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  1. Dawn was approaching the town once more and as usual, everyone hid in terror. None usually came outside unless they saw another town folk walking the streets. Then, one by one, they'd go about with their business. Dusk was more than terrifying for everyone. They shut their eyes within their beds, listening to another victim slowly die throughout the night. It would follow with a girl's laughter. . then everything would go quiet. Only one person died that night and that's how it's always been. With one person gone, the next night would call out for another.

    Hakai remained within her house, unconsious on the floor of her livingroom. Her eyes opened ever so slightly and the gleaming blue orbs she had flickered at her awakening. She coughed lightly to her self and pushed herself up into a sitting position. All that was shown through her expression was worry.

    "Not again . ." she said to herself, peering at her crimson stained hands. Hakai bit her lower lip and fought back tears of panic before standing up and hurrying to a nearby sink, stumbling along the way. They didn't know yet. . none of them. She had a sweet and kind personality though when dusk approached, she was a whole different person. Hakai quickly turned the faucet on and rinsed off the dry blood that seemed to slightly provoke her. After doing so, she rinsed her face and let out a small sigh. As much as she was trying to maintain her breathing, her efforts weren't enough. "Why can't I just. . be normal!" Having said this, her right hand bawled into a fist and slammed the counter beside her. It shook and her eyes came to a close.

    Thoughts ran through her mind and her eyes shut even tighter. Eventually, she calmed herself and looked to the window just to her right. The sun was out and it was a brand new day; that's what she thought. . Though when night approached, it was as if she were repeating her actions on purpose. "Alright, Hakai," She said to herself, drying off her hands and face. "You'll be ok. You just need. . some fresh air. . .just wave and smile. . .wave and smile. ." A small cheerfull grin came to her lips and she nodded to herself. "You'll get better. You know you will." Hakai had a tendency to speak to herself and it's always been that way. She's never really had friends. It wasn't that she was treated all too differently. It was the fact that she didn't want any. There was never time to socialize and there was no way she'd want to let her little 'secret' spread throughout the city. Not now. She took a deep breath and looked to the front door before walking up to it. Hakai turned the knob, pulled the door open, and stepped out with a smile upon her face. She'd just take a little walk around town. Maybe then will she be able to keep herself under. . .control.
  2. The mid day sun was beating down on the residents below. Sakatas sang their songs bringing the trees in the town to life. Towns people went about their daily chores though with melancholy looks on their faces. Everything was peaceful, but a strange sense of dread hung over the town like a dark cloud ready to unleash a storm.

    *Crruch... crunch... crunch* The sound of footsteps grinding gravel against asphalt could be heard just outside of the entrance to the city. Cars zoomed by as they entered and exited the town. *Crunch... crunch... crunch* The footsteps stopped at the entrance to the town. A large metal arch stood over the entrance "Welcome" was written on it in big corroded bronze letters. Underneath it was the source of the foot steps: A tall man with long silver hair wearing a clean pressed blue business suit. In one hand he carried a 10 foot grey briefcase, and in the other a small knapsack. He slung the knapsack over his shoulder and continued into the city.

    As the man walked into the city he began to get uncomfortable looks from the towns folk, their stares drilling holes into his back. He approached a woman "Excuse me ma'am, but could you tell me what town this is?" his tone was calm and his voice soothing. The woman just kind of started at him blankly for a second before turning as walking away. The man shrugged and asked a few more people most of whom just gave him the same reaction as the women of told him to piss off. This town was sick indeed, everyone seemed to angry and depressed. Just before giving up the spotted a girl who seemed to be in rather good spirits. He ran up to her "Excuse me young miss, but could you tell me where I am? I only just arrived here on foot and I didn't see any signs depicting this place." he paused for a second "Why is everyone here so rude and on edge as well? Did something happen?"
  3. Hakai had been fidgeting with her sleeve for a moment or two before he had heard a man's voice. Her magenta eyes peered up from her hands and she smiled towards him. She hadn't noticed that the towns folk were acting dreadfull to one another. She had only been on her way to a nearby park to clear her mind for a moment or two. Words scattered in her head and she blinked a couple times before realizing that he had asked her a question.

