Fallout: The Brotherhood's Chance

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  1. The forest remained dead after centuries, the radiation from the Great War had caused all but the most resilient of plants to wither, and even the plants that were emerging from the ground had it rough. The trees were black and gnarled, the grass yellow. As Kaede walked, she could hear the ground crumpling under her boots. It was nothing more than dry dirt. Overhead, the sky was a bright blue and showed no signs of change. No signs of rain, no clouds, nothing. The heat bearing down on her was enough to make her regret wearing thick armor. Not that she had a choice, considering the danger such a simple act as walking to the city proved. She would rather wear thick armor than no armor, but she would rather wear thick armor than metal armor- thinking of how hot that would be was enough to make her sweat out of pity.

    After some time, she found a large enough rock to sit down on and did so with a great heave, slipping her thirty pound backpack off her tired shoulders. She'd been walking since dawn. It was time to take a break. A canteen of water hanging from the pack called to her, and she savagely pulled it off, not wanting to waste the seconds it would take to untie the strings. The water was bitter. Almost disgusting. Still, it was no more disgusting than the things she had been forced to eat on this journey. If nothing else it was required for survival, and cooled her parched throat on the way down.

    Closing the canteen and hooking it back on, she coughed slightly and ran her fingers through her brown hair, examining the woods around her. Nothing unusual as of yet, but one can never be too cautious. Washington DC was still miles away. Or, that's what she guessed since she couldn't see much of anything except more destroyed forest in every direction.

    Kaede was almost bored. She almost longed for someone or something to fight. But her struggles with her urges had cost her a lot through the years, and if she had any hope of salvation she had to learn how to be civilized. The longing for battle had to stop. From what she heard through the traders, The Brotherhood of Steel offered the chance for battle, but it also offered a solitary life of learning and protecting secrets. They were just the people she needed to see.
  2. The figure stood at about six feet tall, aged at least by now, 23, possessing short jet black hair, and blue eyes, on a caucasian skinned build. His appearance was similar to that of the shoulder-pad clad leather dressed fellows of the wasteland. He was seated on a motorcycle he'd previously used to get this far after some cross-state adventures. He'd started off back home, helping to stamp out the remnants of the Enclave presence, merely a wanderer of the wastes, thrusted into a struggle to stay that way. Following that, he found himself receiving wartime training by participating in the most powerful virtual reality simulation he would ever experience, as he saw with his own eyes, the battle for Anchorage, Alaska, and making an enemy of the Brotherhood outcasts.

    After that, he'd spent some time working along Ishmael Ashur to end the feuds of the Pitt slaves on behalf of the Brotherhood once more, trying to improve working conditions to a minor effect. He spent some time living in Point Lookout, taking up an entire abandoned motel as a base of operations. After a while, he returned home to the Capital Wasteland, eager to return to the place he once called home. His first destination would be the former pentagon, where the BoS had set up shop.

    "...Heh. Stupid Raiders..."

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  3. Kaede had her eyes closed, head bowed, listening to the lifeless sounds of the wasteland when she heard a sound that made her snap her eyes open and stand up as quickly as possible. It sounded like a machine, rumbling, an engine. The Enclave wasn't still around with their machines, were they? No, they'd been destroyed to the last man, only a few stragglers left to run for their pathetic lives into the wastes never to be heard from again. Drawing her laser rifle, she slung her bag back over her shoulder and decided to run towards the road, where she could get a better sense of distance and be able to properly judge where the noise was coming from.

    The road wasn't very far at all, as she had been following it towards the Capital all along, but rather than walking along it, walking next to it. Everyone knew walking on the road made you an easy target. Bursting out from the dead forest so fast she almost stumbled, Kaede slid to a stop in the middle of the road, huffing from lack of breath and aiming her rifle every which way to target the source of the noise before it targeted her.

    Finally, with her back towards the Capital and her rifle aimed straight down the middle, she saw what looked like a machine headed down the road. It was a motorcycle. Someone was...riding it? Impossible. All pre-war machines were rendered useless during the EMP. The rider had to have gotten that motorcycle from someone powerful. Someone of use to her, perhaps. Sights now trained upon the rider, she called out to him: "STOP!"

    She knew he probably could not hear her, but surely he would see her in the middle of the road, holding up a gun. What she did not judge correctly was his speed, or whether he would really stop or just run her down. Just in case, she fired off a few rounds not directly at the bike, but just barely missing him in the hopes he would stop.
  4. Gordon had begun moving his motorcycle out towards a figure with a gun. He decided to waste the last of his gasoline, as he went straight for the shape that began to look feminine, until he stopped at the last moment, seeing the gun go off as he kept his head low and had the bike come to a full stop, as it screeched loudly, the rider grinning as he climbed off and gently pushed the gun to the side, as he scanned the girl over and chuckled. The people of the capital wasteland never ceased to keep him entertained.

    "You're a mercenary? How many weapons do you have?" He suddenly questioned, as he walked past her and looked ahead to see the land ahead, causing him to whistle. How he missed the capital wasteland, and all its insanity. This was where he'd grown up, and he didn't want to leave it for longer than he needed to. And the girl. Yup, everything was just dandy, way back home.

    "Anything big happen in town?" He asked. "Still got supermutants up in D.C.? I don't really know why I left the homestead, I really must confess!"

    He walked back to his motorcycle and began on unpacking some of his things, taking out some Nuka Cola and taking off the cap to chug.