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    Heartland Remedies

    'War. War never changes.'

    Welcome, to the Heartland. A harsh land that hasn't been tamed by some former fraction of the US Government. Albeit, not for the lack of effort. The US Heartland is composed of four habitable states. Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas though, in this post apocalyptic dystrophy, Dogtown, the former Denver Colorado, is the most well-known area. That said, there is plenty for these four states to offer a passing psychopath or raider.

    Speaking of Raiders, the majority of Colorado is patrolled by a group of Raiders that refer to themselves as the, "Rocky Raiders". What started as a group of ruffians on the outskirts of Aurora, Colorado and expanded till their men where on all ranges of Colorado. From the Front Range and still working towards the Western Slope. These Raiders are infamous for storming at night with baseball bats and hand grenades. Like any other Raiders - they are merciless and moral-less. They'd kill your family, break your dogs legs and then rape you with your flag of surrender.

    Wyoming is so much less desolate. Scouts from the New California Republic have passed the blockade of Caeser's Legion Nevada's Mojave Wasteland and have began trying to make Wyoming hospitable. Of course, once the NCR made it, others followed. Namely, the Great Khans. When it wasn't winter, Wyoming was the perfect area for the Khans, and now they've become a huge thorn in the NCR's side, and most of the reason that the Rocky Raiders haven't gone North into Wyoming

    Then, there is Nebraska. Easily, the record-holder for the highest civilized population. That's all thanks to the Brotherhood of Steel. Normally focused exclusively on the gathering of Old World technology, this also involved beating down all that get in their way. This lowered the psychopath population and allowed those running from the Raiders in Colorado or the Khans in Wyoming a place to retreat. A... safer place.

    Where Nebraska is a 'safe' haven, Kansas is a Spiderweb. This is as far east as the Caeser's Legion has made it, and they've turned the area into a death trap. Caeser's Legion in Nevada was a base camp, this is an expedition party and they are much more aggressive. The expedition will, best case scenario, kill anyone they come across. If you're unlucky, they capture you and make you kill others. Kansas is extremely dangerous. It's also the only route to get onto the East side of Colorado, and Dogtown.

    This is the land in which our story takes place. A desolate land that's been scorched of most things. Hope was the first thing to burn away. That's how war goes, and you know how it goes with war...

    'War Never Changes'.


    Character Sheets

    CS (open)

    [Insert Photo Here]


    That's all we need. I don't care about your story.

    Caligari // John Edward Llyod
    Azuremoon // Allysseus May
    Jess Incognito // Warren Jones
    LVL1337N00B // Ashley Nelson
    Tiberius // Penny Moore
    AtomicItalion // Asclepius "Clep" Stockman
    Pyrojack // "Open Palm" Noah
    Eon // Unmade Character
    Sora1297 // Dylan Robertson​
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  2. c9hwtSf.png

    Name: John Edward Lloyd
    Age: 26
    Personality: Reluctantly kind, pretends to be a prick in order to keep to himself.​
  3. Show Spoiler

    Name: Allyseus May
    Age: 23
    Blunt and to the point. Wears her heart on her sleeve and loves new stuff. Slight chem problem. She hates 'goody-goodies' but would never, anymore at least, fall under the catagory of 'evil'. Her alignment is chaotic justice.​
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  4. Will try to have a character up soonish. Gonna look for a picture.
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Warren Jones
    Age: 58
    Personality: Tough old bastard who has no problem walking away from those he knows he can't help or who helping will get him killed. He loves a good story and if a person's clever enough, he might just bother listening to them. He'll part ways with anyone after a time, though, feels better off not getting attached.
  6. Welcome aboard Jess! With four of us on board, I've launched the IC thread.

    Here it is!
  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Ashley Nelson
    Age: 32

    Personality: Crude, stubborn, violent and a little bit conceited. Not much for diplomacy or subtlety. Happiest when he's fighting something twice his size, stuffing his face or rolling around with some dame.
  8. We've got quite the marry gang coming together! Everybody feel free to reply to the IC post :)
  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Penny Moore
    Age: 27
    Personality: Haughty, and emotionally reserved. Not much of a fighter, tends to talk herself out of sticky situations. Deceitful. Falls into the true neutral alignment.
  10. Added Penny to the character list! Feel free to jump in!
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  11. [][​IMG]

    Name: Asclepius "Clep" Stockman
    Age: 34
    Personality: Clep is sardonic and self loathing as he desperately wants to be selfish but his Followers' upbringing convicts him to help, heal, and revitalize the sick and wounded he encounters.

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  12. Welcome aboard!
  13. [​IMG]

    Name: "Open Palm" Noah
    Age: 29
    Personality: Soft spoken, practical, and of dry wit. Noah prefers a professional approach to everything and will only get violent if he can see no other alternative. He seems to have a problem with being impersonal with issues and problems involving women and slavery.
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  14. Welcome, Pyrojack!
  15. So, as mentioned earlier in this thread, I will act as a kind of "Game Master" as I do have the plot of this story planned out. Of course there are bunches of variable that could happen to change things.

    Boulder being our first 'chapter's however, a few things do need to happen just so out characters are given motive and a reason.

    Firstly, for everybody who is playing before Boulder ends (this is currently including everyone except Incognito Jess and PyroJack). Our characters don't win here. We are going to be captured and taken to the Raider capital, Junktown.

    Just so we can proceeded smoothly. I will avoid spoilers like this as much as possible. :)
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  16. You got it boss.
  17. And, of course Pyro, you're free to jump in whenever you're ready :)
  18. Space for one more?
  19. Space for you and two more! Feel free to join :)
  20. Dibs on 2nd spot number 1!

    I'll have a sheet up later today.
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