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  1. War… War never changes.

    The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth. Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory. Hitler shaped a battered Germany into an economic superpower.

    In the 21st century, war was still waged over the resources that could be acquired. Only this time, the spoils of war were also its weapons: Petroleum and Uranium. For these resources, China would invade Alaska, the US would annex Canada, and the European Commonwealth would dissolve into quarreling, bickering nation-states, bent on controlling the last remaining resources on Earth.

    In 2077, the storm of world war had come again. In two brief hours, most of the planet was reduced to cinders. And from the ashes of nuclear devastation, a new civilization would struggle to arise.

    Unlike the remains of Nevada and Utah, The Texas Commonwealth found itself stricken hard by the toils of apocalyptic life. From the broken remnants of the Master’s army to the survivors of Cesar’s Legion following their loss at Hoover Dam; the commonwealth stood as a middle ground for history to find its second wind. These remnants of days gone would find that the territory here was never kind. Brutal storms yielding tornados of radioactive debris still tear their way across the wastes, leaving little room for respite. It is here that wayward nomads battle over what little resources salt the earth and where survivors tell tales of legends left behind from a forgotten civilization.

    One such tale speaks of the Edwards Aquifer. An underground reservoir of water that once supported the needs of the entire commonwealth in the days before the bombs fell. But legends cannot sate thirst and the pursuers of them often find themselves at the mercy of the Wasteland.

    Welcome to San Antonio...

    Rules and other things to keep in mind:

    - Abide by the rules of Iwaku

    - If you God Mod, I will toss you into a wood chipper.

    - On the same topic of God Modding, This game will run with a very large focus on the scarcity of resources. While this is a free form play by post style RPG, I will be keeping an eye to make sure that ammo, food, water and other needed conveniences are hard to come by. What I don't want is people pissing ammo away without some sense of consequence. I will be letting you dictate what you do with your equipment and how you manage it, but if you're not running out of things, breaking things, or making mentions about the reaction of your body to the effects of no water/no food/too much radiation, I will message you about it. Keep in mind we're supposed to be struggling in a world sustained on trash left behind after atomic war. Be adaptable, it will keep you alive.

    - On average, a human being will die after a week without water. The more active they are or the hotter it is, the shorter this span is. When excessively dehydrated the first thing that will go is your vision (Faded images, Hallucinating and eventual blindness)

    - On average, a human being can survive just over a month without food. This is not a comfortable process and will effect your ability to function.

    - If you have questions about firearms, I've collected a little bit of knowledge on the topic over the years and am more than willing to share.

    - If you have questions about something else besides firearms, that's cool too. I'm a message away.

    - Collaborative Storytelling means we are all telling a story. Just because I have a kickass plot in mind doesn't mean I can't adapt it for a direction you all want to go. This is ya'll shindig, I'm just laying the groundwork.

    - Try not to feed Shamu.

    Character sheet:

    Because I'm running a fallout game, I want it to have the same kind of feel. So we're gonna try something Falloutish.

    Name: Nickname or Real name or some combo there of.

    Appearance: A description of what you look like. Feel free to add a picture too if you like.

    Human - Humans are most common throughout the wasteland and as a result do not usually find themselves victim of racial profiling. They can operate most to all weapon systems and have no problems using armor.

    Ghoul - ( http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Ghoul ) Ghouls or necrotic post-humans are decrepit, rotting, zombie-like mutants They are victims of heavy radiation poisoning which results in their skin decaying and, paradoxically, greatly extends their individual lifetime. It's not unheard of for a ghoul to have been around from before the war. While they have no problems using armor and weapon systems they are often victims of extreme discrimination. On the bright side they are almost immune to the effects of Radiation as a result of their condition.

    1st Generation Super Mutant - ( http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Super_mutant ) Left over remnants of the Master's army, these mutants were the first batch of people effected by the FEV virus. Unlike mutants created in later batches, these specimens were untainted by residual radiation prior to their transformation. As a result they have managed to retain most of their mental facilities sans occasional psychological problems. Like the ghoul the lifetime of the Super mutant is greatly extended. Unlike the ghoul, Super mutants can not use armor and have problems with smaller weapons like pistols that have not been modified to fit their frame. Super mutants are looked at much more negatively than ghouls due to the violent nature of their kin. As a result they are often shot on sight.

    Backstory: Everyone in the party will begin the game in a slaver compound. Overview here where you're from, what factions (if any) you have ties to and how you managed to find yourself in this mess.

