Fallout, anyone?

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  1. I've been itching to join a Fallout RP for a while and got tired of waiting for someone else to make it. The idea I had was that our characters would be part of a small merc group going around and doing various and interesting jobs somewhere, but I haven't set anything in stone yet, so feel free to make suggestions.

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  2. Yes. Yes please. I'll let you know if I can add anything.
  3. Yes! I'd love to be apart of a fallout rp
  4. Cool, now that there's enough interest to warrant a group RP thread, lets hear your suggestions.

    First, the premise: are you guys okay with what I have, that being that our characters are part of a small mercenary band (something like Reiley's Rangers)?

    Second: do you have any preference as to where in the post-apocalyptic US wastes this RP takes place? I would prefer to avoid any canonical areas (Capital and Mojave Wastelands, the Commonwealth). I can suggest Yellowstone Park, Louisiana (or some other southern, swampy state), or New York City.

    Posting rules will be as follows: One paragraph, proper grammar and spelling (to the best of your abilities, I'm no Grammar Nazi), at a speed of 2 posts a week.
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  5. The mercenary group sounds fine. Also, swamps?! I like swamps. Let's go.
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  6. Agreed. A mercenary group sounds bad ass and I'm all for swamps
  7. *intrudes out of boredom* Wait a minute. Mercenary group, swamps..... that sounds familiar, grothnor
  8. YES PLEASE. I also am itchy. Swamps are dope, also. Can we expect mutated gators and mosqui-Wait, that's a thing already.
  9. I think I'll just stalk this thread and see where it goes
  10. Is the merc group going to be Reilys rangers or something similar like Talon company?
  11. The merc group will be an small group of people hailing from any and all walks of wasteland life and decided to join the company for whatever reason, similar to Reiley's Rangers in size, but rather less organized. I haven't decided on a name yet, though that could be part of the IC, if we want to make it a newly founded group.
  12. Is the Ic already up?
  13. Nope, we're still planning this out.
  14. Ok then what still needs planned out?
  15. Well right now, I'm just taking suggestions and waiting for interest.

    The general consensus says we're a merc group in Louisiana. I'll iron out more details once I get the OOC up, which won't be before too much longer (ie. a day or two).
  16. Ok I'm good with that.
  17. Will the group have been together for a while, or recently formed?
  18. I'm leaning towards newly formed, but if anyone prefers otherwise, I'm open to your opinions.
  19. Either works for me, really. Just wanna know ahead of time so's I know whether to say "Remember that one time-" or "There was this one time-"

    EDIT: By the way, you said "from all walks of life" - Would you be okay with me playing a Brotherhood Knight who either quit after something happened or got left behind wherever this takes place?
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