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  1. IC Thread


    Cobb's Pier was a lot like most every other major settlement, a fortified town with guards patrolling the entrances, there was a bar, shops, some rudimentary form of government and the occasional caravan. In fact, the only thing of note was a colorful poster off to the side of the town's main gate.

    'Looking for work? Can you handle yourself under fire? Want to live with people who will watch your back? Then you should be a Mercenary! Come to Bob's Bayou Bar (and Flophouse) and ask for Sten Revna.'

    Below the message was a crude illustrated pantomime of the above message, showing a handful of caps being offered to a person with a gun, followed by an arrow pointing towards the distinct neon sign outside the Bob's Bayou Bar and a short, grumpy-looking ghoul, followed by the words “For those who can't read”.

    The message, though colorfully odd, was clear enough. Someone inside the town was looking to recruit some mercs.


    Standard rules of 'don't be a ridiculously overpowered turd', 'I'm GM so I am god of this little patch of RP', 'don't be a dick OOC', etc.
    Use proper grammar and spelling.
    Posting speed will be set to around 2 posts a week, though I'm rather flexible with that.
    Even though the CS requires numbered SPECIAL stats, this roleplay is meant to be a realistic take on the lore of the Fallout universe.
    If you have a problem, any kind of problem, take it to me. Drama (not being arbitrated by me) will not be tolerated.
    Have fun.

    Approved Characters

    Sten Revna - @Grothnor
    Frank Fields, the Lone Atom - @Clyde
    Scout - @Ythania
    Beau Arsenault - @Tyrannosaurus Rekt
    Jacqueline Richard-Boudreaux - @HolyFudgeBars
    Swan Schmid - @Crysodic

    Character Sheet

    (Human, Ghoul, Super Mutant, Robot, Synth, etc.)
    Appearance: (Pic and/or Paragraph)
    SPECIAL Stats: (You get 40 points to allocate in the 7 Stats on a scale of 1 to 10)
    (Pick up to three skills your character is particularly good at, feel free to make your own)
    Perks/Traits: (Pick up to 5 to help describe your character's specific strengths and attributes. Add a brief description and feel free to make up your own)
    Personality: (Either a paragraph or 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses)
    History: (At least a paragraph. Be sure to include why you want to join the merc group.)
    Weapons and Armor:
    Miscellaneous Equipment:
    (Any extra stuff your character can't go without: compass, charm, etc.)
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  2. Name: Sten Revna

    Age: 126

    Gender/Species: Male Ghoul

    Sten Revna (open)

    Sten is quite short, standing at only 5'3''.

    SPECIAL Stats:
    S: 4
    P: 9
    E: 4
    C: 2
    I: 6
    A: 9
    L: 6

    Skills: Sneak, Guns, Explosives

    Sniper: Sten can use scoped rifles to great and deadly effect.
    Explosives Expert: Sten knows his way around bombs, mines, grenades or anything else that goes boom.
    Light Frame: Sten is smaller than most, and though this means he can't take as much punishment as others, he can hide better and makes less noise when sneaking.
    Chem Resistant: After years of codependency on drugs, Sten has learned to ignore withdrawl symptoms.
    Mister Sandman: Sten is adept at eliminating enemies silently and without alerting others.

    Personality: In a nutshell, Sten is an Asshole. He often insults those he works with and has no tolerance for stupidity and the overly emotional. Though it seems like he has a problem with alcohol and mentats, he denies it. His personality often grates on others, leading him to usually work alone. However, he is also a consummate professional, refusing to get riled up or upset at others. He remains quite calm in stressful situations and when he accepts a job, he stick with it until the end.

