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      Falseblade - OOC
      Inspired by Rokka no Yuusha, Dominion
      Accepted Players :: 0/6

      "Prophecy foretells of a coming day in which the world would known Hell blazing before its very eyes. As mountains erupted, seas engulfed coasts, and winds tore down cities, few could deny that the prediction would eventually come about. Regardless of allegiance, culture, or language, a unified world was needed to combat the growing presence of unbridled evil incarnate.

      And so an alliance was forged. A king of kings was chosen to lead the people to stability before the coming storm, selected by prophetic voice. His name is Monrun Isgavriel, Lord of the World, King of Civilization. Sitting atop his throne in the city of Pinnacle, capital of the world, he holds ultimate authority, presiding over the leaders of countless other nations spread across the globe. Few question his authority, as his power, charisma, and intelligence are unmatched.

      His reign, however, hides beneath it a sinister truth; one which is revealed to only six individuals. Coming to them in an enigmatic form, a prophet with no name bestows six young beings with a single fact; that the king Isgavriel is a demon in human form, and the true source of their future's prophesied calamity. Given a dagger, each, they are implored to seek the King, and put an end to his life before the day dawns that he can truly ruin the world.

      Their abilities, too, are notable, but not absolute; only together do they have any hope of defeating a ruler of the world. As they come together, guided by a single address leading to Pinnacle, they enter a tavern, only to find themselves met with not six, but seven
      individuals bearing the same ritual daggers they received from the prophet.[/I]

      Who, then, is the false one among them?

      In Falseblade, you will play as one of seven heroes chosen by "The Prophet", a mysterious entity that guides them towards killing a king of kings. Their task is simple, but far from easy; using the daggers given to them, they must finish the king off after defeating him. The Prophet explained that there would be six of them, but they soon find out there is an unexpected seventh.

      One player will be a "spy" among the players, selected randomly. The spy's identity will be known only to me, the GM, and to the spy themselves. It is up to them to maintain their cover, all the while working towards undermining the team's quest to kill the king. This roleplay will involve stats, abilities, and a significant number of dice rolling, which will be carried out by me behind the scenes.

      The potential for death at the hands of another player is a very real possibility.
      • A spy will be selected from among those applicants who PM me that they are interested in playing the spy. The selection process will be semi-random; from those I am inclined to allow to be the spy, I will select one randomly. There is a possibility, due to this random selection, that the GM may become the spy.
      • The spy is forbidden, in all mediums and forms, to reveal their identity to anyone, period. This includes within IC posts. The spy should not indicate in their IC posts that they are the spy. Any potentially secretive actions the spy takes will instead be sent to me via PM, after which point I will post them, with names and identities removed.
      • Likewise, if the spy would want to have their character do anything behind the scenes where there is time (IC'ly), they must also PM me.
      • Note that because regardless of who is the spy, the GM will know their identity, I (the GM) will not utilize this knowledge. Or rather, I pledge to maintain fairness.
      • Dice are God. If your roll for something comes up with a result, that's what happens. There is no ignoring it.
      • Posting rounds will be once every two or three days. If you don't think you can keep up with this, please don't join.
    • Each character will have a number of basic stats to them which will determine their ability in a variety of combat aspects. These will be used to roll dice behind the scenes against other individuals or entities. These will be mainly used to determine successes against other characters, though may sometimes be used to determine the outcome of non-combat events (especially in the case of Perception).

      You have 36 points to spend as you choose across these stats. A 1 in any stat corresponds to mundane prowess. 2 is a trained human.

      In addition to determine your character stats, you will also be given free reign over developing up to three "Abilities" your character has. These can be feats of skill, magic, etc... Use your imagination! Note that because these are so open to freedom, there is potential for being quite powerful; I will be heavily analyzing them as you might expect, but don't be afraid to think big at first.

      Just use common sense, really. Don't worry about how your abilities will utilize dice; once I've accepted the ability, I'll be figuring out how to integrate it with the dice rolling system. NOTE that I have every right to nerf (or buff) abilities any time during the IC.

      Character Sheet
      • Age should be young. That's all I will say on that matter.
      • With abilities, it is best to have at least one or two powers that are 'broad' and allow for a number of useful applications.
      • You may make 3 unique abilities.
      • Since the heroes were chosen from across the globe, cultures could vary wildly, even race (though no one should be playing anything but a humanoid race). Feel free to develop a little portion of the globe!
      • In terms of power level, consider your characters equivalent to the combat prowess of a recognized hero in a countries army; someone who is known in their corner of the world as being very skilled. That's the best way I can put it. Don't worry too much on power level. I'll let you know if it's too much.

      The Cast

      Avira Chevero - Jakers
      Keran of Yeshaz - Psyker Landshark
      Kheri Soyeo - Zombehs
      Lucia Magnolia Dessdia - ERode
      Gregory Archambault
      Orson of the Ordoxi - Voltin
      Najila El-Mabah-Layali - Asuras
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  1. You're all dead. Chamo needs no fodder to slow her down.
  2. If everyone else is fodder then so is she. 36 stat points for everybody.
  3. United as fodder~
  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Ra'am 'Ram' Afolayan
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Ra'am, frequently referred to as Ram for ease, is a bit of a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. His optimistic demeanour and goofy attitude tend to persist in even the most extreme of circumstances. Ram enjoys the thrill of combat and, while not one to actively seek a fight, he never shies away from one should it kick off. While fighting, there's a certain focus and intensity to Ram that is normally absent. Ram values camaraderie, and takes slights or injuries against his friends somewhat personally.

    In his spare time, Ram can usually be found roaming the streets, drinking, or unsuccessfully hitting on women. Sometimes all three at once.

