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  1. Simple! Just say how the person above you would become famous! (Or infamous!)

    Since I'm the first one I'll just say I became famous by becoming the winner of Eurovision for Iceland! :D
  2. Zypher would later become infamous for rigging the voting system
  3. BA would become famous for creating a new religion based on debilitating schizophrenia and an invisible dragon. ;p
  4. Kitti would become famous for hitting every high note in every song...ever.
  5. Illiana would become infamous for destroying the eiffel tower.
  6. Red becomes infamous for the most incested family in the world and getting away with it.
  7. Misuki becomes infamous because she is a part of that inscest family to ;)
  8. Red-san becomes infamous for even mentioning incest and making me give a weird face to my computer screen.
  9. Staci becomes infamous because of weird films of her making weird faces getting spread over the internet x)
  10. Red would become infamous for corrupting the race of hyperintellegent shades of purple
  11. Blackangel would become infamous for stealing the Mona Lisa
  12. Lulu becomes famous for how long it took me to try to think of something notable I know about her.
    You're new, I'm sorry. :(
  13. -smirks- It's alright, it happens O-o

    Kitty would become famous by becoming the only master of KITTIES!
  14. Satrina would become famous for being the first person to walk backward through time.
  15. ( I'm that awesome? )

    Blackangel would become famous by making pokemons come to life.
  16. Satrina would become famous for being the first person to eat talking mushrooms and live! C:
  17. Misuki becomes famous by being the cutest person on earth :D
  18. Red will become infamous for being the biggest liar! >//< I'm not cute!!!1
  19. Misuki will become infamous for being to much tsundere ^^
  20. redblood would become infamous by becoming a Nazi in Sweden...