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I know it has come up a couple of times but I haven't seen any of them go anywhere.

I already have a story mentally plotted out. If I get enough players interested I'll physically map it out and we can go. I'd like at least 4 characters and people are welcome to join as we go since there would be plenty of opportunities along the road.

For characters I'm going to put up a list of tag skills they can choose from to determine there, well, skills. Also traits that they can pick from at the beginning that offer a bonus and a negative to the character. As well as a list of perks that each character can choose a few from at the beginning. Additional special perks would just be gained a long the way.

For those of you who do not know the fall out universe I'll explain it shortly.

The end of the world happened the way everyone always figured it would, nuclear fall out. Most of the world is a radio active wasteland roamed by raiders, mutated creatures and mutated humans. There are still patches of humanity and civilization spread across the united states.

Basically the world ended in a 1950's sort of state but with way advanced technologies. Like Plasma and Laser Guns, power armor and sophisticated robots.

Some of the more note worthy organizations that will be involved are :

The Brotherhood of Steel - a close knit group spread all across the US. They gather technologies and basically horde it amongst themselves.

The Enclave is the remains of the US Government. They are better equipped than the Brotherhood of Steel and are trying to take back control of the entire US.

The Northern Californian Republic - formed after fall out they are a collection of cities in northern california. They run off a republic, obviously, and are well organized and spread out across the mid west and south west of the US.

The Gun Runners - They make some of the best fire arms around and distribute them to whoever is buying.

Generally nobody starting from the beginning will be attached to any of these groups. There will be more groups in the game but I'll be making them up the above are just well known from the actual video game.

Characters will probably die.

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to actually have dice rolls or not. Ya'll can help me decide that. Hopefully we can get at least four people and make this happen.
Any factions playable, like lowbie Brotherhood of Steel or NCR troops.
Yeah - I'm going to make them playable and joinable. Brotherhood of Steel is probably going to be the first faction to run across.

The group is going to start off in a small city built into a cave system.
Saw this just in passing as I was returning to the main page.

Believe me, I couldn't hammer on that Back button fast enough.

Would totally be up for playing in a Fallout RP; it's been something I've wanted to play for a while now. Would you be alright with us using the different species of Fallout, or would you prefer we stuck with humans?

I call the Deathclaw character.
Swinging between rolling out the Ghoul character I played in a Fallout Tabletop RP and a Warrior-Philosopher Super Mutant.

Because Hume, Descartes and Nietzsche totally go hand in hand with IT'S CLOBBERING TIME.
They do. Haven't you seen Beast from the X-men?
I almost want to ask if I could play as Harold, but that'd bring up alot of canonical issues, so I think I'll let that dog lie.
Otherwise, I'm on this like stink on flies.
I so call the Mister Gutsy with interchangeable parts and a Free Will AI. xDD
But in all seriousness, I'm really into Fallout. I'll more than likely just want to play a Brotherhood Outcast sniper.
Alright well here is the low down.

The beginning is going to be at least three people, people using a loose term, leaving the city they grew up. The city is built inside a mountain through out intersecting caves.

For those three people you would need to start as a human, ghoul or one super mutant.

Quickly after they would leave the city is when we could start throwing almost anything to travel with them. From Brotherhood Initiates or Outcasts, Super Mutants, Robots or anything else from the universe.

The only thing excluded would be the intelligent deathclaw. If somebody really, really wants to play that there would be an opening I could include for one but it would be later on than just the beginning.

With the four of you really interested in it I'll start working on the OOC information to post up. It will probably be up this coming weekend or the monday of next week based on my available time.
Ah - another thing I thought of, which will be in the OOC post but just want to let you guys know now.

I'm going to allow ya'll to make more than one character. A character to play from the starting point and than if you want to switch to a Brotherhood of Steel member or a Robot or something you can make a second character and the first character will die early on so you can take up your other character.

Just want at least one person to survive from the beginning. Kind of like in FO - one character will be going on his quest and the others will be joining his cause.