    Ra'am hails from the great Atum desert, an intensely dry area to the south of Pinnacle. Despite its harsh conditions, several nomadic groups wander its surface regularly. Following the seasonal shifting of the sandstorms, they move from oasis to oasis, never staying for too long. On the northern border of the Atum desert stands the city of Meiram. The nearest thing to a capital city the Atumites have, Meiram serves as a centre of trade for the nomads with the rest of the world. The inhabitants of Meiram elect their own leader, the Exarch, who then answers to Isgavriel.

    Ra'am was born into a prosperous family in Meiram. During his childhood he and a group of friends frequently had very minor scrapes with the law, due to childish hijinks and youthful exuberance more than any real malice. As his magical capabilities began to show, Ram found himself torn. On the one hand, the study of magic was really dull and boring, but on the other being able to play around with magic was pretty cool. His attempts at combining his youthful misdemeanours and his growing powers were somewhat ill-advised however. A couple of burnt down barns and Ram was parcelled off into the Exarch's mage forces, where he eventually grew up a little. He built a name for himself suppressing dangerous criminals, and gained a couple of promotions, ending up as one of the younger Lieutenants in the mage corps.

    When the prophet brought him the dagger, Ram thought long and hard about whether to accept it or not. To be told that the whole world is a lie is no easy thing to take on board all in one go. Eventually he made his mind up. Resigning from his post and accepting an honourable discharge, Ram set off north, to where the mysterious prophet had directed him. To Pinnacle.

    Might -2
    Finesse -3
    Fortitude -4
    Constitution -5
    Health -4
    Speed -3
    Perception -4
    Arcane -6
    Spirit -5


    Burning Brand: Physical strikes by Ram leave a burning mark at the point of contact.

    Desert Djinn: Ram's signature fire magic, a bolt of flame with a grinning face. This bolt of flame is capable of sensing Brands and steering towards them, granting increased hit chance against Branded targets.

    Ifrit's Cry: A large wave of fire, striking the area in front of Ram and dealing damage to all those caught in its blast. This also ignites Brands, detonating them for extra damage. Detonated Brands fade from existence.

    Ritual Dagger – the dagger given to Ram by the mysterious prophet.
    Sabre – As a result of his service, Ram was allowed to keep his military sabre when he left. Though he rarely uses it, he still keeps it with him.

    Theme Song(s):
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  5. Hells to the yeah; I'm up for another Suras RP. But don't overdo it, Suras. Managing 3 RP's must be quite hard. X3

    Avira Chevero

    The Spirit Wielder
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Donned in black robes, Avira's skin is smooth and pale. Her hair is remarkably long and of a dull, brownish-grey, and her eyes are of a golden colour. She's tall and thin, with no muscle to note. She always has a facial expression on that makes her look half-asleep. Magical swirls of blue and purple emit from a bright golden lantern held in her hand, or kept at her side.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    "Death is not the end... just a new beginning. A beginning I do not fear."
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Personality: Quiet, and mysterious. Avira isn't shy, but she doesn't usually talk very much. She appears to not pay much attention to things, and has a habit of humming a high-pitched (and somewhat sinister) tune to herself. She sometimes talks with her spirits, and this eccentric attitude is probably why she's unsure what it's like to have a true friend.

    She doesn't particularly have a 'bad side' to her; if she's provoked or insulted she won't be phased, and will usually just ignore them and walk away. Oddly, she can turn quite cuddly if she takes a particular liking to someone. She dislikes rowdy or disrespectful people, and prefers those who are selfless, or, even better, also share an interest in the spirit world. Nonetheless, she tries to be caring and look out for others, regardless of their personality.

    In combat, she doesn't appear to feel any surges of adrenaline, and will remain quite calm. She doesn't fear death, though she'd prefer to die after the spirit lantern has been passed down. The largest thing that apparently makes her lose her quiet and calm attitude is water. There's apparently a valid reason for this fear, associated with how her spirits react with water. She discovered the hard way when she was young, and doesn't plan on sharing it anytime soon.

    The way she dabbles in the spirit world will be considered weird, strange, and maybe even evil by some people. Either way, Avira is usually misunderstood.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Biography: Avira has spent most of her life researching, following, and learning the way of the spirit world. The Spirit Lantern - an artifact passed down by her family - allows her to store the spirits of her ancestors, and use their power in battle.

    The Chevero family are considered quite strange by others due to their spiritual traditions. When older members of the family are about to die, a ritual is performed, where the youngest member of the family takes in the deceased Chevero member's spirit... so that they may live on within the lantern. Avira knows that one day, she too will be a part of her family. Her spirit will join the others in the lantern, where she can be reunited with her ancestors.

    She was born within the woods of Ritula, a magical and mysterious place inhabited by the Chevero family (and other families interested in spirits) due to the area's high connection with the spirit world. It's a mysterious part of the world, where when something dies in the Ritula Woods, their spirit roams free, awaiting to be passed on to another realm. Be it of peace, or of hell.

    Avira was taught to harvest spirits with the Spirit Lantern - which can't be considered cruel, as spirits choose to enter the lantern by their own will. Inside the Spirit Lantern lies a realm of peace; only when Avira calls them to battle are they temporarily awoken from a peaceful rest, to disperse their energy to fight by Avira's side. It's a fair bargain, beneficial to both the spirits, as they are given eternal peace, and the wielder of the lantern, as they wield the power of the spirits.

    She continued to be trained by her mother and father, and was a natural at wielding and collecting spirits. It was almost as if the Spirit Lantern was destined to be in her hands. So she was given an independent start in life; her mother and father knew Avira was capable enough to survive. It was her choice on how to wield the spirits now.