    "O-Oh! You're talking to me." she said with a small laugh, placing a hand behind her head. She'd answer his questions carefully and would most likely exaggerate here and there. "People call this town Yume. The town of scattered dreams. It used to be really nice here, honestly. I just didn't realize that everyone isn't exactly. . . happy." Then she peered down a little, unsure of how to answer his next question. She'd tell him what she knew and that was all she'd do. It was nice to be able to speak to someone and for once, she thought this day might've been different for a change.

    "Everyone hides at night. When the sun disappears, that's when the streets empty almost all at once. Not a soul walks these paths. At night, it is as if this place were a ghost town. Someone just ends up disappearing is all." Hakai shrugged and gained that smile once more just to enlighten the mood. There was no need for both herself and this man to feel the same way as everyone else. Right at this moment, she felt like a little red bird within a flock of dark gray crows. Now that she was getting a better look around, it just seemed though no one wanted to even look at eachother. Whenever they did, it usually ended up being a little disagreement between something. No one would really know. Still, she'd hold that smile and never turn to being a sorry excuse for a living breathing person.
  4. The man looked puzzled "Someone disappears?" he searched the girls smiling face and relaxed a little bit. "Have the police tried to stop these disappearances? Surly if a whole town is quiet then someone can be heard fighting for their life." he sighed. The man looked up at the blue sky "Maybe I am need here after all." He brought his focus back to the girl and extended his hand for a handshake "I'm Haru. Thank you for you're kindness young Miss." he smiled. His eyes narrowed and he pointed to his cheek "You have a small fleck of red just there." he pulled out his handkerchief and wiped her face. "There much better."

    He paused for a moment "Young Miss do you know of anywhere, besides a hotel, where I may rest for the night?" his voice was awkward and his face red. "You see I... I can't stand hotels. They are so disgusting and ghastly. This is why I ask" he asked.
  5. Again, the girl shrugged, not really sure how to answer much of his questions. "I don't see much of what happens. I don't want to know, either. I'd much rather hide like I was told. If everyone else does it, then I'm sure I should, too." At the mention of a small bit of crimson on her cheek, she froze and held her toungue.

    No excuse for that.

    As he wiped it away, she sighed to herself and let relief wash over. So long as he hadn't asked, then it'd just make the day easier foor her. So this person was new here? If he didn't know about this town at all, then why not fill him in on it? At least. . . before everything collapsed in on her again. Hakai paused at his question and an awkward feeling pounded within her chest. Should he stay within her home? Was it even safe? Would he even BE here in the morning? Either way, she wouldn't want suspicion to rise upon her, so she answered casually.

    "I suppose you can stay over where I live." she said, putting a hand behind her head. "I live alone and there's plenty of room for a couple more people. I can agree with you about. . hotels. Not the cleanest places I'd say." If he'd take the offer, then that settled it; she'd have to be carefull with what she did throughout the day. One slip and that would give away what she really was. . . or. . who she was, anyway.
  6. Haru smiled and bowed. "Thank you young Miss." Calling her "Young Miss" was growing on him. "I swear I will do my share of work during my stay. People tell me I'm quiet the cook." he laughed out loud. He bent over to eye level "And I promise you that I will find out why people are disappearing. A girl such as yourself should be out having fun at night, not inside cowering in fear." A small breeze picked up, whisking toward the entrance to the city. Haru's smile turned to a worried look as he traced the breeze with his eyes "Tonight will be heavy with blood shed. The wind spirits are sending me a warning." he paused and looked back to the girl "I will keep you safe, you have shown me a great kindness today and for that I am grateful. The least I can do in return is protect you and this town." Haru's green eyes were serious, and for moment all could be heard was the silence between him and his young benefactor. The silence was broke with a gust of wind hitting the trees making the leafs rustle and shake.

