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  1. Okay, so this Roleplay is a character-driven story revolving around a group of people leaving the Mojave wasteland for whatever ever reason. Each character has their own motive for leaving and is up to you to decide, this doesn't necessarily need to be a one way trip for your character.

    RP information:
    1. I will be the game master, meaning I will control the main plot events and most of the npc's (as well as my own character).

    2. I'm looking for at least 5 characters (me included) with a maximum of 10.

    3. Please only apply if you're serious (I don't need someone taking up a slot and then never show up) and if you're able to post at least once every two-three days. Once per day would be best, but I'm willing to settle for a bit less.

    Some background story information.
    1. The year is 2284, The second battle for hoover damn was three years ago and the mojave is now in the firm grip of the NCR.

    2. The events of Honest hearts have been slightly altered, that is to say instead of it being in 2281, they are happening now in 2284. The white legs are still in Zion, as are Joshua graham, Daniel, the sorrows and the dead horses.

    3. During the second battle for Hoover damn, the Great Khans quickly evacuated Red rock canyon and headed north and east into the plains of Wyoming. There, they reconnected with the Followers of the apocalypse and rebuilt their strength. Bolstered by ancient knowledge of governance, economics, and transportation, they carved a mighty empire out of the ruins of the Northwest in just a few short years.

    Main plot locations in order:
    1. Northern passage: The start, here's where everyone starts as guards or merchants of the happy trails caravan company.

    2. Zion Valley: The first conflict and first obstacle, characters must work together to overcome it. This is for character and relationship development.

    3. Cedar City: Resting point; resupply and reorganize.

    4. The ruins of New Jerusalem (Salt lake city): introduction of main antagonist force. Plot development.

    5. Layton: Temporary safe haven, last real stop of peaceful civilisation before the long march to Cheyenne. character development.

    6. Rock Springs: Character death. I'm sorry, but some of your characters will die (this might include my own). This is completely dependent on your relationship with other characters and your personal development. I will most likely decide this mere days before the arrival in Rick Springs and discuss this with you over pm. So please be aware that at one point your character may die.

    7. Laramie: The final showdown between main characters and antagonists.

    8. Cheyenne: Ending.

    There are of course minor locations and stops where the characters rest for the night or search for supplies in pre-war buildings. The time between new canaan and Rock springs as well as the time between Rock Springs and Laramie will be the biggest culprits of these events.

    That's it, let me know if there is interest or questions. Also don't be afraid to post a suggestion, I might not apply it, but I'll read it and consider it at the very least.
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  2. ...Care to elaborate?
  3. Part interest, Part curiosity about rock springs. I mean assuming that a character can die anywhere else (The Wasteland is a dangerous place), I am wondering what makes that place so special.
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  4. It's true that a character can die anywhere else, but at Rock Springs it's a certainty. It's mainly to drive up the tension before the final showdown and to make sure people stay tensed throughout the rp. The idea of a character dying is bad enough, the idea of your character dying might send chills down the writer's spine.
  5. Also, it's to let people know that anything goes in this RP. And, just to clarify, my character is also not safe, depending on how my character is perceived by me within the context of the RP he might actually be the first one in the grave.
  6. So if my character has enough Paragon points.... lol
  7. I'm interested! Make sure when you make the OOC/ Signup to save me a spot!
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  8. Hey, so, three character have been made already, if we get two more we can start. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.
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