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  1. Maps

    Vault-City Information

    • Vault Number: 636

      City Name: Vieux Orleans

      Treasury: 4,000 Caps

      Renown: None (How famous/well known the Vault-City is to others)

      Relations: No-one knows of us yet.

    • Metal | 2 Units

      Purified Water | 25 Gallons

      Brahmin Cow | 1

      Brahmin Bull | 1

      Mr. Gutsy | 1

      Electronics | 2.5 Units

      Small Generator | 2

      Medicine | 1 Unit

      Alcohol | 175 Pounds

      Seeds | 175 Pounds

      Radiated Petrol | 12 Gallons

      1 Unit = 700 Pounds

    • Canned Food | 900 Pounds

      Rechargeable Fuel Cells | 50

      Kinetic Ammo | 2 Units

    How Things Work

    • This RP will be going by Enhanced Game Physics. For those that don't know, Enhance Game Physics makes it so that things that normally take a long time to do take a short amount of time. So in this RP in one day a single builder could build 3-4 small rooms in the Vault or 2-3 small buildings outside of it. Digging and Scavenging will happen quicker, you'll be able to explore more of the outside area than normal. A Scribe can make 4-5 blueprints in just one day instead of taking 1-2 months to make a single one. This also means that you consume food and water at an accelerated rate as well and that days will be shorter.

    • In order to build a small building/room in the vault it requires 1 Unit of Metal. This amount is considerably less when building objects or any other such things using Metal. It also requires .5 units of Electronics to build a small room in the vault/building.

    • Once a scout/explorer finds a location, the scavenger will then head to that area to take anything they can find. Once they leave it will take 3 days for resources to respawn at that area. The resources found there will always be randomized unless it's a special location. For example, if you find a small suburban area than you will find random materials scattered about. But if you find, let's say, a Junkyard, than when you go there to scavenge you should expect to find more Metal than anything else.