    Haru took a deep breath in and a softer expression "Please if I interrupted your day continue on with your doings. If you'll have me I would like to accompany you. I feel like we should get to know each other a little bit."
  7. Now the fact that she was considered to be scared and unconfident itched at her mind. Did she really look that way? Well that was the way she had told it possibly, so that was how she'd have to play as. Maybe twist things around as well. She peered up towards the man then off towards the park that wasn't all too far from the two of them.

    "I'll be fine. I've managed well on my own for a few months already. There'll be no need to worry about me." She smiled and walked around Haru carefully, turning to face him afterwards. "And if you'd like to accompany me on my little trip, I'd be more than happy for you to do so. I wouldn't mind at all." Then on, she turned and began to walk a little, peeking over her shoulder to see if he'd follow.

    The sky above seemed clear and the rays of sunlight were warm to the touch. She enjoyed this sort of weather, especially when things were quiet like this. Quiet was better. That was what she had always thought. Whenever a voice would break such silence, her eyes would veer off that direction, as if she were curious as to what may be happening. Usually, the voice would belong to that of a child. The mother or father of that child would usually just hush the voice before continuing on their walk through the town. Hakai was a curious person most of the time. She never really left anything untouched. Anything she didn't know about, anyway.

    Each step upon the cobblestone ground sent thoughts through her head and most likely a plan of some sort. Like; what is it that she should do that night! How on Earth was she suppose to hide away her other half? Was the male going to get hurt? Was another life going to be taken again? And when she awakens, will she have been caught? Taking caution in her actions was now priority. Instead of lingering around for too long, she wandered on over towards the park's edge and crouched down a little to pick up a few flowers. Then, she'd stand and begin weaving the flowers by its stem. Her eyes peered over towards the male for a second and she paused her little activity.

    "Now what brings you here? You seem as if you're dressed for some sort of special occasion. Is there something you came here for? anything at all? This town doesn't really have much to offer as far as I know. I wouldn't keep your hopes up for long if I were you." Hakai's voice remained gentle and calm even through such silence. It was clear that she enjoyed the few voices here.
  8. The wanderer followed behind the girl as passers by began to soften looks, as if the girls acceptance was their reason to trust Haru. *Tap Tap Tap* the hard soles of Haru's shoes clapped against the hard concrete of the side walk. Cicadas went off over head "I am a soldier, but not the kind you are thinking of." he sat down on a bench in front of Hakai. "I am a servant of the after life. I banish evil malicious spirits and fairy the deserving ones to the other side." he smirked. "As for my attire one must look professional while they are on the job, and for me that is all the time I'm afraid." he shook his head and sighed.

    The look on the girls face wasn't exactly one Haru wasn't accustomed to seeing when he explained his story. "No no only a joke young miss. I'm a sword smith which is what is in this case." he pointed to the six foot case he was carrying. "I have a buyer here in this town which is why I am dressed nicely. I was staying at a hotel about a days walk from here." he pointed out of the city. Again a breeze blew past Haru and Hakai and toward the city exit. Haru's face hardened "Young Miss what time exactly do the residents go back into their homes?"
  9. The girl sat upon the soft grass and seemed to put most of her focus in succesfully weaving the flower's stems together. Still, she carefully listened to the man as if she were really suppose to already know these things. So he was a 'soldier,' huh? He had mentioned that he wasn't her typical soldier. No, not one like that. He pushed more towards thinking himself as more of a servant rather than a soldier itself. Well if that's what he called himself, she'd keep that in mind.

    "Banish evil spirits? That is new. I never thought that someone like that walked the Earth. That was never to be expected. Well. . . by me that is." she then looked off towards where the male had pointed off to. It was beyond the town's entrance and into the unknowns. Hakai had never been beyond the gates before and she longed to be out there one day. A small smile made its way to her expression and rather than daydreaming about it again, she continued to weave the flower's stems together. "Knowing that you don't like hotels, it must've been rather uncomfortable for you, now wasn't it?" Hakai's blue orbs watched her fingers move the stems over and under eachother. Yes, she was in a focus zone as of now; just as a child would do when seeing something for the first time ever - examiining whatever their eyes laid upon.

