bribing is in order if one wants to change the direction of Ace's mind. And one can't bribe him with little things, they'd have to give their all. Sometimes, his stubbornness can come in handy when he's standing for what's right. But it can also get him in trouble when he's trying to do things he isn't suppose to be doing.
    Stoic - As said before, Ace is quite emotionless. Although it isn't good for him, he can go through rough times without saying a single word about his struggle. His face can remain completely blank and you wouldn't even know the turmoil going on inside of him. Him being him, he doesn't like people doting over him so he keeps to himself when things get hard. During his parents' tragic past, he had a blank face at their funeral while everyone else sobbed around him, refusing to let any hint of grief show. He was quiet for the next few days, not wanting anyone's comfort. Slowly, he's learning to confide in others, but it's a long process.


    ♦ Health Ailments ♦
    Panic Disorder ◘ Astraphobia (Fear of thunder and lightening) ◘ Near-Sighted
    ♦ Nationalities ♦
    American ◘ English
    ♦ Grade ♦
    ♦ Biological Family ♦
    • His parents had passed away in a plane crash
    [If you want to be a biological relative, just PM/ask me!]

    ♦ Romantic Interests? ♦
    [Ask/PM me!]

    ♦ Significant Other? ♦
    [Ask/PM me!]

    ♦ Anything else? ♦
    Has a thick English accent.
    Has glasses to wear, but usually wears contacts.

    Loves to sing.
    Is very skilled in soccer.

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  6. just saying it says a real life picture so i don't think Anime counts.
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  7. The Breadwinner

    "People say I look like George Clooney. I'd say, you're right. But much more handsome."

    Full Name:
    Benjamin Lionel King

    "You can also call me: BJ, Leon, Jamin mah man, Yo B, Your Majesty, My Lord King, or Dick."

    48 years old
    "And yet, I still look damn cute."


    "I'm as straight as a board."

    "I am a father of nth beautiful children. They're a bit of a handful, but I still love them all."

    Carefree and Laid-back
    "Come. Sit down. Have a beer with me."
    Once upon a time, Ben was once a hard-working, tenaciously diligent and very influential young man who made millions off of handling people. And he handled them all well. But even with his fame, money and power, he is the type to just hang around his house in his underwear (sometimes naked) and just sit back, relax and have a cold beer while watching cartoons on his days off. Even after he decided to retire early from being an agent, got married, put up his own sport gear shop and had kids, he'd still walk around the house in his underwear but instead of a cold refreshing beer, he'd have cereal and a juice box while watching cartoons with Rhiannon.

    Happy-go-lucky Conceited Jerk
    "Ha ha. Me? Sarcastic? Never."
    Ben is a talker, a real talker, a smooth real talker and is very good at it. In fact, he is so good people can't tell if he is being serious, sarcastic, or joking. And he enjoys/loves it.

    Tenaciously Secretive
    "Nope. I am not hiding anything."
    Forget ever trying to figure out whatever Ben is hiding because he would NEVER tell you anything you want to know. He hides his secrets safe and hides it very well. Not even his wife and his sister would know what skeletons he is hiding behind his closet.

    Mild-mannered Vigilante
    "No one treats my family that way!"
    Don't get Ben wrong, he's no super hero nor the type who would end world huger, but mess with his family and his principle then evil-doers beware. No one mess with the B-man and his crew.

    Strictly Lovingly Gracious
    "You may not have came from me. But to me, you are my most precious child. I love you."
    Despite Ben's temperament that made a name of himself, he is in fact a very loving and gracious family man. He puts his family first and foremost, even quit his high paying career and opened shop just so he can be close to his family. But don't mistake his kindness as sympathy, on the contrary, he is known for his tough love when it comes to caring for someone and raising his kids.

    Health Ailments:
    "They told me I got cancer. ...Nah! Just kidding. I am perfectly healthy!"


    Sports Gear Shop Owner
    "I was once a sports agent. And I was really good."

    Biological Family:
    Candace Layla King
    "No guns allowed in the house, please."
    Candace, or CeeCee is Ben's lovely sister whom he would always
    tease her about when she would finally find the right guy and settle down with.