    History: Sten was born around Sin-Sin City (Cincinatti, OH) to a clan of nomadic scavengers. After being captured by a raider gang, Sten was thrown into a radioactive cave network full of feral ghouls. After managing to fight his way out of the caves, Sten emerged as a ghoul himself. He returned to find the raider gang had destroyed his clan and so waged an eight month long guerrilla campaign against the raiders in revenge. After destroying the raider gang, Sten began wandering the wastes as a gun for hire. He spent a few decades as a deputy of a small town in Minnesota and several more fighting with the Yellowstone Rangers, a mercenary-militia group based in Yellowstone Park, which disbanded not long after they expended most of their manpower and firepower on the Sawtooth Campaign. He eventually found himself in Cobb's Pier, wishing that he could relive the days when he was part of the Yellowstone Rangers, part of a merc group. With some convincing from a friend, he decided to try to make his own Mercenary Company, and started recruiting, though he doubts how well this venture will turn out.

    Weapons and Armor:
    .308 Sniper rifle with silencer, 6x scope and 3x night scope
    10mm Pistol with silencer
    Trench knife
    Frag grenades, mines.
    1 block of C4
    Shadowed combat armor with camouflage cloak

    Miscellaneous Equipment: Binoculars, 3 tins of mentats, Hip flask filled with scotch, tripwire, fuses and detonators.
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  3. @LoveandHate91; why an anime picture? Fallout isn't an anime? Couldn't you have found a realistic 3D picture? Or at least an anime with an armor that would match the source?

    Beyond that may I join this RP, that is if the anime picture isn't accepted. If it is, I'm no longer interested.
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  4. I don't see why a picture wouldn't be accepted anime or not.
  5. @LoveandHate91; have you ever played F4? There's no outfit that looks like that. And it doesn't fit. Fate Stay Night character comes from a High Fantasy setting and F4 is a post APO, sci-fi fantasy with guns.

    Choose appearances and pictures that match the source of the material mate. That's why. It's a 3D game. With a realistic feel. Anime is too cartoony that's why.
  6. I havnt played F4 but I did play number 3 and NV and its a picture like it really matters.
  7. Visual thinker. I always choose my appearances in terms of the source I am joining. So it does bother me. I tried to explain this on the chatbox. I think in colors, music, and abstract notes.

    If Fallout is a red color, with a low tone. Then your picture is yellow, with a high tone. And the tones don't match. It literally is bothering my sense right now and I find anyone who would accept an anime picture in a non anime source and someone choosing a anime in a non anime source, as disrespectful to the original source.

    There are a ton of post apo pictures on deviantart and Pinterest.

    I don't know how hard it is for you to go search for a more suitable appearance.
  8. Your the one who has a problem with it and I don't see why I'll change it if it needs to be changed I wont if it dosnt.
  9. Both of you shut up and give me a goddamn chance to type my verdict.
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  10. Sorry mate
  11. Okay, here's my verdict:

    Anime Pictures are okay, but I'm objecting to the pic choice, not because of color themes or setting differences, but because people with red eyes and blue hair don't exist in the Fallout universe (unless the hair is dyed and somehow your character is wearing red contacts for whatever reason). Either you change your picture or you find some way to address these differences in your CS (ie, find a really good reason for the eye color).

    Also, on a lesser note, your SPECIAL stats total to 42, not 40.
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  12. ^That's accepted @Grothnor

    I'll have my character up soon.

    @Grothnor; do you accept titles as names as well? Such as Lone Wanderer was a title and not a name or the Courier was a title and not a name. I want to bring the character The Lone Atom i.e. he's also known as the Atomic Survivor. But um....he has a real name too. Just he has a title too.
  13. Well according to the fallout Wiki there are people with red eyes and the reason for that was radiation would that explain the eye color?
  14. Seems like a lot of weapons for one man, to be honest. I'm.. Thinking about applying. Not positive yet.
  15. Eh, it fits.
  16. I could say the same about the hair color do you want that added to the bio or add that to like extra info?
  17. The title is going to be like a calling card. Like a hacker/mercenary name
  18. Just add a sentence to the Appearance section.

    I believe I shall be rewording some things in the CS to make them more clear.
  19. @Grothnor; yay or nay? Before I continue.
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