    "The people here return to their dwelling before sunset. When the first shadow hits this town. The shadow that they all fear the most. I've seen mothers grab their children and hurry inside before the father enters. The men here are always at alert. I find it kind of funny sometimes. . I usually play with the children but they never seem to get to play anymore. I no longer get to see them so I sit here most of the time. You wouldn't believe how many of these I've made during my free time." A small laugh slipped past her lips and she stood up with a crown that had been sucessfully made by the flowers around her. Hakai then approached the male and placed the crown upon his head. "You seem curious about this town. Why so?" he seemed to want to know more about this town and she knew that she could only give him so much information on what he wanted to know. The girl was only able to remember little of what happened here.
  10. Birds cawed in the trees. He bent over to let her place the crown on his head "Ah thank you very much its beautiful." he smiled. He addressed her question "Well when you're new to a town you try to learn about it, no?" Haru stood up "Well young miss should we go get something to cook for dinner? I have to meet my client tonight so I can drop off the sword I made for him, and I would like to an early jump on dinner. What do you like to eat?" he grinned.
  11. Hakai stretched and nodded her head at the male's request. Her eyes shot up towards the sky and it didn't seem all to late out just yet. Sooner or later, she'd have to return back home. Now what to do with this male. If he were to follow her around and return with her to her home, wouldn't that effect his perspective on her? That's when it had hit her. The girl gave herself a mental facepalm and bit her lower lip-- she had offered for him to stay within her home for the night. She shook off that feeling and simply motioned for the male to go on and take the lead.

    "Don't worry about me. I'm not really that hungry. Though I'd love to accompany you around this place." She said this with a bright smile and held her hands behind her back. Time was against her this time and it seemed though this nervousness was already getting to her. Hakai hid it well and decided to just keep things to a minimum.

    --- Time skip --- ::Dusk approaches:: ---

    Today seemed slightly different; she had met a man that seemed quite different from the rest, she's spoken to someone for what seemed to be in a long time, and actually sort of enjoyed it all. Hakai had insisted that she went home and since then, it seemed though the male was there to accompany her. Hakai remained within her room and as for the male, he was allowed to simply wander her home. It didn't matter to her. Her door was closed and locked just as it always was. She remained within a corner of her room; hugging her knees lightly upon the floor.

    Again, her eyes peered towards the windor for what seemed to be the hundredth time that minute. The sun was slowly slipping away behind the horizon. She couldn't help but hold her breath for that spark of light. Then, she took a breath of air and decided to think somewhat positively.

    "Don't hurt anyone. . not tonight, ok? Play your games somewhere else just for tonight. ." She said this quietly to herself and closed her eyes tightly. Just as the sun slipped away at the last second, pain struck her head and her right hand shot up to try and ease the pain away. Her jaws clenched tightly together and she couldn't help but cower away at nothing more but the pain within her head. Sparks of dim blue flames flickered around her small frame and her eyes remained closed. It wasn't long before everything about her changed; her looks, her attitude, and her lust for bloodshed. One hand remained upon the floor and the other released its grip from her head. Hakai's soft voice remained, though it seemed as if someone new was in her place. The girl's nails were sharp and now were black, her hair had more of a dark blue tint to it, and her deep blue eyes altered to a darker and more luminescent glow. A small laugh escaped her mouth as she stood up with nothing more but a small smile. A skeleton-like tail scraped the ground behind her and her steps lightly moved towards the door.

