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  1. Hello Wastelanders,
    I was just checking out if anyone was interested in doing a Table Top version of Fallout. I'm making it up currently and making the rules and a basic story line. It will happen in the time that the Courier would be present minus the Courier to make the story easier to work with. I'm also going to make more Factions and a lot will be join able including the NCR and Legion. Each faction will have their own armor and classes, Legion will have more classes based around melee weapons. So if your interested in this post down below and I'll tag you when the role play sign ups are done. I will also do ready made character sheets for those who don't want to bother to make their own characters other than name, personality and history.

    Ps. Now as another point I'm also searching for someone else to help me out with the rules and giving all the people and creatures their stats afterwards PM me if your interested.
  2. A quick google search found there is a table top system for Fallout.
    It's called fallout pnp. Should give it a look, might be exactly what you were looking for.
  3. I'd be interested.
    I've never done a tabletop roleplay though, would you be fine with a beginner participating?
  4. thanks now I can focus on the story
  5. Man, I would love to play a fallout RP, but just as Tiberius I have no experience with table top. A little explanation would go a long way for newcomers like us.
  6. Okay @caligari and @Tiberius table top is basically what Dungeons and dragons, it has the same features as a regular group roleplay, but with stats and dice rolls, so everything you do like looking for something, what loot a chest has and fighting is all determined by dice rolls and what your stats are. I'm gonna go easy on any new players because I don't expect many people to bother making their own stats but are very welcomed to do it themselves, I'm going to use the rules from the Fallout PnP game and simplify and add a few extras to the rules. If you want to check it out here's a link http://fallout-rpg.narod.ru/PnP.html check this out if you want.
  7. Hmm, okay. I've tried to create a character sheet following the advice I found on the fallout wikia about the fallout PnP. Tell me what I did wrong and I'll change it.
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