Falseblade - Six Heroes, One Traitor

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    Falseblade - Interest Check
    Inspired by Rokka no Yuusha, Dominion
    Accepted Players :: 0/6

    "Prophecy foretells of a coming day in which the world would known Hell blazing before its very eyes. As mountains erupted, seas engulfed coasts, and winds tore down cities, few could deny that the prediction would eventually come about. Regardless of allegiance, culture, or language, a unified world was needed to combat the growing presence of unbridled evil incarnate.

    And so an alliance was forged. A king of kings was chosen to lead the people to stability before the coming storm, selected by prophetic voice. His name is Monrun Isgavriel, Lord of the World, King of Civilization. Sitting atop his throne in the city of Pinnacle, capital of the world, he holds ultimate authority, presiding over the leaders of countless other nations spread across the globe. Few question his authority, as his power, charisma, and intelligence are unmatched.

    His reign, however, hides beneath it a sinister truth; one which is revealed to only six individuals. Coming to them in an enigmatic form, a prophet with no name bestows six young beings with a single fact; that the king Isgavriel is a demon in human form, and the true source of their future's prophesied calamity. Given a dagger, each, they are implored to seek the King, and put an end to his life before the day dawns that he can truly ruin the world.

    Their abilities, too, are notable, but not absolute; only together do they have any hope of defeating a ruler of the world. As they come together, guided by a single address leading to Pinnacle, they enter a tavern, only to find themselves met with not six, but seven individuals bearing the same ritual daggers they received from the prophet.

    Who, then, is the false one among them?

    In Falseblade, you will play as one of seven heroes chosen by "The Prophet", a mysterious entity that guides them towards killing a king of kings. Their task is simple, but far from easy; using the daggers given to them, they must finish the king off after defeating him. The Prophet explained that there would be six of them, but they soon find out there is an unexpected seventh.

    One player will be a "spy" among the players, selected randomly. The spy's identity will be known only to me, the GM, and to the spy themselves. It is up to them to maintain their cover, all the while working towards undermining the team's quest to kill the king. This roleplay will involve stats, abilities, and a significant number of dice rolling, which will be carried out by me behind the scenes.

    Realize that during the course of this roleplay, your character has very real chance of dying, possibly to another player. Details will be explained further as questions arise, as well as through the OOC if I generate enough interest.
  2. Naturally it's time to have most of my RPs on this site GMed by the same person. Is the Assassin no longer a volunteer now though?

    Also, Fisher King all the way.
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  3. One of the spy volunteers is selected semi-randomly, I should say. Basically after you create your character sheet, you'll send me a PM saying you want to be a spy. From those that do, I will choose one based partially on chance, partially on arbiration.
  4. Let's do this. Time to go full team player.
  5. Oh. You lot again :-P
  6. I'm in please tag me if you make an ooc I'll be happy to join and I'm quite a fan of dice/stat rps
  7. Yo I'm in! Sounds like a great time!
  8. Interested. Love the show and tried an interest check similar to this in another forum.
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