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Famdom come join me ^_^

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Cuteyhoneypie, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. alright so I'm not to sure what to say here, but its is clear I would love to Rp with anyone who would be willing to Rp as the character I have here. now I know that they are all character from anime, games, and moves, But I love them also I do more than just the ones I have in the list, also I don't mind girls Rping as guys ^^

    Interests & Cravings

    Bolds are the ones i crave the most

    -Fairy Tail- (still getting into this one)
    Laxus x Oc
    Young/Older Gajeel x Oc

    Tony / Iron man x Oc
    Loki x Oc
    Wolverinex Oc

    Gambit x Ox
    younger Slade/Deathstork x Ox
    Venom (eddie brock) x Oc
    Dr. Doom/Victor Von Doom x Oc

    Alucardx Oc

    Gutsu x Oc

    -Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood-
    Roy Mustang x Oc

    Greed/Ling/Greedling x Oc

    - Rise of the guardians -
    Jack Frost x Oc
    Pitch black x Oc

    - Dorohedoro -
    Kiaman/Aikawa x Oc
    Ai x Oc
    En x Oc

    - Legend of Zelda -
    Ganondorf x Oc

    - Wreck It Ralph -
    Ralphx Oc

    - Mario -
    Bowser x Oc

    -Dragon ball z-
    Vegeta x Oc
    Goku x Oc

    -Eyeshield 21-
    Hiruma x Oc

    -legend of korra-
    Amon x Oc

    -Howl's Moving Castle-
    Howl x Oc

    -Final Fantasy 7-
    Cloud x Oc
    Vincent x Oc

    Strong sexual content (Mature - Rated)
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  2. New updates again
  3. yaaaay updates
  4. Hmm what I wouldn't give to do a DBZ Rp right now
  5. update on what I want to rp
  6. Do you only play with OC's?
  7. as some of the oc yes but I can try to play as some canons
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.