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L: I couldn't do a fallout game without this, It's kind of Iconic. While this will be a freeform game, this should help give a feel of borders to the things your character can and can't do. It'll also give a comparable figure to other players. The numbers are nothing more than rough outlines and success of action will not be determined by them once the game starts. That said, if you set yourself with a Strength of 3 and roleplay yourself beating a super mutant in an arm wrestling match, I'm going to message you.

    Determining S.P.E.C.I.A.L. : Just like the game, start out with five points in every stat. You have five free points that can be plugged in as you see fit. Points can be removed from the original five and moved to other attributes. You can not go over 10 or under 1.

    Tag skills: The things your character is especially crafty at. Pick 4 from the list below. Doesn't mean you can't use other stuff, just means you're not good at it.

    Combat Skills:
    -Small Guns: Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns etc
    -Big Guns: Mini guns, flamers, Bazookas, etc
    - Energy Weapons: Lazer pistols, Plasma Rifles, Pulse rifles,
    - Throwing: Grenades, Throwing knives, Rocks, Slings, Bows (It's not really throwing but we'll toss it in the same category) Etc
    - Melee Weapons: Hammers, Swords, Axes, Bushhooks, etc
    - Unarmed: Powerfists, brass knuckles, spiked knuckles, boxing gloves, your fists etc.

    Active Skills:
    - First aid (Stopping bleeding, setting bones, diagnosing basic illness, the science tag is needed for more complicated medical procedures)
    - Security (Lockpicking, safecracking, etc)
    - Repair (fix cars, fix guns, makethe VCR stop blinking 12:00)
    - Science (Create drug compounds, Create gunpowder, purify water through chemical compounds, computer work, etc)
    - Sneak
    - Traps

    Passive Skills:
    - Barter
    - Gambling
    - Outdoorsmen (Think Bear Grylls)
    - Pilot (Bikes, cars, Riding creatures, boats, etc.)
    - Speech


    Name: Sue McLene

    Appearance: A man in his early 40s just beginning to grey from his years in the wasteland. Sue often looks like a wandering merchant from the stockpiles of what some people would consider junk carried with him. Often dressed in an old field jacket riddled with holes and dusty as all hell, and a flat brim hat sun bleached from years in the radioactive sun. On the right chest pocket of his field jacket is the embroidered word "YALE"
    Miss matched tatters of clothing hold together the rest of his wardrobe all stitched together to give it some semblance of form.

    Race: Human

    Backstory: Sue came into this world from the belly of a mother strung out of her mind on jet. Catching a spot of bad luck, the wasteland junky managed to find herself on the business end of a band of raiders making their way through the conneticut landscape. While managing to survive, the woman was raped and left for dead among the remains of her camp. Wandering the wastes, the mother managed to stumble across an order of wastelanders held up in the Beinecke Rare Book Library of the ruins of Yale University. The order, calling themselves the Albertian Order of Lebowitz, had made a home of the building, collecting and preserving the recorded literature held within as if they were some manner of divine providence. Taking her in, the order provided medical attention and food. When Sue was born, Mother McLean was so drugged she couldn't tell the sky from the ground. Not really understanding that the child was a boy, she named him Sue. A name that man has never quite managed to live down.

    After being born, Sue had already started to show symptoms of jet addiction from his time within his mother. While lady McLean never managed to kick her addiction, Sue was helped through the withdrawals. While still the Son of Lady McLean, the Order did most of his raising. Brought up in a library the man was taught to read from a young age, learning quickly the value of books in a broken world. When he was old enough, Sue began to tag along with the prospectors of the order in their treks through the university's ruins. What couldn't be brought back, was read and later transcribed from the best of a prospector's memory. If a memorized work was found in the future, corrections would be made to the document as many times as was needed. This pattern continued for several years and Sue continued on to specialize in the knowledge and comprehension of military field manuals.

    Eventually, Lady McLean's addiction managed to catch the better of her one evening with a particularly potent strain of jet. Suffering an overdose, Sue never woke up. While never particularly close to the woman due to the nature of her addiction, ties of blood aren't easily shed. Sue began to find the halls of the Library suffocating beneath the weight of the woman's memory. Taking enough supplies to make the trek, the scribe told his family of his intentions and traveled south. While his original goal was to move down into DC and attempt to locate The Library of Congress, he found the area far to dangerous to really support his prospecting. Seeing no reason to travel back, he started southwest.

