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I finally got to watch the Fallout 4 E3 reveal, and it has me pumped for all things Fallout. Playing through New Vegas has eaten up more than a few hours of my free time, but now I want to RP in the Fallout universe as I save up for the Collector's edition and a PS4(My bank account is going to cry, but I'm gonna be sooo happy)

Looking for someone to play a female character, but I have become a little more confident in my ability to play a female character as well so that opens up other possibilities.

At the moment I don't have some set ideas, but will update as they are done!

For now, here are some images for inspiration.



If you're interested, PM me to start hashing out the details!
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Bumping this up because I am still looking for at least one more Fallout themed RP.
Can I bump this?
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