False flag

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  1. My name is Alex Frost and as I ran across the streets I paid attention to everything. I used to be a spy used to be C.I.A. I knew people in all the alphabet agencies. What I didn't know was how far corruption can reach. Closets friends, people you trust all turn in you based on what the countries authority tells them. So I went rogue. The American government had attacked its own people in Yemen. They were acting as terrorists. The event was used to rally support and invade. For the first time I had proof, but they found out and now I'm on the run there are only a few people I can trust with this I have to stay hidden I'm branded as public enemy #1 for a political murder I didn't commit. Stay low stay alive that's how I'd play it for now. I raced towards the broke down hotel they wouldn't do background or I'd checks there.
  2. canaan_rlz.jpg me but Dark brown long hair tied back in a pony tail and the gun is normally hidden in the pockets unless specified))

    Sits atop the old rickity hotel. Feels the win flicking her pony tail around as if it where actuall attached to a horse. Leaning forward and looking over the edge she spots a very familiar figure. Curious, she had been told by her superiors that he was dead. No wait that was Jacod, this was Alex, Alex Frost. Wanted for murder and aiding terrorist supposedly, Blaise doubted that. He didnt check out as someone who would do that. No she could tell he hadnt done that, she was curious though as to why he had gone rouge.

    Blaise Stellan, that was her full name, had been trained since the teens to be a killer. She was a certified assasin and was currently employed by the CIA. Blaise knew what she was doing, 15 years in the field she knew pretty much all she could about killing silently and quickly. That didnt mean though she didnt like fist fights and good fire fight here and there. Many knew her name but if you knew anymore and wernt on her personal ally list you where dead.She was also extreamly acrobatic, making it easy for her to get around unoticed.

    Blaise stands and dusts off her hands. Securing her pistols in her pockets and knives on her belt she runs and jumps straight off the 3 story building. Arms outstretched she grabbed onto the light pole just below her, placing a firm boot on the pole she slides down and lands beside the pole as if she had been leaning there the whole time. No one had noticed of course but she had lost sight of her target, Alex Frost.
  3. My name was Al Chemin, now Dave Heric, and my good friend Frost told me to meat up with him at this piece of junk hotel. I waited inside at the meeting room like specified our meeting place to be. He had told me it was urgent, meet up with him as soon as possible, something about terrorist but I knew it was because he had been framed for murder by his own people. I didn't know why they would have done that, he probably knew to much but regardless he was about to find out. One of his contacts had told him Frost was being hunted down by one of their top assassin, Stellan, whom he was good friends with at one point but hadn't seen in a long time. He figured that would change soon enough but wondered who he would decide to gun for. He guess it would be decided by what information Frost would be willing to revile. Whatever happened he had never been out gunned before and knew even with a light pistol, unless taken by surprise, he would be able to take out either one of them without a sweat. His normal tasks were hostage missions after all, and he was the first man they sent in because of his impeccable accuracy and speed of fire.

    The man sitting in the dusted meeting room on a black leather chair was a little on the heavy side, with broad shoulders and a large chest. He was tall, 6'4 and well built. He was strong but not very agile. He puffed on his cigar as he waited for Frost to show up. He carried a VP70 that had been modified for better accuracy and damage. It also had an increased clip size allowing him to fire 24 bullets before reloading. He looked at his watch, Frost was 5 minutes late but then again, he was being hunted.
  4. I headed into the hotel. Room 409. I had a contact there. Meeting had risks, but if the truth died with me things would be worse off. Al was his name. Some said he was the best. It was because his jobs were well known. Mine weren't. I take the stairs two at a time. Then I pause. Rest is a weapon use it. I slow my breathing and remember the role playing agency training has us preform for overseas recruiting of high rank officials to turn intel on their leaders. How much can I tell him. Moving again I reach the door, and then step inside. He sits waiting for me.
  5. "Ahh, Frost. So good for you to have joined me!" He stands up and walks over to Frost. "Well it seems you are now 6 minutes late." He puts out his hand expecting a hand shake and says "So what is this important information that was so urgent that I needed to fly down her for?"

    Al was much bigger than Frost, almost towering over him, though it was normal. He was very large after all. Though his voice sounded calm and friendly, and his remarks less then formal, actions calm and leisurely his eyes showed that he was alert. He large body was always near something he could use for cover and his pistol was ready to be used, should it be necessary. He always had his guard up.
  6. Walks casually behind Alex, keeping her distance as not to be caught. Blends in with the crowd until the stairs, "damn it." Waits until he reaches the top and races up the stairs. Stopping just before the corner she looks around and spots him as he stopped. Quickly hides back behind the corner. Peeks back around and sees him on the moves again. Walks silently behind him until he gets to the door and i clear my throat.

    Sees the other bigger man walk up she backs away one step but then doesnt move. She knew what she was doing and what she would have to do if the situation became undesireable. "hullo Gentle men." she then says quietly. Nods to Alec with a smile and keeps an eye on the other man whom she did not know his identity.
  7. David Porter sighed before he stepped inside the rundown building, as sharp a business suit as ever decorating his body as if it were a badge of office all in it's own. He had known Frost for years, to many to count and he liked to think that they two of them were friends. Unfortunately in their line of work there was little room for such luxuries, but when he got the call he came.

