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Who would you want to be the main Villian?

  1. Evil Void Mage

  2. A corrupted kingdom

  3. Potato(JK)

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  1. So this is the ooc for the Familiar of ZeroRP. Once again you can be a familiar if you want BUT, you must have someone willing to be your partner, and remember we can't have everyone being void mage but, i am allowing even if you aren't a void mage that you can have a human familiar. People who want to be void mages first come first serve I am allowing there to be two that's it. No I am not being one. So for one am being a familiar if someone will choose me and for me as someone's familiar is also first come first serve. I am also very open to new ideas so if you have any let me know here is the character sheet.

    Class Year: (example) 2
    Main Magic Element: (of the five)
    What kind of Mage: (such as line mage meaning you know two elements, trinangle, etc)
    Positive Traits:
    Negative Traits:
    (five of each)
    Appearance: (you can use a photo you want remember to choose one more anime like)
    Bio: (can be short)

    There is the character sheet i'm being too demanding. If you are a familiar and have a partner just get rid of class year, main magic element, and kind of mage and replace it with something more to your character.
    I will allowed you to be a familiar from another anime universe BUT!, it has to be an oc and can't be over powered. But most of all remember to have fun. Oh and if you choose to be a first year you will not be able to have a familiar trying to add as many elements from the show as possible lol.[​IMG]
  2. Oh and try not to feel rushed when making a character we still have plenty of time.
  3. Before I create a Familiar, (usually animal or a Shape-Shifter) does anyone want her as their Familiar?
  4. Who is 'Her'? Cause if you mean me Sasha means Alexander in Russia. yeah imma guy.
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  5. My character will be female.
  6. okay sorry i'm just so used to people thinking i'm a girl it's my fault
  7. I don't really get the "mage type" part, right below the main magic element.
  8. ok so a dot mage knows how to use 1 element a line mage 2 a triangle mage is 3 and a square is 4 (so an example would be that i'm a line mage and i know wind and earth magic)
    Does that help or do you want me to go more into detail?
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  9. Thank you, that helped.
  10. No Problem. -salutes-
  11. If anyone wants me to be their familiar let me know, tell me what kind you would want, heck i would even try being female lol. If nobody wants me I'll be mage. Ummmm oh yeah if anyone has ideas to contribute to the story let me know.
  12. You can be my familiar! I'd like a male ('cause why not?) and I don't mind what it is. Honestly, I don't care! I'll post my CS later...
  13. Cool and if you want you can be a void mage i was surprised nobody wanted to but only if you want to.
  14. Yeah! I'll be a void mage!
  15. Ok do you want me to be
    Gandálfr, or the Left Hand of God.
    Mjöðvitnir, or the Mind of God.
    Vindálfr, or the Right Hand of God
    or the Heart of God Lífþrasir

    The primary power of a Gandálfr is absolute mastery of any item meant for combat, from swords and pistols to artillery cannons and fighter aircraft

    Being a Mjöðvitnir allows one to use any magic artifact and create almost any magical feat.
    Vindálfr has the special ability to control animals
    Lífþrasir can increase the magical power of a void mage spell increasing the strength of this launch, however to use this power shortens his life force and using it with no control would kill the Lifþrasir.

    so i wouldn't suggest the last one but it's your choice.
  16. Hmm... I think I'll take Vindálfr.
  17. So I Vindalfr am at your side Master lol.
  18. Lol.
  19. [​IMG]

    Kuro Shirosaki
    .:Class Year:.
    .:Main Magic Element:.
    .:What Kind of Mage:.
    Line Mage
    .:Positive Traits:.
    + Hard-Working
    + Co-Operative
    + Observant
    + Creative
    + Intelligent

    .:Negative Traits:.
    - Stubborn
    - Finicky
    - Short Tempered
    - Cunning
    - Gullible

    .:Bio:. (can be short)

  20. Hey guys what's up im'a probably gonna post my character sheet tomorrow and they will be from the DBZ universe so you kame hame ha's and sh** lol but remember have fun and when we do start the rp it'll probably start somewhat like the anime so the day everyone gets their familiars and stuff. Wow I sat here for like five minutes on another tab and i thought i posted it but now it is.
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