FALLOUT: LONELY ROADS - A Post-Apocalypse Tale

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War never changes.

It was war that made the world into the wasteland it is now; atomic fires from the heavens raining the apocalypse down upon civilisation. Whole countries died in the nuclear fires, nations were buried in the atomic winter. Through our ignorance and aggression did we allow this to come to pass.

Yet some survived, many taking shelter in the great underground Vaults. Sealed away far beneath the burning earth, they weathered the destruction unleashed by the end times, returning to the surface many hundreds of years later.

The world they found up there was changed.

Ravished by nuclear fire, much of it was barren and empty, filled with creatures and horrors mutated from the animals that once walked the land before the bombs fell. Survivors referred to the new landscape as the Wasteland, the empty, barren corpse of the old civilisation.

But humanity has always been capable of adapting to survive. We have rebuilt where we can; from California a new power has risen, the New California Republic, spreading across and out into Nevada's Mojave Wasteland.

But war…

…War never changes.

After brutal fighting with another empire of the post-apocalypse, Caesar's Legion, culminating at the Battle of Hoover Dam, the Mojave lies in stalemate, it's inhabitants caught between the Bear and the Bull. From all across the Mojave the lights of New Vegas can be seen, the preserved city controlled by the enigmatic Mr House and his robotic police force.

The year is 2278. You are a wastelander, a walker of the lonely roads left from the apocalypse. Your travels have brought you to Bitter Springs, an NCR refugee camp and sight of the recent massacre of outlaw tribals by NCR forces. You have heard tell of a man looking to hire experienced wastelanders for an important, secretive mission.

A mission that will take you into uncharted territory, out onto the lonely roads of unknown lands, should you choose to accept it.[/size]

[size=+1]'Fallout: Lonely Roads' is a ChatRP set in the universe of the Fallout games, a post-apocalyptic world where the cold war never really ended… and eventually grew to become World War III. It is set initially in the Mojave Wasteland, several years before the events of New Vegas, though events will take the characters far beyond the Mojave and out into the unknown.

Players take the role of the travellers of the world, the walkers of the wasteland. Either because of their work, a sense of wanderlust or something in their past, they have never settled down in one settlement, always on the move through the world. Each of them has recently arrived in the Bitter Springs refugee camp, the site of the massacre of many Great Khans, due to talk of a dangerous, well-paying job.

If you are a fan of westerns and gunslinger-esque shenanigans, come on in. If you are a fan of post-apocalypse gaming, come on in as well. If you love yourself some Fallout, get your ass in here.[/size]

[b]My Name is...[/b] (What is your character called?)
[b]And I am...[/b] (What do you do/how do you define yourself? This can be as straightforward as your occupation ((ie. "a mercenary")) to something a little broader and explanatory ((ie. "And I am a former NCR soldier who has become jaded with the state I used to serve, now working as a mercenary to make ends meet")). Be as descriptive as you feel the need to be. If you plan on playing a ghoul or super-mutant, please state so here.)
[b]My skills and abilities are...[/b] (What is your character good at? Shooting, knife-fighting, making insane leaps of faith. These can be as strange and out-there as you like; just try and keep it balanced and don't go overboard with it)
[b]I am carrying...[/b] (What do you have on you? If you have a brahmin or some other animal, what is it carrying? Please list everything you're carrying, even if it's hidden; it helps prevent meta-gaming. If you have a hidden item upon you, simply have 'HIDDEN' in brackets next to it so the other players know that their characters won't be aware of it, at least initially.)

[size=+1]WHAT IS A CHAT RP?

A Chat RP is in many ways very similar to the regular roleplays that occur on this forum; people play the roles of characters in various situations described by a Game Master, and so on.

The difference between a Forum RP and a Chat RP is that the latter takes place in the Roleplay Chat-Box; players post the actions of their characters and how they react to the unfolding situation as the GM guides the world they all inhabit.

As such, a Chat RP is a faster-paced form of roleplaying; games and stories can be played out in a single night.

Oh, Fantastic someone explained What a Chat RP is :D
Umm I'm hoping this gets up. I'll make a CS and will use it in all of My Fallout RPs in the Future. If anyone else posts will you reschedule it for this Thursday?

My Name is... N--Tune
And I am... Part time slaver. Full Time Hunter. He took those jobs because the only constant enemy he's had were Humans... and Deathclaws, but there is no pay in fighting the 'Claws, still his life goal is to tame every species in the Wasteland at least once. He has dealings with Raiders (He brought Cook-Cook his favourite Brahman all the ways from California.) And knows the hunting grounds of most the Wildlife. One 'blindspot" though are Cazadores, he can't stand them and has never had any interest in learning about them, except that their wings should always be your first target.

My skills and abilities are...


I am carrying... A Backpack filled with 3 Clean Water 2(Hidden) 1 (Carried in off hand) ; 2 Stimpak(s) (Hidden); 3 Coyote Meat (Hidden); 2 Slave Collars (Hidden) 2 Modified Slave Collars (On belt); Leather Armour (Wearing); Authority Glasses (Wearing). Also he has a half tamed Night Stalker accompanying him.
Well seeing as this is past the date with no word otherwise and still getting advertised in the Cbox... did the date get pushed back?