    David's American Flag lapel pin stood out to the man behind the front desk who spoke up in broken English only to get a reply back in the man's native Portuguese. The two carried on for a bit before directions were given and David headed up using the cranky elevator. Up to room 409 to see a wanted criminal and find out what he was up to.
  8. I don't shake hands. He might be a gun expert, but I'm hand to hand. I could be on him in a second if I had to. I tilt my head at him. His acting wasn't very good, I trusted this man. Something was off. Another friend of mine was on his way. So many of us on one place it wasn't professional. It's not how we did things. A woman, so my feelings were right. " you call for her Al? What's the reward on my now adays?" I turn to the woman briefly. I had one exit the window. If that didn't work I'd go for the woman use her as a shield until I could escape into the crowds outside
  9. "oh no i wouldnt be hired by the likes of him." gives the other man a curt, displeased no. "no Alex, i came here on my own accord. I was told you where dead, obviously you are not though sooooo what happened then?" She looks at him explectantly with hands on her hips. She wasnt about to let him leave, if he made a run for it she would follow and wouldnt give up on any quarry she had set her sights on.
  10. He laughed "Your almost up to 1 mill, but I didn't hire her. She's a top ranked assassin for the government. I think she's with the C.I.A right now." he walked past frost and over to Stellan. "Stellan, it's been a while." he said in good humor. "Since you didn't gun him down at first sight, I'm guessing your trying to figure out why Frost went rogue." He laughed again, "Join the club!"

    He was acting jolly, like he normally was when he wasn't working but right now he was acting. Something worried him, Agent Frost had been one of the most loyal... what could have changed his opinion. He could hear someone conning up the stairs, it was some one in a hurry and that were on the top floor, reserved for their 'company' that they used as a cover. This intruder wasn't some normal employee or guest, they had some form of motivation behind their actions. Before anyone had even reached for their guns Al already had his out and aimed.
  11. I reach over and place a hand on Al's weapon. " if it was attack there'd be more and he wouldn't make it a point to be heard. Let him in and ill tell you guys what's going on. After we have to separate into teams of two to avoide drawing attention."
  12. "Whatever." He said dropping his gun from his side into a holster. "So what's this big secret?" he said still keeping an ear out for the man running up the stairs. He didn't like the unknown, and he did not know that the man coming up the stairs was Porter, one of the few men he did not like in the agency. Porter was just to much of a perfectionist, the stereotypical agent, a man that he did not agree with, and he knew the feeling was mutual.

    Al walked back into the room, taking a seat in the leather black chair again and watching Stellan closely, he 'worked with her before' a term used by assassins letting whomever the target of the conversation know you knew their weaknesses and strangth. If two 'assassins' worked together that meant they had skills to cover the others weaknesses. Last time they worked together they were on a gain and kill mission. He was there to get into the ranks and retrieve info, and she would cover him from the shadows. They ended up taking down countless terrorist and two of their top leaders.
  13. Sees the man approaching her as an old friend. Funny, she didnt know him. Quickly pulls a gun from her side and glares at him, aims directly between his head. Doesnt break concentration with the man until he says something about another coming up the stairs. Of course she knew there was no reason for worry, the man obviously was not trying to attack or he wouldve taken a different approach. Looks over at Frost, He had changed. teams? Spliting? what was going on here? it was like a whole other assignment.

    The other man walked into the room and Blaise started to remember vaugly about him. She had worked with him but she had just been back up, thus it didnt matter much to her. Walking silently into the room she takes a seat opposite the man and waits for Alex.
  14. Not very professional after all everyone waving guns around. " 5 years ago in Yemen it was reported that a team of Americsn soldiers cAme under attack from a group of terrorists. A year after that America has control of the oil fields there. That event was the breaking point for Anericsn citizens to push for greater war efforts. But it was all staged it was a false flag, where our country uses another countries flag to get away with something the citizens won't approve of. I was sent to kill those terrorists. I did and only after did I realize they were our men. After I git back Ron Jacobs was found shot in my apartment. The place was staged as if a fight went off, but I tell it was a setup."
  15. Porter exited the elevator and closed it shut behind him. Making his way down the hall on the fourth floor he stopped in front of the Room marked 409. There he took a deep breath and tried to ease the tension by adjusting his tie. Still, the grip he had around his attache case tightened only momentarily as he knocked on the door.

    It flashed through his mind momentarily that he could be walking to his death but that's the price tag attached to the job.
  16. Axel flushed the toilet and walked out of the bathroom of 409, still adjusting his long, dark cargo pants, a dying cigarette hanging from his lips. He was muttering something under his breath, but soon quieted when he saw the apparent meeting going on without him.

    Appearance fixed to his own liking, he reached into his ears and pulled out a set of wireless ear buds that more or less screeched out something he called music. That would have explained why he didn't hear anything.

    He stood up straight, dropping the still singing electronics into one of his many pockets. He tossed his long and unconventional dark braid behind his shoulder with a gloved hand. Moving toward the circle of people, he wordlessly dropped into a lotus-style. The twenty four year old then removed the cigarette to hold it between two fingers.

    "I'm not too late, am I?"