    Four years of wandering the wastes passed beneath his feet, wandering from town to town selling salvage and making what caps he could repairing old equipment. After crossing into the Texas commonwealth, the scribe was cornered by a band of slavers within the ruins of an old newspaper building. Beaten, Bound and shackled, Sue was carried back to their camp.

    S: 5
    P: 9
    E: 6
    C: 4
    I: 7
    A: 5
    L: 4

    Tag skills:

    Small Guns - Specializing from both military FMs left behind from the Chinese american war as well as years of gunsmithing repairs on firearms, Sue has learned his way around most pistols and rifles.

    Outdoorsman - Both from years of spending time out in the wastes as well as well as preserving records of field manuals, Sue can recite the Ranger's Handbook almost by heart.

    Traps - While a decent shot, McLean has managed to stay alive as long as he has because he fights dirty. Not one for direct combat, the man is used to making his enemies play by his rules.

    Repair - Between scores of technical manuals and years of practice, Sue has managed to turn jury rigging into an art form. Sheet metal as his canvas and duct tape as the paint of which he composes his wonders.

    "Have some damned respect, There are people out there who spent their entire lives composing these and you're content using them for kindling and shit paper."

  2. [size=+1]NAME: Cabel

    APPEARANCE: Pale-faced and with sunken, dark eyes, Cabel is rather disturbing to behold even by the standards of his species. He lacks a nose entirely, and his face is covered with marks, scars and healed-over wounds garnered from years of roaming the wastes. Dressed in the cobbled together clothing he can lay his hands on, little stands out in Cabel's dress other than the bands he wears around his arms; on the right is a white band with a crudely-painted first-aid cross, and on the left is the tattered remains of one of the sleeves of his old Vault 12 suit.

    He's sure as shit not going to win any beauty contests, that's for damn sure.

    RACE: Ghoul

    Strength: 4
    Perception: 6
    Endurance: 6
    Charisma: 3
    Intelligence: 9
    Agility: 7
    Luck: 5

    Small Guns – Cabel's no Brotherhood Paladin, but decades of fighting to survive has left him with a lot of knowledge and skill when it comes to smaller wasteland weapons such as handguns and rifles.
    Medicine – Originally one of the medical officers chosen to staff Vault 12, Cabel has both a pre-war medical education and considerable experience working with the limited, cobbled together supplies of the wastes when it comes to medical procedures.
    Science – Pre-war training on medicine and other such matters means that Cabel is also extremely capable when it comes to scientific matters, though his expertise lies more in matters of the human body and fixing people up.
    Outdoorsman – Having been kept on the move for much of his life since the bombs fell and rarely having settled in one place for too long, Cabel has learned to garner as much as he can from the wastes. He's experienced at finding what he needs to survive, as well as locating the resources he needs to craft medical supplies and the like.

    BACKSTORY: Even amongst his irradiated kindred, Cabel is an old motherfucker of a ghoul.

    He can faintly remember what the world was once like before it all went to shit, the medical training he received (prestigious, if he recollects correctly, though that's likely just nostalgia talking) and being selected as a medical official for one of Vault-Tec's underground shelters that had been purpose-built to save as many souls as they could from the encroaching nuclear war.

    Of course, what Vault-Tec neglected to tell him about was the fact that they had no intention of making the doors of the Vault seal properly.

    Irradiated along with the rest of the Vault's population, Cabel found his body being warped into the disturbing being he is today. First under the management of the old Overseer and then under the leadership of Set, he continued with his medical duties around the Vault, which became known as Necropolis to the locals. Soon after the arrival of the one who would become known as the Vault Dweller, however, Necropolis was razed by Super Mutants and any ghouls still there slaughtered.

    Driven from his home, Cabel began travelling the wastes of the United States, his expertise as a doctor garnering him a level of tolerance not usually extended to ghouls. Driven particularly by a fixation with pre-war technology, he began to hear tales told of San Antonio, a desolate land rumoured to hold the fabled Edwards Aquifer.

    Signing on with a caravan bound for the region, Cabel hoped that his ghoulish nature would enable him to resist the radioactive effects of the waste and allow him to search for the Aquifer where others could not. A bandit attack on his caravan has put a dampener on his plans, however; he now finds himself imprisoned in a slaver camp.

    Hardly an ideal start to an expedition.