    Romantic Interests/Significant Other:
    My wife
    "The old ball and chain."

    Anything else?:
    The perks in being an agent was Ben's connections with different kinds of people which made Ben an untouchable guy. Whenever Ben needs or wants something done and with just a phone call away, Ben can do anything done in a flash. Which is why people are afraid to shrew with the guy.

    His Beard
    Ben purposely let his beard grow because he just felt like it. But once shave... Well, let's just say he'll look waaaaay cuter then he is now.
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  8. Well, using real life pictures of people I don't know creeps me out and is against my moral code. I wouldn't want someone using a picture of me, so I'm not going to do that to someone else. If that's a problem I can back out.
  9. Yeah i get that, i would feel that way also, but you can always use an actor, since actors are used in film all the time, pretty much the same as a picture.
  10. Full Name:
    Candace Layla King
    CL, Seal, Trigger
    Aunt/Benjamin's Sister
    Ambitious ☢ Headstrong ☢ Brave ☢ Impulsive ☢ Inappropriate ☢ Boisterous
    Health Ailments:
    Biological Family:
    Benjamin King (Older brother)
    Adette King (Sister in law)
    Emilia King (Niece)
    Brendan Weiss (Brother in law)
    Amari Summers (Nephew)
    Jesse Summers (Nephew)
    Alec Berrington (Nephew)
    Casper Berrington (??? - Related to Benjamin somehow)
    Alexandria Berrington (???- Related to Benjamin somehow)
    Shardae King (Non biological niece)
    Rhiannon King (Non biological niece)
    Ace King (Non biological nephew)

    Romantic Interests?:
    Significant Other?:
    Anything else?:
    Candace is an avid hunter who goes on hunting trips every month no matter what the weather. She has a great respect for endangered species and carnivores though, so she doesn't kill those. She's the type of person who thinks that anyone's problems can be solved by a trip to the shooting range and often invites her nieces and nephews for some trigger happy cathartics.
    When she isn't hunting, she's actually doing her job which is private investigating for people who think their spouses are cheating or their children are hanging with the wrong crowd.
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  11. Riley Smith

    Full Name:
    Riley Miles Delgado
    RD, Rile, Army
    Closet Homosexual
    Comedic, respectful, trusting, caring, irresponsible.
    Health Ailments:
    OCD, Dyslexic, PTSD
    Kiwi, Canadian, southern Asian decent.
    Biological Family:
    Family Open (Anyone who wants to be his parents or brothers, or sisters or anyone else they can!)
    Romantic Interests?:
    Significant Other?:
    Anything else?:
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  12. @Poetic_Justic3 Don't forget his grade. Oh, and, which one is his actual name? Riley or Braydon?
  13. Whoops. Riley is the real name sorry, put his grade also.
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  15. Yeah, I got it :)
  16. | Real Life Picture |
    Full Name: [ First, Middle, Last ]
    Maxwell Ray King
    Max, occasionally
    Gay (Demisexual/Romantic)
    Dependable, decisive, reckless, imaginative, sensitive, kind of the 'black sheep'
    Health Ailments:
    Thyroid disease, slight bipolar disorder
    If only he knew.
    Community college, trying to teach at the local high school.
    Biological Family:
    Just became aware of a half-brother living in Oakland. Unsure of how he feels about that.
    Romantic Interests?:
    It takes a while for him to become attracted to someone.
    Significant Other?:
    None, but he's been waiting for one.
    Anything else?:
    He was orphaned in the system, but ditched it, ran away at 16- half of him wants to figure out who he is, where he's from, but the other part wants to rely heavily on his friends. Doesn't speak much, but when he does, people listen.
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  17. What's the connection to the family? Just out of curiosity.
  18. Just thought I'd let you know, I will be joining as the mother, a neighbor, and an uncle. ^.^
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  19. yeah i am open to you being any of Rileys family since he is a neighbor
  20. Ooh, sorry! Is it okay if he's kind of a family friend that is hanging out with them for the time being while getting his life together?
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