    She was let free to live alone at the age of 15, where she used her ability with the Spirit Lantern to help small towns she came by, and used their gratitude and rewards to help her survive her nomadic lifestyle. One day she'll return to the house of her mother and father, to commence the Chevero family ritual, and her Mother and Father will be stored in the lantern. If Avira has a child, then the lantern will be passed down to them. Though she's struggling to find potential husbands.

    As years passed, Avira's magical ability rose to an incredibly high level. She's said to almost be the most magically gifted members of the Chevero family as of yet - her great-great-great-great grandfather Toshiro takes the honor of being the most magically gifted. His spirit, like the others, rests within the lantern. And provides the most magical power out of all of them. Toshiro's purple spirit allows Avira to perform the Spirit Overdrive technique.

    Her ability to save lives, aid allies and simply destroy enemies with the power of the spirits began to be recognized by people, and her phenomenal magical power began to be known. In some places, she was a hero. A wandering woman who'd helped a town in need from the good of her heart. Even if her powers were somewhat creepy, most people knew Avira had good intentions.

    In other places though, rumours of a hooded girl wielding the powers of the dead were released, and some considered Avira an evil witch who held tortured souls. That, however, was obviously not the case. Others feared her pure destructive capability, though she'd never wake spirits to cause harm for no good reason.

    After proving herself to wield the power of the spirits for the good, and surviving numerous attacks from witch-hunters, Avira's skill was recognised by The Prophet when she struck 19 years old. It's unclear why she wants to aid kill the King of Kings, but she may reveal her intentions.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~





    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    (All of the following abilities can be empowered with Spirit Overdrive once per day. Spirit Overdrive has a large chance to instantly put Avira to 1 HP when used. If Avira uses Spirit Overdrive whilst she has 1 HP remaining, she has a large chance to become incapacitated, and will die if untreated.)

    Spirits - Attack: Avira orders her spirits to release a burst of energy to a target location, dealing magical damage in a small area upon impact. People who are recognised as allies by the spirits will take reduced damage if they're caught in the blast. Scales with Arcane.
    Spirit Overdrive - The magical damage is largely increased, and the area of effect is changed into a radiant beam that deals damage in a large line in front of Avira.

    Spirits - Infuse: Avira orders her spirits to infuse their energy into a target. The target will recieve a small boost to their Fortitude and Might, and very slowly regenerate health (+0.33HP per turn.) Avira will deactivate the infusion if she orders her spirits to do something else.

    If a target dies whilst infused, the target has a choice to have their spirit be stored in a realm of eternal peace within the spirit lantern. Gathering a powerful humanoid spirit gives Avira a permanent +1 bonus to her Arcane and Spirit. Gathering mundane spirits grant Avira no bonuses, but make her happy.
    Spirit Overdrive - For the next 2 turns, all bonuses given by the Spirits - Infuse are tripled. This does not include the bonus for collecting a spirit.

    Spirits - Displace: Avira spends a turn to have her spirits mark an area with a special glyph. After the glyph is placed, Avira can make her spirits dash at a target of her choice. If the spirits hit the target, they will be teleported to where Avira placed the glyph. People spirits recognise as allies will be given a light heal upon teleporting. Also, Avira must be within at least 50m of the glyph placed, or the glyph will disappear.
    Spirit Overdrive - Allies will be given a large heal upon teleporting/enemies will suffer a speed debuff for 2 turns, and take magic damage on teleporting.

    (Note to Asuras: Feel free to change the scaling/how the abilities work/etc how you please. Just giving guidelines of how the abilities work to try and make your life easier. )
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The Spirit Lantern: An artefact, which is the most prized possession of the Chevero family. Made of various precious, rare, and magically tainted metals, the lantern is enchanted so that it can safely store and capture spirits that can aid the user of the Spirit Lantern. It's said that eternal peace awaits spirits who enter. It's also said that only members of the Chevero family can hold the Spirit Lantern, or the spirits inside will attack the user.

    Stave: A simple, long pole of wood that Avira rarely uses as a melee weapon. Provides simple bashing attacks, and is made of wood from the Ritula forest. This allows spirit magic to be transmitted through it.

    Dagger: A small, mysterious dagger. Appears to be a sacrifical dagger of some kind, though others can't be sure. Serves as an able emergency stabbing weapon. Given to Avira by the prophet.

    Throwing Needles: Make for a good surprise ranged attack; Avira has learnt to throw these efficiently if she needs to. Needles can't penetrate through thick armour, though they can easily sink into bare skin or basic cloth.

    Medicinal Herbs: Various herbs that can be used to treat pain, rashes, and burns. Whilst they don't offer any immediate healing in the heat of battle, they can still be used to ease pain and calm people down.

    Robes: Simple, warm black clothes made of cloth. Offer no protection, but decent warmth and manoeuvrability. She wears little other than that.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    (I'm bad at themes. If you have a better idea for one, feel free to tell me. XD)
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  6. Gonna have to throw up a character and fight for them spots.
  7. [​IMG]

    "Once I kill King Isgavriel, every orc in the world will bow to a new lord: me."

    Name: Keran of Yeshaz
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male

    Race: Half-orc (half-human)
    Personality: Tenacious, determined, and ambitious, Keran is what one would call an aspiring conquerer. He dreams of rising above the scorn of the orcs he was born among in order to lord over them. Brash and fierce, Keran is at home on the battlefield. In battle, Keran is at his best in the front lines: inspiring others to fight harder, or cowing the enemy with his ferocity. Combat is how he prefers to accomplish his goals, but he understands the necessity of words, or at least the art of intimidation.

