Fallout: Ain't That a Kick in the Head [MxF, looking for F]

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  1. "Look around you. What do you see? Go on, take it all in. Sand that'll damn-near blind you, a heat so fierce it'll scorch ya surer than any of those old nuclear warheads could. You could call it a desert, I s'pose. Wasteland if yer feelin' poetic-like. But me, I see it another way. All of this? It's a great big graveyard, just waitin' to be filled."


    A young woman awakens alone in a hostile environment. She cannot remember how she came to be where she is - but this is not the only thing she has forgotten. Apart from her name, her entire life has become a blank slate. She can't remember who she is, where she's from, nothing.

    There is only one other piece of information in her brain: the name of a location, so faint she's afraid it will float away if she's not careful. She doesn't know where it is or why it's in her head, but it's all she has. What else can she do but start to walk?

    But the Mojave desert is not a safe place.

    Less than an hour has passed when she runs into trouble of some sort - dehydration, a group of bandits, a stubbed toe? This can be decided by the player.

    Enter: my character. He's an old survivalist with the skills to survive in the desert and a past he is unwilling to face. Together, they begin a journey to find out what happened to the girl and, if possible, to return her memory.

    A journey of hardship, of remembering who one really is - and that does not just pertain to girl. There will be action, discovery, intrigue, and a vast wasteland filled with those who have seen hell and survived to explore.


    Hello people!

    I've recently been sucked back into the world of Fallout: New Vegas, and somewhere along the road an idea for a 1x1 popped into my mind. Before I go any further, I should make two important pieces of information clear:

    Just because this RP would begin in the Mojave Desert does not mean that it is limited to the map of New Vegas. Travel either further East or back to the West Coast is not only a possibility, it's very much hoped for.

    The girl may have lost her memories, but she retains the skills she had in her forgotten past - it is just up to her to discover what they are!​

    Now then, some context! (I'm assuming that those who might be interested are familiar at least with the setting of the Fallout games and I won't be going into all of that here, but don't be discouraged if you're not! If you have absolutely no knowledge of the universe but would still like to play, I'm happy to either provide or link all relevant information. Really, it's not all that much.)

    Timewise, the RP would be set directly before the events that occur in New Vegas. Imagine the state of the Mojave before the Courier started messing with everything and you've got the idea. The Battle for Hoover Dam is yet to be fought, the NCR and Legion are still at each other's throats, and there's a whole lot of conflict that has yet to be resolved.

    This being said, we would likely have little to do with it - we're not following the path of the Courier here but forging a new one.

    Now onto the less fun stuff: what I expect from whoever my partner may be.

    1. Communicate!
    This is definitely my #1 need. I'm really not into RP'ing with someone who has nothing to say outside of IC. Silence outside of character interaction is a sure way to kill a game. It's also nice to know where someone is with their posting: I can understand if things come up which may stop you from writing. What I'm not so understanding of is someone who disappears without a word for two weeks and then pops back with another IC post and silence everywhere else. I'd love a partner who can keep me posted on what's happening, and obviously this goes both ways!​

    2. High-quality, well thought out writing, please.
    Note that I say quality here, not quantity. I'm not much of a stickler for post length - long isn't bad, but it's not always needed. So long as it moves on the plot or adds something to the story it's A-OK in my books. The more cleanly written something is, the more effectively it works. Especially when it comes to dialogue, people often try to pad out the post just to make it match requirements. Padding does nothing for the story and just takes more time to write and read - there's really no need! This being said, one-liners are a no-go.​

    I expect grammar and spelling to be at a high level, too. I proof-read my posts before I submit them and would like a partner that does the same. I understand that sometimes things slip through - it happens to me often enough - but I'd like to be able to read a post without having to puzzle over what it says.​

    3. This is NOT a romance.
    Just thought I'd make that clear. Young (anywhere from 16 - early 20's) girl, middle-aged man? Not my cup of tea.​

    4. Don't be shy with your ideas!
    This is a two person RP and it would be great to have a plot crafted by both people! If you've got ideas for anything, I'm all ears. Even my beginning is open to change - I'm happy to discuss everything so that both players are happy.​

    5. If you want to stop, don't go AWOL. Let me know.
    Just like with the communication thing above, I really don't mind if you let me know you want to stop - no hard feelings. Seeing people active other places but disappearing from the RP, though? That's not cool in my books. Let me know, I won't get shitty! I promise.​

    And that's that! So, is anyone interested?
  2. Count me interested. I'll be able to answer questions/work out ideas sporadically throughout the day.
  3. Awesome, thanks for the interest! Unfortunately the words started flowing at around midnight and I've got an early start tomorrow so I need to hit the hay now. I'll get in touch with you tomorrow and we'll see if we can come up with something that works.
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