Fallout New York, New York



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It has been two hundred years since the bombs dropped. It was the apocalypse, and humanity should have been snuffed out of existence by their horrible devices of war and yet, they survived. Many had vied for a place in on of Vaulttec's many Vaults, an advanced bunker designed to hold and provide for a sizeable population until it was safe to leave their protective confines, others survived by pure chance, hiding in their basements or in public fallout shelters, but most were hit by the full on force of the atomic blasts. The bulk of them died, but some were mutated into zombie looking Ghouls.

Slowly, civilization has begun to form in the wrecked New York City. Times Square has formed into the city's largest settlement. The Ghouls, shunned by most of the survivors, have taken to the subways and made their own small villages. Shanty towns have popped up all across the massive destroyed city amongst the wreckage of buildings. Despite the time that has passed, order and law has not returned to the city.

Each settlement is fighting for dominance with no end in sight. Every camp has its own leader with their own agenda, all of which seem to directly conflict with the town's around their own. These conflicts are not helped by the constant threat of Super Mutants, who are appear to be organized under one banner, and the introduction of two new factions to the area, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave, both of whom are at the other's throat in search of Pre-War technology and control.

War, war never changes.

As you may have guessed, this is a Fallout fan-based thread that will take place in post-apocalyptic New York City. The thread will be very open, much like the Fallout games, and you will be able take it whatever direction you please! Naturally, conflict amongst the factions will slowly escalate, so the world will reflect this as it develops.

The survivor factions aside from the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Super Mutant Army, are up for player development, so if anyone has any ideas for any I would be happy to hear them.

As far as what a person is allowed to start with for equipment, they can have anything they want, so long as they have an explanation for it. I will not, however, allow for anything over powered or god-like. Remember, your character is only human…or Ghoul…or Super Mutant…okay, their mortal, keep that in mind.

At any rate, please drop me a line or post in this thread if your interested or have any questions!
Someone was already trying to put together a Fallout game as seen here.

Needless to say, those same people that posted there (myself included) would probably be interested. Perhaps you two could work together?