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    "War. War never changes."
    As some of you may be able to guess, I am searching for a partner who is will role-play the game Fallout New Vegas with me. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas have been two of my favorite games of all time. Recently, I go a refurbished Xbox after the other one stop accepting discs. Undoubtedly, Fallout was the first game I played when I was able. Just the historic references and the way they alter the scenery is pretty interesting, in my opinion.

    I do not own the DLCs for FNV so these will not be involved in the role-play. Hopefully I will be able to remedy this soon, but that might be a while.

    There are two versions of my OC. This OC I have had in mind since playing Fallout 3 and evolved since playing Fallout New Vegas. I have grown attached and had a certain unwillingness of creating another character at the moment. Version one is Courier Six. I understand the instant hesitation you get from this, but I am very fair with the spotlight. I don't make my OCs seem like the main character and often give more attention to my partner's character rather than mine. Version one is preferable, but fret not - there is a version two. Version two is similar to version one minus the fact that they are a mercenary instead of the Courier. I still have to work out their bio, though, so it isn't technically complete.

    We can always use a default courier or create one together. Each of us will create a small bio for them (or not) and determine their personality, alignment, etc. Our characters can be little followers of Courier Six. I do have another I am working on that is apart of the Legion, but he is currently in the works and I'll probably add him in later on as a side-character if no one minds.

    As you can guess, I would like to use the main plot for this role-play. Not involving the war in this role-play would seem a bit odd as it's everywhere and hard to avoid. If you have any alternate plots for this, though, please suggest them. There is a possibility that I am interested and would like to do that! c:

    PM me with your favorite location, NPC, quest, etc. from this game as your subject and anything ideas/headcannons/plot bunnies for FNV if you are interested. (You can comment as well, but a private message is preferable. Looking forward to interacting with some of you! c:


    Writing Sample

    "Where's Carla?"

    Manny turned towards his male friend and raised an inquiring brow at his friend. "What do you mean? She's probably where she always is - sulking in your apartment." Carla wasn't a likable female; she was constantly cranky and found Novac to be particularly distasteful, often dampening her spirits and everyone else's when she expressed it. Why Boone married the woman was still a mystery to him, but he knew not to push the subject any further than he already had in the past.

    "She's not there. No one has seen her all day."

    Boone's voice got increasingly worried as he spoke. He seemed as if he continued along this path that he would have a full blown panic attack. Manny didn't quite feel sympathetic yet, though. She probably ran off after living in Novac for too long. Small town life just wasn't for her, as she often complained to Boone. "She probably needed to do a little thinking, Craig. Don't worry about it. She'll be back soon." That was as close to sympathetic as he could get on the topic of Carla.

    Would it really make a difference if Carla had run off? To Manny, it would mean he got his partner back from lovey-dovey town. There would be no more talk of Carla, or Boone forcing them to get along, or even that woman's constant complaining. It's true, the two never got along. They were complete opposites and too stubborn to back down from a fight. If Manny had a cap for ever argument they had he would filthy rich.

    ((We all knew Manny was jealous of Carla. ^.^
    That wasn't the best writing sample, but it gives you
    a basic example of what you'd be getting. It's better if it's
    planned. c: ))
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