    As someone who has made few friends, or even allies, during his life, Keran is extremely loyal to those he does befriend. He takes what oaths he makes seriously and is unwilling to break them. Despite being a half-orc, Keran is more cunning than his heritage would suggest, and is a capable tactician and planner.

    Biography: To the southwest of Pinnacle lie the plains of Aruush. There, hundreds of orc tribes vie among each other for dominance. Among the tribes, strength is what determines leadership, and the man who stands above every chieftain will have the obedience and respect of the entire orcish race. As the man who cowed the rest of the world, King Isgavriel commands the loyalty of the orcs as he does every other race in the land.

    Born to an orc chieftain and an unknown human mother, Keran was looked down upon by his entire tribe for having his blood diluted with the blood of a weaker species. He was pushed harder than the rest of his peers, forced to fight for every scrap of food, training, and recognition he could get. Where a lesser man would have broken under the pressure, Keran grew stronger from the experience, becoming an accomplished warrior among his peers as he grew.

    However, even as he began to become accepted among his tribe for his strength and skill at arms, Keran grew dissatisfied with his father's rule, thinking he could be a better leader. And so he challenged his father to single combat to the death for the position of chieftain. It was a hard-fought battle, but Keran just narrowly prevailed, taking his father's head after several rounds of grueling combat.

    Over the next year, Keran proved to have surpassed his father as a leader, as he lead the tribe of Yeshaz to victory over two other tribes, assimilating them in the process. The night after his second great victory, a prophet entered his camp and appeared before him in private, telling him of the king. It took hours of deliberation, but Keran came to a realization: if he could kill the man who cowed the entire orcish race, his dream of dominance over the orcs would come true with the thrust of a dagger. With that in mind, he appointed a replacement to rule the tribe in his place and set off for Pinnacle the following morning with ambition in his heart.

    Might - 7
    Finesse - 5
    Fortitude - 4
    Constitution - 4
    Health - 5
    Speed - 5
    Perception - 3
    Arcane - 0
    Spirit - 3


    War Cry - Keran lets loose an inspiring shout, galvanizing his comrades to fight harder in battle. Increases Might and Speed for himself and his allies.

    Terrorize - Keran intimidates a foe through a combination of shouting and his natural ferocity, leaving them stunned in terror.

    Rending Blade - With enough focus, Keran can strike hard enough to cleave through a foe's armor.

    Ritual dagger - A simple dagger, fit for use as a sidearm in battle.

    Bastard sword - A hand and a half sword, light enough to be used in one hand, but the hilt is long enough to be able to grip with both hands.

    Crossbow - A crossbow made for human use. Being of orcish blood, Keran has the strength to fire and stablize the weapon with one hand.

    Warhorn - A horn carved from animal bone. Lets loose a loud, blaring noise.

    Leather armor - Armor made of hardened leather. Consists of a breastplate, spaulders, greaves, vambraces, and a steel helmet.

    Theme Song(s):
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Kheri Soyeo
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Of average height at 5’6 (1.68m) with a lean physique. Wears a heavy travel cloak and somehow manages to keep his rather fancy attire spotless regardless of weather conditions. Beneath the more elegant long coat is a simpler black jacket that’s much less eyecatching. A pair of black close-fitting gauntlets seem to always be over his hands.

    Personality: Stern faced, Kheri is rarely one to react in an overt manner. His reactions seem to be mellow across the board whether expressing frustration or joy as if the impact of emotions are dulled. He speaks freely, bluntly, and doesn’t care too much about offending others. Though he never tries intentionally, he stands behind everything he says. On that note, he is rather flexible and listens well to others though.

    While placid, lazy isn’t really a term that comes to describe Kheri. He puts forth a sincere effort into tasks he needs to do, and is highly tenacious in all his endeavors. With that said, he’s also willing to ask for help whenever it may be necessary.

    Biography: There exists an odd landscape to the north of Pinnacle. Here mountain ranges dot the land quite frequently while great grasslands span the regions in between. A unique civilization, of sorts, has long resided within temple-like communities within each mountain range. Tribes roam the grasslands in a nomadic lifestyle, but conflict is rare as peace and coexistence seem to be the prevailing ideas in this land. They are independent from one another, but seem to all respect those that dwell in the mountains obscured by clouds.

    Though the temple communities are separated by vast distances there is one grand procession that moves around the region and visits each and every mountain range to maintain contact between all. While it is a time of celebration each time the procession arrives at a community, the travel in between is far from leisurely. All members are pushed as they hurry from one mountain range to another, seeking their next destination with utmost haste so they may rest, recuperate, and recover for the next rush. It is a hectic lifestyle, but one that brings great honor and respect to those who participate.

    Kheri is amongst one of the youngest members to ever join the grand procession. Even as a young child he displayed a sharp mind and quickly found himself accomplished with what his community had to offer. It wasn’t even that he was insolent given he always acted in a polite, well-mannered, and decisively unchild-like manner. He didn’t grow bored of the skills he had already honed and continued to practice them dutifully, even if it yielded little improvements. Thus, it was only natural to allow Kheri to join the grand procession as it journey through the plains and visited new communities. Perhaps the new experiences would offer something more fulfilling and meaningful to the young prodigy.

    Disappointingly enough, that proved to be far from the case. While it took a while for him to get used to and keep up with the quick-paced lifestyle that the procession lived, ultimately he had little trouble in adjusting. He kept up with adults that had been members for more years than he had been alive and absorbed knowledge and skills from them all the while. A veritable sponge that seemed to have no limit in what he would absorb.