    [size=+3]"If you want medical attention, sit the fuck down, if you don't then get the fuck out. And keep staring at me like that, Smoothskin, I'll pull your eyes out."[/size]​
  3. Does the CS have to be exactly like that?
  4. Given that he's left specific instructions to structure it in that manner, I'd hazard a guess that the answer is yes.
  5. Didn't notice the stuff at the bottom of his post. Thought your CS was THE CS.
  6. Grumps is right. That's what we're looking for.

    Was half asleep when I wrote up the outline, I was a touch worried that I didn't relay everything well enough.
  7. You did, I just didn't read thoroughly.
  8. Name: David Grimm, prefers "Reaper"
    Appearance: Before leaving in the middle of the night he raided the Vault armory only taking basic gear. A light vest that can absorb small bullets (most hand guns), a helmet and a gas mask as well as a semi-automatic assault rifle.
    Race: Human

    Backstory: David was a security guard at a vault. The vault wasn't exactly problematic but when the Overseer died the vault officials began to bicker amongst themselves about who would be the next Overseer. He'll say he left because he didn't want to be part of a power struggle but the truth of it is if he is going to be part of something like that it should be worth something more than a damn hole in the ground.
    Strength: 7
    Perception: 5
    Endurance: 7
    Charisma: 5
    Intelligence: 6
    Agility: 5
    Luck: 5

    Tag skills:
    Small Guns
  9. Few issues with this one dude man, good start but looking for a bit more content here.

    First off keep in mind that we're going to be starting the campain after being abducted and detained by slavers. So any equipment you have will have been taken. You will be starting out with the clothes on your back and little more. No rifles, no pistols, no armor, no food. Starting off with a light vest a helmet, a gas mask and a semi automatic assault rifle completely goes against the second rule.

    Second off, your character is very bare bones. Like I said it's a great start, but from here we can add to that. Why's he called reaper? That's not a common name in everyday life. Is there a story behind that? Is he just especially pushy about being called that? You say he's from a vault. What vault? What was the overall scientific direction of that vault? What was the power struggle you mentioned about? Why was there a struggle for who would be the next overseer? Why did he leave the vault? Has he done anything since then? Was there parameters put into place that have kept that vault occupied all these years? Most vaults that did reach completion were opened for it's occupants and given Garden of Eden Creation Kits to create a new society in the wastes. Were the people in your vault it's original occupants? We're they raiders? Did they just find the vault and decide to live there?

    When I was starting to come into Roleplaying, I was once told that when making a character, you should know the amount of spare change that character keeps in his pocket. While not an especially revealing aspect of characterization it asks a lot of questions the likes of who a character is past their initial image. Knowing a more rounded idea of your character will make their actions and dialogs more real to both you and the other players. It also makes RPing a much more satisfying process.

    Finally, how did Grimm manage to net himself captured by slavers? Is there a story behind it? Elaborate out the character a bit. Bring him to life.

    Don't mean to nag, but the character building process is one of the most rewarding aspects of roleplaying. It'd be a shame to cut that experience short before you get to bring Grimm into his own.

    I recommend using grumps (as he did a few kickass additions that I ended up adopting) or my template as a guideline and have some fun with the process.
  10. When it comes to things like this, I prefer people nagging me. Helps me fix the problem and gives me a reference to the future so, thanks. I'll do some more thinking on my character. Want me to delete the CS and start anew?
  11. It's up to you, dude. I'd recommend starting from a core concept for your character and then fleshing him out based on this central idea. Cabel, for example, started off with the core concept of 'Sardonic Ghoul Doctor', and I wrote him up as he is from there.

    Have a good scheme about what you want your character to be, refining it down to the main focus of what this character is all about ('Mercenary haunted by his past' or 'Super Mutant with a code of honour' are examples of this), then flesh them out.
  12. Okay thanks. I'm fairly new to roleplaying so I don't know a lot. I'll just start over. It'd probably be easier. Thanks for your help.
  13. No worries man. I'd recommend checking out the Fallout Wiki as well; great source for information and potential inspiration. Plus, Fallout's lore is crazy-fun to read up on.

    Those crazy Vault Dwellers...
  14. Oh yeah, I read that wiki a lot.. Mostly just reading on the weapons not the lore though.. I'll think on a new character over night. I'll try and put one up as soon as I can.
  15. Hope this is better. Can't find a pic though..

    Name: David Grimm, prefers "Reaper"

    Appearance: short black hair, dark brown eyes, well built, skull with crossed scythes tattoo on right arm, scars all over his body from many battles.

