Fallout/post-nuclear apocalypse RP?

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  1. Is anyone interested in a Fallout or Post-nuclear apocalypse RP similar to Mad Max, a boy and his dog, six-string samurai,...?
  2. Yeah i'm up for that. Sounds good. I think I have a character that might work for it too: Blood Eyes Loki
  3. No furries, humans only. Or ghouls if it's fallout.
  4. im in but haven't played any fallout games
  5. Fallout is merely an example, to be honest, I just want to roleplay in a world of radiated desserts and abandoned cities. Being rather alone in a world, foraging for radiated food, hoping to find some refuge of your own.
    When you think of this roleplay, think of vast desserts, dilapidated towns, roaming gangs of raiders and thugs, dog companions, underground bomb shelters and sawed off shotguns.
  6. All my yes-es. Not a huge fan of Fallout itself, but an enormous fan of Metro universe, basically all the postapo stuff has a huge green light in my book. Definitely interested.
  7. Yeah, I played the metro series as well, though I didn't find myself as immersed in its world as I did with fallout, I did enjoy the concept of having metro tunnels being some of the last remaining refuges on the planet. Fallout also did that, though the underground tunnels in the DC ruins weren't as vast in variation compared to metro.
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  8. For me it's Metro all the way due to the feeling of being trapped in an enclosed space + the surface being absolutely hostile to humans. Then again, let's face it, Fallout universe isn't a playground either, and the feeling of postapo/trauma/loneliness works in both. For a roleplay, though, I think Fallout does give you more options, simply offering an open-world experience.
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  9. okay i'm in, so like the rover, where it's post apocalyptic world with food getting scarce and survival of the fittist, hell yeah
  10. Okay, three or four more people and I'll set up the ooc. I'll give more world info in the ooc as well as the character sheet.
  11. Post apocalyptic stuff is some of my favorite. I love the fallout and metro games so if you are incorporating those elements then I'm in.
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  12. I am definitely interested in this!
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  13. I'd like to jump in, though the character I'm thinking of would be antagonistic (at least to start . . . or until he's killed). I'm new here and I'm not sure if the expectation is that we form a party that confronts challenges posted by the GM, or can we, within reason, act as enemies as well?

    Regardless, I'm interested.
  14. I welcome an antagonist with open arms. See, my idea of this RP is kinda like how it would be in real life, you know? In a place like this, not many people would trust others so groups would rarely form and not everyone is the reincarnation of the Dalai-lama, so there would be a large number of people not really interested in the moral high ground.
    As for the playing itself, I don't really want to take it on a leash, it's an anarchic world after all, I think that if a GM would lead everything down a path it would seem too... clean, if that makes sense. In short: do what you think is best for your character.
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  15. I am working on a character, its just taking longer than expected.
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