    He spent many of his years in this manner and has served a wide manner of duties. On one leg he might have been a soldier that protected the other members from the beasts that prowled the plains. Others he may have prepped quick meals during one of their breaks, sometimes he might have tracked and slain prey for the cooks to prepare, while... Basically, any sort of job that’s imaginable to be needed with a sizable group of people? He’s probably done it before.

    His decision to leave the grand procession was not a particularly hard one to make. Though he did enjoy the camaraderie and friendships that had developed, the chance to satisfy the small urge to wander and discover new things was compelling indeed. He had never acted on it with no desire to simply wander aimlessly, but the prophet’s offer was just what he needed to step away from what he knew. With his farewells said and his supplies packed, Kheri departed towards the south.

    Might - 4
    Finesse - 4
    Fortitude - 4
    Constitution - 4
    Health - 4
    Speed - 4
    Perception - 4
    Arcane - 4
    Spirit - 4

    Man of Many Successes - A prodigy who excelled in everything he tried, and tried everything his surroundings had to offer. His hands have held all sorts of equipment from bow and arrow to mortar and pestle, and with but a bit of thought old skills and experiences can be dredged up from the depths of his memory. Naturally his skills continue to recover until they hit their former peak, but fade rapidly when no longer in use. With proper guidance and teachings, he learns at an unbelievable pace, but even alone it seems that he has an instinctive feel for any task.

    Body of Perfect Harmony - A body and mind that are at true balance in all things. This balance also allows for a serene state of mind, hard to disturb, that would otherwise be unachievable for most while allowing for precise control over one’s body and its movements. By perceiving and moving precisely, an individual can reduce the impact and noticeability of their existence.

    Deeds Shall Mark the World - The use of one’s inner energy, Qi, to affect themselves, the world, and others. Kheri has never quite ceased the practice and use of this source of strength. He draws upon it easily due to his tranquil state of mind and the energy flows smoothly through his body thanks to the natural balance it already has. Broadly speaking there are those who use it in its pure form to affect human bodies, whether to harm or hurt, and then those who draw in the influence of their surroundings to change the nature of the energy. He falls into the category of the former.

    Ritual Dagger: The weapon given to Kheri by the Prophet. Comfortable with the weapon, it serves as his secondary weapon if necessary.

    Chotgal: A single edged oddity of a blade. The curves are reminiscent of a flamberge styled sword though far more emphasized and less numerous. The colorations are actually two different materials that make up the weapon. The guard is a bit more ornate and decorative, but ultimately it’s still a well-made piece that’s fully functional.

    Backpack: It’s wool and carries shit. Also not much to say here. ;3 Well it does have stuff in it.

    Theme Song(s): Victory / Audacious Charge
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  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Arlia Kineckimo
    Age: 22
    Gender: F

    Personality: Arrogant and confident in herself, Arlia is exactly what you’d expect from someone raised in the ranks of the nobles and bred as a weapon against her family’s foes. She sizes everyone up when she meets them, determining if they are a threat or how she can be a threat against them. Though her family can be dismissive of others she is never so, always keeping in mind what another can do even if she doesn’t outwardly show that. She has trouble expressing sadness or regret at the consequences of her actions. She chose to do them. Even if something happens accidentally she will brush it off easily. In battle she concentrates deeply and looks to where and how she can contribute the most.

    Arlia was born on the wrong side of the feud that had permeated the city of Verenitia for the last century. The Greniro were fervent believers in the progression of society as a whole, where even the common man could light up his whole house with the touch of a panel and some concentration. Where he could start up a warm fire with a single word. They were pioneers of enchantment, creating artifacts that could be used by anyone so long as they knew how. The most altruistic goal, to make society a better place for all.

    But the Kineckimo family stood opposed to their rivals. They believed magic belonged in the hands of those who could control it. Those who were specially trained in its use and could do whatever was desired by the customer with a click of the fingers. A society where their mages were the noble hierarchy that drowned in wealth. Certainly they wished for a better society, but one where they reaped the most rewards of the system. It was here that Arlia belonged, but it was with the art of the Greniro that she fell in love.

    And it was with the handsome young son of the main Greniro family that she fell in love with, Lucin. Being a beautiful young lady herself she soon caught the eye of the other man and the two began their secret tryst. Though both families were powerful they could not have eyes everywhere and the two would often meet, to share their ideas and much more. Still, it was only a matter of time before they were caught. Lucin’s brother happened to follow him one day and stumble upon the pair. Being a dutiful young lad he reported it to his parents.

    And so the lovers were caught out and deigned to end their lives together if their families would force them apart. Touch the glasses together, tilt the head back and down the poison! Yet, it was only Lucin’s cup that contained a vile brew and it was his own hand that had poured it. The Kineckimo family was free of all blame in the young man’s death. And to the grave he carried all of the secrets Arlia had told him of the Kineckimo’s art. While she retained all he had told her.

    It didn’t take long for the death to tear apart Lucin’s parents. And with the knowledge of the Greniro art Arlia’s own could destroy their opposition in the city, unmaking or sabotaging everything they found. The Greniro’s decline continues but the family is all but gone. Arlia often fondly remembers those days, but also prefers the present. As the head of the family’s enchantment division she wields quite a lot of economic and political power within the city. And has quite a lot of magical knowledge to back that up.

    Might - 1
    Finesse - 4
    Fortitude -2
    Constitution -4
    Health - 3
    Speed - 5
    Perception - 5
    Arcane - 8
    Spirit – 4

    Quick Infusion: Arlia’s arcane start acts as a fuel rather than power source. She can temporarily reduce the stat by any value to infuse an object with a magical power through her touch. The strength of the object’s power is based off how much fuel she invests and can increase stats or add new effects.

