Fallout: Ruler Of The Wasteland

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  1. The USA and USSR have a all out nuclear warfare. 2 days before the war, USA government declared the beginning of 'Project Vault'
    102 vaults was places around the US. People lived in the vault for 100 of years. Many people didn't make it to a vault, some died but some got unlucky and got heavily dose radiation and became Ghouls.
    Some vaults opened and the people left to go explore the new world, but most vaults stay closed and all the people living in the vault will probably never see the outside again. That might be a good thing because the outside is different.... The outside is just a complete wasteland, wasteland full of weird and deadly monsters.

    Character sign up form

    Main Weapon:
  2. Name: Saito
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'4
    Age: 17
    Appearance: I have short black hair, red eyes, i wear a black hoodie, blue jeans, black battle boots.
    Main Weapon: revolver
    Bio: Saito lived in vault 9 all my life. he hated being in a metal prison, he wanted to explore the outside world. he hated the overseer, he never allowed the vault to open, he thinks that the outside world is not a place to live. Saito's mom and dad died when he was 8. Saito had no friends, no one wanted to be friends with a person who wants to leave the vault. Saito started a plan of escaping the vault, but it failed and he was to be watched for 24 hours, everyday, till Saito is dead. Saito one wish would be, to leave the vault and explore the wasteland, and to become a ruler of the wastland.
  3. Name:Eris Homes
    [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]Height: 5'4[/BCOLOR]
    Appearance: long black curly hair, with green eyes. I wear blaxk jeans and a white tank tolp with a leather jacket
    Main Weapon: rifle
    Eris wanted so bad to go and just explore the wasteland. Her parents told her so much about it. Mostly rumors they have heard. She wanted to experince it herself and tell her mother. But she was stuck in vault nine, unable to leave.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.