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  1. Welcome to Familial Cliques.
    Will your family survive?

    America is a country of the free, and it's no difference for stray dogs. It's been known that, regardless of where a dog has come from, it's likely to be set out in to the streets and left to roam, and no one is going to stop it as long as it looks docile, too vicious to cross, or to cute to turn in. Because of negligent owners over the past twenty some years, this particular town the dogs call Unalert City has become a place for feral dogs to survive, bond, and live together, and many of the dogs have been exhibiting wolf-like behavior; they live in packs made strictly of family, only taking in outsiders if necessary and choose to submit to or dominate all others. They hunt, scavenge, and kill to survive, choose enemies and allies, and ensure their family continues.
    However, dog pounds have been going out of style rapidly due to a new law against euthanization has rendered shelters incapable of putting their mutts to sleep--and making it impossible for them to keep animals with their own funding. So, they shut down, and without many around to transfer the dogs to, they release them as discreetly as possible in to the streets. Any dog that enters the paradise of Unalert City in hopes of survival, however, is certainly imposing. Families of dogs control every corner of that city that isn't friendly territory, and if a normal alleyway dog can hardly survive long enough to be seen, impounded dogs are fair pray for the families who have lived there for so many years.
    So how's it going to be? Families, gangs, and loners alike will be challenged, where will you be and how will you fair?

    Familial Cliques is a feral domestic dog roleplay, where members will gather in to family groups. It is preferred you have less than three characters and do not have multiple characters in the same family, however, that is up to your discretion. We are currently accepting 10 families, meaning that once 10 families are created/accepted, we will refuse to accept new surnames. This is purely for the sake of ensuring all families will have sufficient members. Try to keep the number of placements in your family realistic for starters--your character and other members can always have pups later to expand it. I suggest starting with five slots prepared.
    If you cannot be a family, you can always make a gang. These are strictly in character--your character must try to team up with other loners in character, any team made is called a gang, even it it's only two members. You can make a gang with two of your characters.​
    Rules (open)

    These are fairly obvious rules, but here they are.
    No godmodding/powerplaying/etc. There will be no instahitting/killing, nor controlling others' characters without their permission.
    Ask for permission from a character's owner before critically injuring/killing a character.
    One paragraph per post, and use proper grammar. You may apply accents and improper grammar to your character's dialogue if it fits the character.
    Use different colors for different characters when roleplaying, it helps clarify which characters are perceiving what.
    No sexual content allowed. Everything sexual will be cut to black.
    Mild cussing it allowed. Preferably not the f-word to keep it age friendly, however, words like shit, damn, hell, asshole, etc, are allowed.
    Crude humor is only tolerated in character, do not make offensive jokes OOC.
    Note, we do not play a myth here. Dogs CAN see colors; they just have only two color cones. Look at this.

    The Setting (open)

    The Town Plaza
    It cannot be claimed. All families have collectively agreed it to be a safezone. Anyone caught attempting to claim ownership of it has will be overthrown by the families. Occasionally food is left there, albeit meant for families, many loners tend to eat it. Meeting happen frequently at midnight once the 'skinwalkers' have cleared out.
    The Alleyway of 6th Street;
    Every alleyway branching off of 6th Street looks like this because of the building pattern used. Graffiti not included in the copy-paste like effect. There are six of them.
    The Unguarded Apartment;
    Ever since a shooting that occurred inside the building, it has not been used. Fortunately, homeless skinwalkers were bad at closing doors, and it became a place for dogs. It is often defended by any canines within the building.
    The Forest;
    The skinwalkers do not seem to like their forest; they hardly use it. It takes up the East side of Unalert Town, and has very good density inside, making it hard to see other dogs. Although hard to navigate to the untrained,
    The Overpass;
    It's big, it's dangerous, and it's on the West side of town. Yet, it's still territory. It doesn't matter if that's where the crushers roll around the most, the area beneath the towering roads are fair game, and everyone knows not to try to pick up a dog alongside the highway now.
    The Storage Units;
    It just so happens that there's a sad flaw in the storage units: wild animals got it, sales went down, the company lost the property, and the homeless burrowed their way in before once more, dogs claimed another piece of land and scared away trespassing skinwalkers.

    We are currently accepting character applications.
    Character Application (open)

    *Insert an image of your character here*
    *A quote relative to your character; you can make it up, or quote a philosopher/song/etc.*
    [b]Name:[/b] -
    [b]Sex:[/b] -
    [b]Age:[/b] -
    [b]Stance:[/b] - [This is where you say if your character is a loner or in a family. Again, gangs don't count.
    [b]Surname:[/b] - [If your character is not in a family, ignore and delete this.]
    [b]Sire:[/b] - [Your character's father. Only counts if you are in a family, otherwise delete.
    [b]Dame:[/b] - [Same as sire, except for a mother.
    [b]Mate:[/b] - [You likely won't have one in the start. If you get one, let us know so it can be updated.]
    [b]Offspring:[/b] - [Much like a mate, we'll update it when you have any. If pups are to be recruited, they will be added as soon as someone takes the place.
    [b]Abilities & Disablities:[/b] - [List your character's strengths and weaknesses.]
    [b]History:[/b] - [Tell us all about your character and their history. The detail does not matter, as long as it makes sense. It can be one paragraph or many.