    Quick Defuse: The opposite of her Infusion ability Arlia can temporarily expend fuel to destroy mundane equipment or temporarily disable magical effects.

    Creation: Arlia’s true skill is in creating and building new artefacts. Given time and materials she can craft magical weapons, armours and accessories.

    Greniro Gaunlets: A special piece of armour that once belonged to Lucin. The gauntlets are enchanted with light magic that can individually switch between a shield and blade at a voice command.

    Kineckibow: A single handed crossbow that shoots energy bolts. They operate exactly like normal bolts (with the stopping power of a full sized crossbow) and it takes a few seconds to recharge before it can be fired again. The bolts dissolve ten seconds after being fired.

    Theme Song
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  10. [​IMG]
    "Let's have a fun time making a legend!"
    Lucia Magnolia Dessdia

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Lucia stands at 5’4, with a toned body that deceives people into thinking that she’s just a normal, athletic girl. Her hair is an oddity of sorts, in that, despite how long it is, it never really bothers her. Her hands, despite her constant usage of the spear, are also an oddity, in that there are no calluses. Overall, Lucia is really, really weird.

    Personality: Lucia is a cute, coy lass, light on her feet and never letting anything make her feel down. She’s optimistic and energetic, a radiant performer in the arenas that have been graced by her presence. This flame-haired girl will meet adversity with a smile, and battles with style, always willing to go the extra mile for a fancy, dizzying combination of blows. What matters to her isn’t defeating the opponent, but having a fun time exchanging blows and seeing all the fancy moves that they have to offer. It’s rare for her smile to fade, and there’s always a warm, welcoming aura to her. She’s willing to befriend the cesspool of humanity if they prove to be interesting, and she sees each person as an individual.

    A girl with many friends, followers, and fans, her ‘leadership’ is the one where she strives to play an active role in their life, inspiring them to never give up on their dreams. Cynically, she’s pretty much just a naïve busybody who values style over substance.

    Biography: West of Pinnacle are the chain of nations known as the World’s Bloodbath, a punny name stemming from the many volcanic eruptions that had happened in the past, and the many open lava pits that are still present in the scorched, mountainous lands that are present. This, of course, also comes from the fact that in that group of nations, bloodsports were extremely popular, from large scale magic battles to brutal 1v1 fights between honorable duelists. Born as the bastard of a priestess and a gladiator, Lucia originally had no last name, with the priestess going through great lengths to hide her pregnancy, before giving birth to her in secret and then pretending that she was an orphan baby.

    It was a convoluted setup, but either the other priestess were stupid or simply looked the other way, because Lucia’s origins were never questioned, and she lived as an acolyte-in-training, learning from an early age the value of hard work. Her body had always been weaker than the others, but she carried herself with a grace unbecoming of a girl her age, and her strength was something to be reckoned with. Those talents blossomed when, at the age of five, Lucia and the other orphans that the temple held started their studies of martial arts. Something about it simply clicked with the young girl, and she displayed a growth that was almost unheard of. Realizing that such talents should not be wasted on mere guard duty, her mother thus did what any mother in the World’s Bloodbath would have done, and sold Lucia to the master of the arena.

    She trained, learned to smile while training, and, at the age of seven, made her first debut, gracefully and elegantly outmaneuvering an adult man twice her height, before disarming him and forcing him to surrender. Needless to say, she became popular rather quickly, originally for her explosive talent, then for her delicious origin story, and finally, as Lucia went from being a girl to being a young woman, for her beauty.

    At the age of 14, she bought her freedom, and decided to travel to see the rest of the world. Along the way, she made many friends and associates, both the rich and the poor, the virtuous and the unlawful. But the most important friend that she made was that of a phoenix that had lost part of its soul, and thus, one of its wings. It flailed about pitifully in an ashen forest by itself, until Lucia, on whim, gave up a portion of her own lifespan to reignite the firebird’s regenerative abilities. As thanks for her aid, the bird bonded with her spear for the fifty-year duration of its rebirth, granting her that supernatural flair that Lucia had always been lacking.

    With new powers to master and new horizons to be discovered, she travelled further, putting on performances for her fans all over the world, even fighting battles in merely a swimsuit for the sake of fanservice. It was a world of peace, after all, where the World-King would make sure that everyone was ready for the end of the world.

    Of course, then the Prophet had to rain on her parade by telling her that the King was actually the Demon King, and that she, alongside five others, would have to kill the poor sod. It sounded like a boring ass assassination mission for a moment…until Lucia Magnolia Dessdia, Soulbound of the Firebird and Idol of the Bloodbath realized that the Prophet never said that there was a need for her to kill King Isgavriel like a sneaky bitch.

    She’ll challenge him alongside her five comrades, in the capital of the world, and put on the greatest show ever.

    Bonds of Fire
    Reverie Begets Revelry
    All to Ashes

    The polearm that she wields, and the phoenix that she’s a companion of. Magnolia is a pretty badass-looking weapon, and is much heavier than it looks. Also, it’s made out of plot, so it’ll probably never break.

    Ritual Dagger
    The proof that she’s one of the Six Braves. Also probably going to be tied to Magnolia in the final battoru.

    Red Swimsuit
    Because fanservice is good, and Lucia is confident in her body, unlike some people.

    She’s damn rich, but only carries silvers and a few golds with her. Her connections are usually enough to keep her fed, anyways.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Gregory Archambault
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: At 5’ 9”, Gregory is at the upper end of average height. With messy, dirty blond hair, stubble, a minor slouch, and dated looking equipment, he has a bit of a lazy, indifferent look about him. Regardless, he still has the build and constitution of a plate and shield wielding combatant, so you can be sure he can still ruin your day in a brawl.


