Fallout: The Commonwealth

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  1. This is the OOC Thread, where you we can discuss things OOCly, request a canon character, or make a new character.

    Remember, the rule book:

    All races are allowed, except for Deathclaws.

    When making a character, use the CS.
    In addition to statistical data, I'll also want:

    -Appearance: (Can be a picture or a textual description, whichever you prefer)
    -Alignment (we'll use typical DnD alignments here)
    -Starting Equipment

    How to choose starting equipment:
    Take your Barter Skill, and then multiply that by 75. You can spend those caps on anything in the book.


    (Not all of this information is strictly canon, some is just fanon I'm using to expand the setting a little bit)

    War. War never changes.

    In the year 2052, the world woke up from the American Dream. Decades of consumption led to massive resource shortages. Nations began to turn on another, in order to grab what was left. Humanity revisited World War.

    The war would be the costliest in human history, but most of the deaths were reserved for its end in 2077. China launched nukes at the US, and the US retaliated. Both nations were destroyed. More than 90% of the world's population died from various nuclear strikes.

    But, it was not the end of the World.

    210 years later, the Commonwealth-the remains of Boston- starting to rebuild. Though attempts to build a government so far have failed dramatically, there are multiple groups seeking to establish control over the region.

    Our characters will start in Diamond City, a town made from the ruins of Fenway Park.

    Major Factions:

    The Minutemen:

    "To protect and serve, at a minute's notice"

    A group of Citizen Soldiers, united by the cause of mutual protection. Minutemen seek to protect towns from raiders and similar threats. In return, they're given food, water, and caps.
    They were once a force to be reckoned with, with a base known as the Castle. But, their base was destroyed by a Mirelurk queen. Since then, their logistical situation has been terrible, and will need a lot of time to rebuild.

    The Institute:

    "Mankind, redifined"
    The Institute was a pre-war organization known as CIT, the Commonwealth Institute of Technology.
    When the bombs fell, they had their own special bunker. They've been slowly building their own underground city, doing research. It's believed they might be as advanced as humanity would have been had the bombs not fallen.
    Their most notable invention is the Synth-not just a robot, but a mechanical organism that is almost indistinguishable from a human. They use them as slaves.
    The fear of you or someone you know being replaced by an Institute Synth is an occasional occurrence in the Commonwealth. It's believed they kidnap people for unethical experiments.

    The Railroad:

    "Silence is our shield"
    The Institute's treatment of Synths has not gone unnoticed. The Railroad is a covert network founded to protect Synths, both from the Institute and from bigotry in the Commonwealth. They reprogram Synths to give them a new identity and allow them to hide from the Institute. They are the #1 fighters for the rights of Synths.

    The Brotherhood of Steel
    "Ad Victorium!"
    The Brotherhood's history is...complicated, to say the least.
    They were founded by a pre-war military officer named Roger Maxson. Him and his team deserted from the US military when they witnessed unethical experiments the Enclave was doing.
    Since then, their ideology has been that allowing people to exploit technology is the main cause of the Great War that destroyed the world. They believe that they can't allow this to ever occur again. So, they seek to gather technology to keep it out of the hands of the "unworthy"-that is to say, people who aren't a part of their organization.

    They've taken over the Capital Wasteland, saving it from the sinister Enclave. They now seek to "liberate" the Commonwealth as well. They operate out of a great airship known as the Pyrdwen.
    They tend to dislike both mutants and synths as well. They believe they are an affront to the purity of the human race. As such, they are in conflict with both the Institute and the Railroad.


    Available Canon Characters:

    The Sole Survivor - Protagonist
    Cait - OPEN
    Codsworth - OPEN (please someone play Codsworth!)

    Curie - OPEN
    Danse - OPEN
    Deacon - OPEN
    Dogmeat - OPEN
    Hancock - OPEN
    Macready - OPEN
    Valentine - OPEN
    Piper - OPEN
    Preston - OPEN
    Strong - OPEN
    X6 - OPEN
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  2. By the way, I'm considering introducing a mechanic that makes Power Armor more vehicle-like and have it be effected by the Piloting Skill. This would, of course, make it more Fallout 4-like.

    I'm thinking what I'll do is have it so that power armor needs a fusion core to run, and the higher your piloting skill, the slower it drains.

    I'd also be adding different types of Powered Armor, again, to make it more like Fallout-4.
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  3. If nobody replies would you be interested in making this a 1x1?
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