    Race: Human

    Backstory: David was born into the Raider band called the Fiends that lived near D.C., his mom was a Med-X addict while his father was an alcoholic, while his mother was pregnant with him her Med-X intake skyrocketted, causing him to be addicted aswell.

    One day when David was 18 their tribe was roving the wastes around D.C. and stumbled upon Vault 74. They went to the door and asked to enter pretending to be scavangers looking to trade. After their ruse worked they poured in, killing at will. After they eliminated the main Vault Security Force they began sweeping the entire Vault, floor by floor, room by room, leaving no man or male child alive, saving the women for their own "needs", during the attack David killed more of the Vault Security Force than any of the other Fiends, thus earning him the nickname "Reaper", which was influenced by his last name, giving him the same name as the shadowy robed character representing death itself. One of the fiends also took the liberty of tattooing a skull with crossed scythes on his right arm. After their victory in Vault 74, it became the home of the tribe of Fiends and there they ran their raids against their local enemies, killing, raveging, and looting caps, chems, and weapons.

    A month or so after they took Vault 74, David ran out of Med-X and went looking for more alone out in the wastes. After he found Med-X and got his fix he realized the bad life he had and was still living and decided he wented to start anew, so he decided instead to just never return to Vault 74. In one town that he had stopped at he read some pre-war history about how 189 brave Texans defended a mission named "The Alamo" from a Mexican army that was about ten times their size and the "Goliad Massacre" where nearly 300 Texans were killed by Mexican troops. Intrigued to visit these historical sites he started moving South through the wastelands looking for these sites and for towns that he could help out in any way he could, after crossing into Texas he was intercepted by a raiding party and became captured and put in a slaver camp.

    Strength: 8

    Perception: 5

    Endurance: 7

    Charisma: 5

    Intelligence: 4

    Agility: 5

    Luck: 5

    Tag Skills: Small Guns, Melee, First-Aid, Outdoorsmen

    [SIZE=+1]"It's a question of mind over matter, I don't mind and you don't fucking matter"
  16. Will edit this when I can. :D I promise, it won't stay how it is.
    Since everyone is choosing small guns right now, I'll change mine to be a bit different than what I'm used to.
    With that said... My character isn't going to completely agree with the faction she was born into. ^^;

    Name: Kadence "Kaden" Friet


    Race: Human

    Backstory: Kaden raised in the well hated, but loved by few, group of Brotherhood. The group was small and part of the Vegas brotherhood that had been seperated to find a better location. Deathclaws. Raiders. Yao Guai. The list of enemies they faced from travels escalated.

    Points left: 5
    S: 5
    P: 5
    E: 5
    C: 5
    I: 5
    A: 5
    L: 5

    Tag skills:
    Energy Weapons ~
    Security ~
    Barter ~

  17. *pokes in* I will be joining because it's by cosmo, and it's fallout. Unfortunately, I can't get the CS up now because I'm tired and it's late.
  18. I'm not sure if this is needing of more people considering how I've read the Roleplay-Talk thread, but I'd be extremely happy if you'll have me. One reason is because I've been looking for a different kind of roleplay and the second one is that I'm a complete fangirl of Fallout. (Played Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Las Vegas, respectively. :3)

    Holy crap. You would not believe how much I was squealing when I found this. But anyway, don't let my fanship misguide your decision. I'd be good either way. c:

    Also I'll add the bio soon and probably tweak a few things, tell me if I did something wrong! But I have to get some rest considering school is tommorow. :/

    Name: Camille Lanoira

    Show Spoiler

    Race: Human

    Backstory: Everyone in the party will begin the game in a slaver compound. Overview here where you're from, what factions (if any) you have ties to and how you managed to find yourself in this mess.

    Strength - 3
    Perception - 3
    Endurance - 2
    Charisma - 5
    Luck - 2
    Intelligence -4
    Agility - 3

    Tag skills:
    Small Handguns
    First Aid
  19. I am psyched folks are excited about this. I am gonna try to get the first IC up tomorrow eve.

    Necro that looks much better. Thanks for being so open to improvement.

    Lightning your sheet looks good except for your SPECIAL
    Stats. Could be just reading as being weird off this smartphone but it looks like you've only set up your stats from the initial 5 points you start with. Seeing a lot of 2s and 3s. Think of it just like the actual game. Start with 5 points in each stat. You get 5 free additional points to distribute as you see fit and finally you can subtract points from one stat to distribute them to another. End result should have a few stats over 5.

    Looks good though so far folks. Glad to have ya'll
  20. Thanks for helping me improve Mister Weinerdog.