    Gregory is not much of a knightly character. He may dress up in fancy, noble looking armor, but he’s not much of a shining white paladin from any sort of tale that calls itself a fairy tale. He’s a lazy, money grubbing piece of shit who does what he does for the money, the women, and the glory. With low energy and low drive for his age, Gregory can be found sitting around eating, drinking, or sleeping. His only redeeming quality in this regard is that he’s transparent enough to admit his motivations, which more modestly end in retiring in a nice, safe realm.

    Keeping up with the Joneses is not really a thing for Greg, and his outward appearance is often the barest of minimums. He doesn’t polish his armor and equipment and doesn’t put much stock in appearing grand and noble, but he does care about being professional and keeping his demeanors so when he is called onto a task.

    He’s not a bad guy, though; if his demeanor doesn’t show much character, his sense of morality and justice do resemble that of a real knight and all the nice codes that come with the package. Seeing injustices being performed don’t really sit well with him, and the drive to make things right usually pulls him out of being a lazy chair-potato, right alongside the aforementioned incentives.

    In terms of people skills, he’s good enough, although he wouldn’t be flattering many kings and queens any time soon. While glory is a thing for him, he’s also a realist and not much of a boaster, so he doesn’t quite come off as insufferable, either. With a booming voice and general levelheadedness, he’s not too awful in taking command of a situation if it so requires.


    A ways Northwest of Pinnacle lies the temperate nation of Illia, home of fantastic white fortresses and great forests and mountains. To the far north, it hugs a frigid shoreline with a bounty in fish. To the south, its beautiful capital built of brilliant stone lies on edge of a serene lake. Although by no means is it a nation grand in land, wealth, or military might, it has a reputation for its stalwart royal guardsmen and its lesser, but still experienced corps of knights. While its implementation of its knights is in a typical feudal arrangement, Illia’s royal guardsmen are unique in that they attain their rank through merit and not status. Prospective applicants to this prestigious regiment must go through a trial of courage and virtue at age eight; should they pass, they are enrolled at the royal academy. Upon graduating at age 18, they become full-fledged guardsmen.

    Gregory was one of these individuals. Neither a peasant nor a lord, he was born to a family of craftsmen, the middle son of many. Seeking prestige glory at a young age, he took the test and passed, enrolling in his nation’s glorious academy soon after. This institution was a very rigorous one, and many that would pass the test of strength and loyalty would still fail out. Despite this, young Greg managed to keep up, staying straight despite many setbacks. As one of its students, he was able to excel and rise to the occasion, and was the very model of a modern major guardsman. But the Royal Academy is truly a rigged game; the system itself gives the higher born outright advantages that none others would have. Many nobles that called themselves students there had cushy lives. And as he approached 18, he became increasingly disillusioned as his friends and fellow students fell, one after another.

    Graduation was a grand, three-day long affair. An elaborate military parade opened the event, led by the venerable king himself down the streets of the capital. Lined by cheering crowds, the graduates were knighted by the monarch and granted their own crests and swords, of which they would use to serve their nation faithfully. A merry festival closed the celebrations with fireworks and magic. For the young knight, this was an accomplishment, despite ill-will and long-standing dissatisfaction. Truly, he’d made it.

    A week later, the king was dead of old age. A month after that, the nation was embroiled in civil war. It was a brief matter –Monrun Isgavriel dispatched armies that decimated the would-be usurpers and insurgents—but the royal guard was utterly useless. Entire companies of knights would flee at the slightest hint of conflict or fall apart under the conflict of interest. Illia made it out alright in the end, but Gregory had utterly lost faith in his nation. Embittered and disgusted, he abandoned his nation.

    Might - 5
    Finesse - 4
    Fortitude – 7
    Constitution – 4
    Health – 5
    Speed - 3
    Perception - 4
    Arcane - 1
    Spirit - 3

    Tactical Retreat – If the battle’s not going well, it’s probably a good idea to shift to a different angle, maybe pot up, change formation, or whatever. Greg can disengage at low health and reenter shortly with benefits, such as recovered health and increased enmity, or seeing something he missed before.

    Let The Bodies (not) Hit the Floor – If Greg finds himself without a healer or a medic, he’s not completely ruined. He didn’t fail out of his general magics training. With the tradeoff of being less prepared for the next attack, he can put out medicating spells better than it looks like he can.

    Knights’ Standard – Greg’s still a bona-fide knight, and can easily adjust his defenses to situations accordingly. If he seriously needs to defend, he can dig in at expense of his speed to decrease his defenses, or if an ally needs rescue, he can quickly intercept a blow at detriment to his fortitude.


    Plate armor – Looks like standard issue knight’s equipment made of steel, although somewhat worn. Set consists of a cuirass, shoulderplates, gauntlets, leg pieces, and a tabard that drapes over the whole thing. The crests on the armor don’t mean all too much, but they do look fancy.

    Square shield – Simple and steel, it does what it’s described. Has a leather arm strap and the same meaningless moonrunes as the plate armor. Seen its fair share of use, but well maintained.

    Horse – Does knightly things, like carrying knights.

    Steel Lance – Nicked and worn, but still has its edge. It looks storied enough to be a legendary polearm, but Greg’s too utilitarian of a guy to spin bullshit on it. The shaft was recently replaced and has a nice cherry varnish and a coiled copper wire grip.

    Estoc – A bit less dated than the other equipment, this blade is actually shiny and has a meticulously maintained edge and point. It has a modestly decorated hilt of gold and silver. It could be worthy of a name, but it remains without one.

