Fallout (M for F)

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  1. Looking for someone who is active.
    Preffer Realistic faceclaims.
    1/2 paragrapghs minimum per post.

    What if it's the end of the world?
    No.. What if you were the offspring of the offspring one of the survivors? Or even further than that, you are the fourth generation of the original survivors.
    A group had been building a pretty steady settlement between some of the buildings.
    There is food, supplies, water, and beds.
    It doesn't look like much, but it's enough to help them survive.

    One day, they find themselves with more people then there is place for.
    So they send a group out to find another place to set up another camp.
    Knowing what to do, now they can build something bigger than the first location.
    After that, they find themselves in another filled camp, and so they repeat the same.

    Soon, the city has four settlements all based around one of the biggest settlements in the state.
    Being so close to that settlement gives each settlement the advantage of extra protection, and easy supply lines.
    All is well, until a couple of people decide to find a way outside the city.
    Once they have their set up, they start to expand and expand and expand until there is enough room for at least hundred people.

    Once there are 58 people, they start to realise they could go out and find people and offer them a save place to stay.
    A place surrounded by thick stone walls, and defenses that will protect their supplies, food, and water.
    You, and one of the other settlers are tasked with this mission.
    You have to go out into the wasteland to find people who might need just that place.

    The first couple of times everything went fine, apart from some small creatures you haven't encountered anything too dangerous.
    You were warned about raiders and such, but you never actually met them.
    58 slowly turned to 66.

    You feel confident that everything will be okay, but this time, something somewhere goes wrong.
    Your partner gets pulled behind a wall, and before you know it, you are too.
    A stranger, who tells you to stay quiet.
    What if you don't? Will you face danger, or listen to this stranger?
  2. This sounds very interesting I would be interested in rping with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.