Fallout: Paradise lost

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    1. I will be the game master, meaning I will control the main plot events and most of the npc's (as well as my own character).

    2. I'm looking for at least 5 characters (me included) with a maximum of 10. So far two characters have been been made and two people have shown interest in the interest thread.

    3. Please only apply if you're serious (I don't need someone taking up a slot and then never show up) and if you're able to post at least once every two-three days. Once per day would be best, but I'm willing to settle for a bit less.

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    After their second battle of Hoover Damn, the NCR established definitive control over the strip and the Mojave rolling over any and all regions and people that stood in its way, whether they liked it or not. As though the Mojave hadn't given people enough reason for abandoning it, now it had one more.

    Then one day a new channel appeared on the radios originating from a small but competitive caravan company.

    Howdy, my name is Jed Masterson, and I'm a caravan boss for the happy trails caravan company. If you're hearing this, I have a job offer for you. Happy Trails is organizing an expedition north into Utah, Off the long 15, and we need people. We're looking for caravan guards, prospectors, couriers and anything in between. if you're used to humping it across the Wastes straight toward trouble, we want you. On the other hand, if you're a greenhorn or a city-slicker spinning tales about your skills, you can kindly go hang. If we like your gumption, we'll pay you square and treat you fair. Find me, Jed Masterson, at the Northern passage if you're interested. Luck to you.

    The radio signal filled the airwaves across the Mojave and for many it was a godsend providing an easy escape out of the Mojave, away from roaming gangs that have yet to be suppressed, away from ncr taxes and laws, away from their past,... for others it merely provided a job that not only paid well but showed them a bit of the world or perhaps it meant the start of their first caravan job on the road to a successful career. Whatever the case, many followed the broadcast and joined up with the happy trails company... including you.

    Area information
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    The three areas we'll be passing through are:
    Zion Valley, a rough but beautiful land almost untouched by either the war or by post-war humanity. It is currently caught in a fierce war between the white legs and the alliance of the sorrows and the dead horses.

    Utah proper: Much of Utah is controlled by the 80s, a powerful tribe that is known for the ability to cover much ground with very few men and their usage of motorcycles to pursue their prey. They love to hunt and are patient as long as they know the one they hunt knows they're being hunted.

    Wyoming, during the second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Great Khans quickly evacuated Red Rock canyon and headed north and east into the plains of Wyoming. There, they reconnected with the followers of the apocalypse and rebuilt their strength. Bolstered by ancient knowledge of governance, economics, and transportation, they carved a mighty empire out of the ruins of the Northwest in just a few short years.

    Character sheet and character list.
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    starting gear and items:

    More isn't really required in my opinion, biographies are more interesting when they're discovered through the RP and the same goes for personality. A little mystery never hurt anyone.

    1. Jack "shrapnel" Doe - Caligari
    2. Charlie Runner - Verbalabuse

    Fallout: paradise lost (interest check)

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