    "Just one, little runt. Once every night, I'm going to get my way." Now, it was just a whole new being and Haru within the home. Anything could go either way.
  12. *Ding!* The oven timer went off. Haru took dinner out of the over and set it out to cool, chicken and rice. "Ah the young Miss will love this. Hey Haki dinners re- Ah!" the sun went down and instantly the spiritual pressure in the house... no the city changed. "It's happening... the demon has emerged." he whispered. Haru ran to the stairway "Young Miss are you all right?" he called up to her. He waited for a response, but never got one. "Haki!" he yelled up to her. He began walking up to her room a dark force weighed heavy on his shoulders. He approached his hostess's door and knocked "Young Miss are you alright?" he said. He pressed his ear to the door and heard the faint sounds of growling. "Oh no." he gasped quietly. Haru took a piece of gold card stock from his pocket. The paper had a triangle drawn on it with black paint. Haru placed the paper on the ground "I command the spirit on the sword to aid me." he did a few hand motions then mad a triangle with his fingers. The small piece of paper began to glow green the rose to eye level with Haru. The man made a few slashing motions with his fingers and the paper followed each direction. "Haki I'm coming in." Haru pushed the door open and his jaw dropped at the monster in front of him. "Monster what have you done Haki!" he struck a battle stance and the golden paper floated a few feet into front of him.
  13. Her glare took towards the door and she narrowed her eyes at the sudden presence of the man. His voice came clear from behind that door, no doubt about it that he was wanting in. She took a few steps to her right and smiled dimly to herself. 'So she's brought a bit of company with her? This'll be easier than expected. Two in one night will make do.' She thought to herself. It wasn't long before her luminescent blue eyes met with Haru's.

    "You are a brave one, yes, but how long before you lay drowning in your own blood, rat?" Her right hand rose from her side and as she did so, blue flames trailed behind her palm; These flames soon conjured into what seemed to be a whip made of nothing more but bones. Then, she laughed softly to herself, watching the man's movements. "If you look real closely, maybe your eyes will adjust and find her. You're a smart man, I'm sure you'll catch on." Without warning, she jerked her right arm over towards her left and the whip swiftly cut through the air. The sharpened edges of the whip wrapped around Haru's left leg and with a quick jerk back, he was taken off of his feet and was now flat upon the ground. Hakai simply laughed and took a few steps to her left.

    "You're blocking the exit, Haru. Mind moving? I suppose rolling over to the side a little wouldn't hurt, now would it?"
  14. "Ack!" Haru's back met the hard wood floor with a heavy impact. "Foul beast." he mumbled between the pain. He leaned back and lunged off the ground with his hands, returning to his feat. "You will not leave this house!" he made a quick swipe his finger and the gold paper made a deep cut into Hakai's left cheek. The medium reached into his pocket and pulled out a fist full of paper scrapes and tossed them into the air. He stretched out each finger "Spirit of the sword awaken!" the scraps turned the same gold color as the first. "Slice!" the sharp pieces of paper cut into their prey tearing clothes and flesh alike. "This won't work for long I need to get to my sword and seal this demon." Haru dashed for the door his pursuer surly on his heals.
  15. Caught by surprise, she flinched from the cut that had formed upon her cheek and narrowed her eyes towards the man. A bead of not crimson, but violet dripped down from the cut and to the ground. Following the drop came the sizzle of acid. The violet liquid seemed to dimly glow upon the floor and a hint of anger came from her stature.

    "Why you little-" As Haru put his next move into play, she lifted her arms and crossed them over her face to protect what she'd need to at least see her opponent; her eyes. The sting of each cut began to pick away at her patience little by little and as soon as it had stopped, the man she had seen before was now dashing for the home's exit. Hakai clenched her jaws and began to walk after the man, her bony whip - like tail scraping along the ground. "Where must you go when the fun is here? I'll make this all as painfull as possible!"

    Her right hand lifted was lifted up and the shadows that cascaded within the home seemed to manifest into reptilian-like creatures. Gleaming crimson eyes pierced through the dark hallways and at her command, they pursued the man like blood-hounds. Low demonic growls soon joined the scraping sounds of claws and the fear the town's folk had felt every night began to repeat its process. As for Hakai, she'd make her way to the man. She wasn't going anywhere. At this rate it was ensured that Haru was on her list along with one other person. This battle, on the other hand, wasn't to be all too time consuming. It had to be a quick one and the winner had to be her. If not, then she didn't know what was going to happen.
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