Fallout: New Mojave

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  1. Game Masters: Safudor Detanius, Novashadow365.

    Starting location: Mojave Outpost
  2. Safudor's Cast:

    Starting Equipment: Lightweight leather armor, Browning Hi-power, 50 9mm ammo, ranger brown hat, binoculars.
    Trigger discipline
    Natural Leader
    SPECIAL stats:
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  3. Conrad
    Starting Equipment: Bounty hunter duster, .357 magnum revolver, 50 .357 ammo, Desperado cowboy hat, Boxing tape
    Energy Weapons:25
    Trigger discipline
    Bloody Mess
    SPECIAL stats:
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  4. "Alright, Conrad. Here we are. The Mojave Wasteland. Let's see if we can get any mercenary work here." Safudor before going into the main building.
  5. "Yeah you do that, I'm going to look at those vehicles over there." Conrad while walking to said vehicles.
  6. Walking in the front door, Saf found an NCR officer at a desk. "Got any work?" Saf asked. "I don't have anything for you, but Ranger Kyle might. He's in the back rooms." the officer answered. "Ok" Saf replied before going to the back rooms.
  7. "Die when I shoot you" said Conrad. Three radscorpions rushed to attack Conrad as he reloaded his revolver.
  8. Upon entering the back rooms, it didn't take long for Safudor to find Ranger Kyle. "Another visitor to the ol' brahmin pin, eh?" the Ranger asked. "I was wondering if you had any work for a man with a gun." Saf asked. "No, I do- You know what? I could use the help, and you look like you could handle yourself. There are some ants blocking the road north of here and I can't let any caravans through. I need you to clear them out of there." Kyle said. "Sounds good to me." Saf replied. "Thanks. And if you succeed I might 'accidentally' lose some supplies to pay you with." said the Ranger. With that, Safudor headed out of the door and walked to where Conrad said he'd be.
  9. A bullet struck the first radscorpion in the eye. "One down two to go" said Conrad. Conrad jumped on the back of the second radscorpion. Conrad then shot at the third radscorpion.
  10. Hearing the shots, Saf looked down the road to find Conrad fighting radscorpions. He rushed down there to try and help. "What are you doing!?"
  11. Conrad shot the third radscorpion in the face temporarily dazing it. Conrad then started punching the second radscorpion in the back.
  12. Safudor arrived on the scene only to find Conrad beating the thing to death."Umm... okay?" he said.
  13. Conrad finished off the second radscorpion jumped off it's back and reloaded his revolver. Conrad then punted the third radscorpion in the face before dodging it's pincers and shooting it in the face.
  14. "Ok, that's over with. Conrad, I got us some work. There's an overpass northeast of here with a number of giant ants, these ants need to stop breathing. You game?"Saf asked.
  15. "As long as I get to shoot something I'm fine. Do you want the poison glands off these radscorpions?" asked Conrad.
  16. "Sure. I'll take them. Let's go." Safudor leads Conrad to the top of the overpass, sneaking. He begins opening fire on the ants.
  17. Conrad rushes forward shooting while preparing to fight the ants with his boxing tape.
  18. The two wastelamders killed seven of the ants before their clips were emptied, leaving 3 left. "Reloading!" Saf shouted as he reloaded.
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