    Ritual Dagger – One of seven. Is often used as a knife for cutting fruit and meat.

    Rucksack – It’s leather and carries shit. Not much to say there.

    Theme (open)
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  12. Now this seems like it would be really fun to try out. I'll be competing for a spot as well from the looks of it.

    Name: Adrias Von Namine
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Adrias stands at least 6 feet and 2 inches tall. His body build is more slender for his height, but still being athletic due to constant training. His eye colour being a dull dark brown colour, almost being black in nature without proper lighting. Being left-handed, he always has his favored weapon on his right side. He has a few scars from fencing on his right arm, chest, and one on his left shoulder; none of the scars are disfiguring, but they are noticeable.

    Personality: Adrias is an easygoing person when it comes to people he knows closely. Trust is very important to him and getting him to trust another fully will be difficult. He seems to smile and laugh at most things, though when something becomes serious and demands his attention, Adrias restrain himself. Boasting isn't something he normally does, but when the moment is right, he can't help himself to do it a little. He can't help but get a little competitive sometimes.

    When he is in battle, he becomes focused and determined to make sure the the battle stands in their favour. Not much of a leader type in battle. Adrias is more of the aggressive type when it comes to fighting. Being a firm believer in that if one keeps in the pressure, the wall will surely crumble to his feet. This makes him reckless at times and a bit stubborn.

    Biography: Born into a small band of mercenaries west of Pinnacle named "Silver Linage", Adrias lived a life that he thought was normal since that was all he knew at the time. Everyone in the Silver Linage treated him like they were all his father while he was growing up and taught him tricks here and there, some being about certain gambling games they played there, most of them being simple and not were about combat. The case on who his actual father may be is still up to debate to this day, thought the importance of it dwindled away as time faded.

    When Adrias was old enough to hold a blade, they begun to teach him simple basics; like blocking, striking when the time is right, and where is most important to aim while fighting certain opponents. They didn't go as easy on him as Adrias thought they would. The reason behind this is that they knew if he got into an actual battle, the opponent isn't going to let up just because he's new or inexperienced to fighting. As time went by, Adrias's skill with a blade improved until he was able to stand toe to toe with most combatants, within the Silver Linage of course. At this time he was allowed on some of the assignments the Silver Linage was hired to do.

    The Silver Linage became quite well-known in the parts they operated in, even to the point of word reaching further places. During all of this, Adrias was inventing his own techniques to further his skill in combat. The friends he made and companions he had during his years made him the person he is today. The lost of a close companion or friend became familiar to him when one of their assignments turned into a failure and they were forced to retreat after receiving heavy losses. The losses made the Silver Linage take smaller jobs since their might wasn't what it was before. This drove Adrias to be more determined and watchful over the ones he cared about and saw as his companions.

    While he was training late at night, he was approached by a being who called itself "The Prophet". After The Prophet told him of what is to come and what he must do. He thought it was just a trick and jokingly agreed to it. Though when he went to rest for the day, he couldn't stop staring at the dagger he was given. Surely something like that has to be some prank. Something about him told him otherwise. Adrias set out to Pinnacle without telling the others. He knew that they wouldn't believe his reason even if they witnessed the event themselves.

    Might - 2
    Finesse - 7
    Fortitude - 3
    Constitution - 3
    Health - 4
    Speed - 8
    Perception - 6
    Arcane - 0
    Spirit - 1

    - Piercing Barrage: When Adrias uses this ability, he is able to strike multiple times with his weapon in a much shorter period of time than he would normally be able to. Using this does increase his combat effectiveness to a considerable level, but it causes strain on the muscles for exerting them to such a point. He shouldn't use this skill often or he will be facing damage to his own body if he does not rest often after constant use. The minimum of usages a day without rest he could take is four, though by then that would be seriously pushing it.

    - Jaguar's Burst: When this ability is in use, it increases his overall speed for a short amount of time. Available to use in unison with Piercing Barrage to increase the combat effectiveness of it, thanks to the increase in speed; it has the same drawback though. The strain on the body will be increased if both were to be used at once.

    - Bull's Great Charge: A move where Adrias pulls back his weapon and focuses on one target. Taking careful aim of where his next strike will land before using the speed he has to dash forward and deliver the blow swiftly and quickly. If it were to be used with Jaguar's Burst active, Adrias would move past his target without much damage to him or the target. The damage of the strike will set up only moments after appearing behind them. His most useful and powerful strike for its precision and striking power. It is also the most demanding attack he can do. Adrias will read an opponent to determine if he would need to say such an attack on them.

    - Plate armour: His personal set of armour he has taken on this journey to ensure that he returns home safe. Note that he does have an helmet to go with it when he goes into battle.

    - Estoc: His weapon of choice. He favours speed over strength, so choosing a weapon like this was an easy choice. He names the sword "Rennir". The name being etched on the hilt. The name being of no importance other than it being the sword's name.

    - Ritual Dagger: The dagger that was given to him by the "Prophet" for the quest.

    Theme Song(s):
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  13. PSA for you all.

    You can set stats at 0. For people who don't have magical abilities, you can literally put Arcane to 0.
  14. Can your abilities have sub-classes?
  15. Provide an example. You mean something like Fire Bender being able to use Lightning in the same ability slot?
  16. Not exactly. Like there is variations of an ability:

    Ability: Fireball

    Subclass A: Strong attack. More MP used.
    Subclass B: Medium attack. Average MP used.
    Subclass C: Weak attack. Less MP used.
  17. Yeah, you can totally do that, if I remember things correctly. Just need to specify which one your character uses for which situation.
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  18. Great. I should be done by tommorrow i'm halfway done now but I have homework to do.
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