    We are currently accepting family applications.
    Family Application (open)

    [size=6]*Family surname*[/size]
    *Insert image relevant to your family, whether it be symbolism or just a rock.*
    [size=4]*Your family's motto*[/size]
    [b]Territory:[/b] - [describe the territory you wish to have, both home and hunting, judging by areas in the setting description.]
    [b]Headmale:[/b] -
    [b]Headfemale:[/b] - [Note that headfemale and headmale have equal power. They are not necessarily mates; they can be brother/sister/etc. If they get a mate and want it to take the other's place, the family decides if it should happen.]
    [List one per line. Since you won't have any right away, just list the members you want. For example, Character A's pup. Character A's grandmother. Character A's Mate. Loner. Do not make pre-made characters for others to fill, only premade positions. Stating a preference is fine, such as saying you'd prefer a specific gender/age.

    Members and families will be recorded here once applications are made; I will fill out and post my own application as well.​
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  2. Family:
    "If fangs could strategize, they'd be far more useful to us."
    Territory: Two of the six alleyways on 6th Street with questionable hunting permission in the forest.
    Headmale: Bastien
    Headfemale: Free to apply for, the mate of Bastien through arranged courtship.
    Member A, matured child of Bastien. Littermate to Member B and C. No gender preference.
    Member B, matured child of Bastien. Littermate to Member A and C. No gender preference.
    Member C, matured child of Bastien. Littermate to Member A and B. No gender preference.
    Member D, matured child of Bastien. Only survivor of its litter. Preferably male.

    "You said you reap just what you sow, so tell me, where does your garden grow?"
    Name: Bastien
    Sex: Male
    Age: 10 Seasons
    Stance: Family member.
    Surname: Albanese
    Sire: Edgard
    Dame: Annette
    Mate: [Pending]
    Offspring: [Pending]
    Abilities & Disablities: Extremely limber, best at attacks of which the victim does not know about--surprise attacks. Jaws are not very strong, teeth are a bit dull. Relies purely on wearing down or surprising its prey.
    History: Many years ago, a Frenchman brought his dogs to America whilst he was on vacation and then ditched them. Since then, a family with the surname of Albanese has been around. Bastien grew up within his native family, knowing their territory best and exploring it ever since a pup. Since his father died of disease when he was five seasons old, his mother granted him the title of headmale at a very early age. He grew up a hunter, focusing on agility and stealth rather than powerful attacks. He tries to be sly with most of his plans, using cunning rather than force in his plans despite some may do their best in other subjects of attack and defense.
    He has a strong distaste for outsiders, and tends to be a backstabber. He has welcomed in strangers countless times only to slaughter them in their sleep, and it seems pack members have learned to expect that for every loner he accepts in to the family.​


  3. *Thokmay*
    *We value those who deserve it*
    Territory: - They live on the Overpass and hunt around the outskirts of the forest.
    Headmale: - Palden
    Headfemale: - Mate of Headmale
    Member A, matured child of Palden. Littermate to Member B. Female preferred.
    Member B, matured child of Palden. Littermate to Member A. Male preferred.
    Member C, sibling of Palden.
    Member D, mate of Member C.
    Member E, juvenile child of Member C and D.​


    *Blood may be thicker than water, but blood can only do so much. Water is versatile and essential.*
    Name: Palden
    Sex: Male
    Age: 12 Seasons
    Stance: Family
    Surname: Thokmay
    Sire: Tseten
    Dame: Rinchen
    Mate: TBA
    Offspring: TBA
    Abilities & Disablities: - He uses power and force to fight and hunt, his massive size is a large factor for his family's choice of home. On the overpass being a large dog helps with visibility.
    His size does have some downsides because he isn't as quick as most dogs and usually has to take a barrage of hits as opposed to dodging them.
    History: - [Tell us all about your character and their history. The detail does not matter, as long as it makes sense. It can be one paragraph or many. WIP
  4. Your character and family have been accepted; thank you! We are currently waiting for more members before we roleplay however.​
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  5. *[​IMG]*
    *Always learn from your mistakes. Always*
    Name: - Sally
    Sex: - Female
    Age: - 9 seasons
    Stance: - Family Member
    Surname: - Albanese
    Sire: - Leo
    Dame: - Nala
    Mate: - Possibly Bastien but for now none.
    Offspring: - None
    Abilities & Disablities: - Being a Rottweiler she is all what you expect from a Rottweiler and Pitbull mix, Powerful, Fearless and dangerous this is also her flaw since she isn't trusting of other dogs outside the family and may snap at them if they push her buttons the wrong way.
    History: - She was breed to be a fighting dog in a dog fighting ring and most of her life all she knew was well fighting and killing until of course on day she still doesn't know why but the "family" she had threw them into the streets Unalert City and just up and left. She met Bastien not too many seasons later.

    (Might want to include dog breeds btw Sally is well a Pitweiler which is yes a mix between a pitbull and rottweiler, fun)
  6. Thank you for joining! You have been accepted. We are still waiting for at least one more member, and then we can start.
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