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  1. Okay, so for some unknown reason, and if you have an opinion please tell me why, everyone wants to do an rp about the wasteland. Which is cool, but you have WHOLE GAMES dedicated to doing the wasteland. Have you guys just never thought, man, what if I was in the vault when that happened?!?! WELL I DO! And I would be almost willing to kill to get a partner that actually wants to rp IN THE VAULT!

    About me: I try to rp consistently, but the longer you take to respond the more bored I get with it, and the more time it takes for me to respond. However, if we can go back and forth a lot, I have actually started and finished an rp in one week O.o

    I'm semi lit, while I can write the 4-6 paragraphs, I feel like a paragraph or two is just right, otherwise it sort of feels like work and I will only respond about once a day if I have to write that much. So, I do have some plot idea's, after that, will just be vaults I'm wanting to do, but have no plot for them. THIS IS FALLOUT VAULTS RPS ONLY!!

    Vault 22:

    (Vault 22 was equipped with the latest in biological and agricultural technologies, with the objective of developing plants that could be readily cultivated in the absence of natural light. However, an experiment with a parasitic fungus has turned on the scientists, leading to the destruction of the Vault. Survivors of the outbreak abandoned the Vault and headed to Zion Valley, spreading the spore across the wastes.)

    We are two of the survivors, you a scientist who discovered people turning into the plant like people of vault 22 and I the overseers daughter who tries to convince her father of the strange events happening. We work together to try to save as many of the vault dwellers as possible while trying to figure out how to open the vault so we can survive.

    Vault 75:

    (When the war began in 2077, the children with their designated families and teachers entered in time. While all of the children were escorted to the atrium, the adults were separated and killed by Vault security. The purpose of this Vault was to enhance the gene pool of its selected residences to create stronger and more intelligent subjects. The surviving children were tested mentally and physically as part of the experiment. The children were raised learning about the horrors of "Uptopland," a nickname for the wasteland, and were told that they would be strong enough to venture out into the wastes and help the suffering people upon graduation. If they were intelligent and physically well built, they were either "harvested" for their good genes when they turned 18 or those with good intelligence and obedience were recruited to the vaults science team after graduation. The others were disposed of. The others who were deemed insufficient to the vault's standards were killed upon reaching the age of 18 prior to graduation. However, details found in the various terminals suggest that even those who were "graduated" were killed after harvesting. The mission of Vault 75, above all, was the refinement of human genetics.)

    I. MC is a person about to graduate, and she shows intelligence, strength, and somewhat obedient. While, she was not the best in science, they put her in the "Harvesting" section. This in not the splice and dice sector, but the mating section. YC is also in the mating section, and they pair us together. We end up actually falling in love. They decide that YC will either be over seerer, or head of security, while MC because a teacher. As YC gets a nice job, he finds out what is really going on, and together, we try to put an end to it all after finding out, the surface, is safe for them to come above ground.

    II. MC is the same as above, however, YC is in the guard, and falls in love, and convenience's the over seer to put her in the teaching position. Only problem, MC has no idea YC loves her, and while she is happy to get the job, she doesn't know YC was the reason she got it. Now YC, has to woo MC, while she finds out what is really going on, and they give her the option of being okay with it, and keeping her job and life and can forget about it. Or die.

    III. Our characters basically grew up together, while MC hates YC, YC is in a love hate relationship with her. When they pick him for the over seer training, he leaves the group, but never forgets MC, so when it is her turn to graduate, he saves her. However, she is now his wife. Let the romance begin!

    Okay; vaults I'm willing to do:

    Vault 13
    Vault 19
    Vault 21
    Vault 29

    Hopefully I can spark some interest, because I seriously wanna do an in vault fallout rp!
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  2. This sounds really interesting. I would love to try this. I assume though that it doesn't work out for out characters in the end.
  3. Ok I'm really interested in role-playing this
  4. Depends on the rp, and we could have them die, or have them live. In the games, it's always weird your person is alive, so they could just be lucky

    Which one were you thinking?
  5. Vault 75 plot 1
  6. My opinion in response to the beginning of your post.

    For me at least, The vaults are really interesting bits of lore. But they should stay just as that. Interesting little set pieces that reading about in the occasional terminal/holotape is neat, but when you think about it, "Holy crap, I'd prefer living in the wasteland. That way I can at least fight back." Because some of the vaults got fucked. Most are quite literally just lab rats.

    As well, people want to do things differently than in the games. They want to make their own story, much like other game-based RPs, but with the customization and vast world of Fallout, people are attracted to it because really any character can be canon. And with the right time, year-wise, they can basically write their story and not conflict with any canonical actions. For instance, I could write about vault 48, where the test was to group in people that only had extreme social anxiety disorder and test how they'd interact, then have my character, a descendant of some of the dwellers go out into the wasteland and try to survive.

    Or they can just take the start of one of the games, like vault dweller being released from stasis in 111, and go through their own story with their own characters/companions however they want.

    The vaults are interesting, I like reading about them, but I prefer they just be set pieces to read about :) I'd much prefer the impending doom of getting torn apart by super mutants than getting turned into a plant creature.

    Anyway, that was just my thought :) I wish you luck in your search.
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