    • When exploring an explorer/scout will automatically map out the area, which will be reflected on the World Map, as they travel. The world is constantly changing, so an Explorer will have to scout/explore regularly in order to not run into any problems. For Example, an explorer could find a junkyard and a safe passageway there. But if it's not regularly watched, and the Scavenger goes along the safe passageway, something could be there making it not safe, like a Death Claw Herd for example.
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  2. Levi leaned against the wall, they had just finished installing the hallway and Vault door. He ran his hand through hid dirty hair, they needed a place to move their food. "Okay people break time is over!" He says to the party that was lounging around the hallway. "Raven! I want you and Gwen to scout and bring back any food, water, and scrap metal you find. Emil can you start digging out a door here? He shows a rough sketch of what he wants done. Lisa and Braum can you draw up a rain catch and filter device? We are going to need more water in a few days. And Sargent Kickass i want you to secure the perimeter, i want this compound to be relatively safe while we are working." He lays out the work for the day. "I am going to layout where i want the metal wall to be. Every got what they are supposed to do? Well i don't care! Lets get working!" He dismisses the party.
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  3. "Yeah, yeah." Emil said dryly as he got up and moved over for working the order. He felt unsatisfied, that he is kept only at this short notice. He liked to know the plans in advance. What is to be where, how and what for. It saves the prep work, that way and he would be able to do something extra special about these plans, but he did not complain openly about this either. They pay, he works. Well, more precisely they keep him fed, he works, but the general idea is essentially the same. He was worried that there isn't a lot of security as of yet, and as such he kept his ears acute and tried to work without making too much noise. The last thing he wants is to have a stray mutant right behind his back. That or too much banging attracting unwanted attention. Just for that reason he kept his SMG chambered and ready, just in case things are to turn south very quickly. Throughout the years, that became the standard practice off him, though.
  4. ~Gwendolyn "Blink" Allen~
    "Mhmm!" Jumping to her feet, Gwen dashed out of the vault. She was ecstatic! Whilst the thought of them discovering some interesting bunker or structure deep within the mountain's confines excited her to no end, she wouldn't be able to sit there not exploring waiting for it to be uncovered. Stepping out of the vault with a spring in her step, she takes in full view of the territory in immediate vicinity of the vault with a smile on her face, despite the utter bareness of the wasteland. "Hmm... the stuff he wanted me to find could be anywhere... but I ought to find a road first, there's always interesting places along those!" Breaking out into a light jog, Gwen heads east, however, should she spot a road, makes a point to head towards it and follow it.​
  5. Raven Diya​
    "Got it boss man." Raven got up from his seat after hearing the plans for the day before going to prepare for the road ahead. Once he had everything in order he put on his power armor which was still a little banged up, but could take a few more blows and strapped on his guns then he walked outside with Sargent Kickass in tow. "Alright buddy i'm counting on you to hold down the fort while i'm out okay and keep everyone safe," he spoke to the teddy bear while placing him in a good position and kissed him goodbye before heading out. He saw Gwen going on ahead a bit which made him sigh at how impatient that girl was, "Welp better follow after her since i'd rather not lose anyone this early on." Raven then started his journey forward hoping that he found some booze or cigarettes during this trip out because right now he really need one or the other.​
  6. Braum sighs lighting his Cigar once more. He takes a long drag from it and climbs to his feat. He grabs his pack and walks over to where the supplies are laid out. "With what little we have here, one would think your asking for a miracle" He says to Levi. "With out a semipermeable membrane the only other solution we can use is electrolysis to purify the water, and with out a consistent source of electricity we can't do that either" He says. He digs through the supplies. He looks over at Lisa, "Hey techie you have any ideas?"
  7. GM
    Upon reaching the crest of the hill Gwen and Raven would be able to see things farther away from their Vantage point. From this height they could spot a Destroyed Power Grid, a Gas Station, a Highway, what looked like 2 very large Cities that looked to be bustling with population, a Power Station, and a Super Mutant Outpost, that if zoomed in onto with Emil's camera, would contain 4 super mutants, and a large cache of Ammo, Food, and Purified water. With Emil, he quickly finished what he was told to do by the Overseer in quick time, and now there was dirt hole shaped like a Doorway located where Levi wanted.
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  8. Lisa nodded as she received her orders. Water purification. Bah, easy, she could make nearly everything out of the random scrap here. And they had her working on WATER? Well, guess you need water to live. "Yes... we will have to use more primitive means. We can come up with some simple means as a temporary solution and get something nice and fancy at a later date." She paused and gave the others a minute to catch up clearly this was going to be WAY beyond them. "What you can do is use solids like sand or charcoal in layers. At the bottom of a large steel cannister, you have something to stop the sand. We'd need a mesh of some sort, maybe ask one of our scavengers to find an old world mattress for the purpose. We just need the fluffy part..." Techie turned her head to look at Sargeant Kickass. "Otherwise, we boil it and catch the condensation in a bowl. We keep it simple until we have something better with a more reliable power source or something better. Just need a gallon per person per a day or so... so let's keep it simple until we need something better and have the structure for it."
  9. "No i want the best you can possibly do now, I don't want to put it off until we actually need it. And as for the structure, draw up a sketch and i will look it over." Levi tells the few people still in the hallway. "Go with a mixture of natural scrubbing layers, add the semipermeable membrane that will filter it, make sure that it can be changed out and be cleaned, add it even though we don't have one currently. Then we can set up a generator room so we can also use electrolysis if need be. Emil you will assist them anyway possible, that means putting aside what your doing and helping them instead." Levi instructs them what he wants. "When you are finished with that i want the wall put together, a hydroponic farm setup, and a workshop created. Understood?" Levi asks the people standing in the hallway.
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  10. "Yeah, yeah." Emil said monotonously, got up from the hole, and walked up to the assigned group: "Just say what needs doing, so we can get this over with." His tone was neither irritated, nor tired, but an odd in-between. It's been nearly a day since he had anything to smoke, and as such he felt increasingly irritated, as well as being somewhat worn out by the urge felt from an unsatisfied habit. 'Maybe in the evening.' Emil thought to himself, hoping that this will happen before too much of his irritation spills out on everyone.
  11. Gwendolyn 'Blink' Allen​

    Gwen continues on her way, seeming completely oblivious to Raven's presence, be that of plain ignorance or choice is another question. However, as she stares south through her camera at the rather intimidating mutant settlement, she snaps a picture, her face lighting up as she does. "Perfect! Oh! Oh! Uhh.. friend! Here, you should have this, I bet you'd like it more than I would, since I already remember all of it.. I think!" Turning to him, she shakes the picture gingerly for a moment before handing it to him, and, immediately afterwards, starts half skipping half jogging to the east, continuing her special sort of exploration trip with reckless abandon.​
  12. Braum takes a long draw on his cigar, He sighs rubbing his temple. "Your right techie that would be a simple solution if you don't mind drinking radiated water". "What your suggesting is great for getting rid of debris, but we need a way to scrub out the Iodine-101 particles". He digs out one of his old notebooks he use to jot ideas down in. "Now Levi I might have a way to kill two birds with one stone." He flips open his notebook to a specific page. "What we can do is build a electrolysis device that will also operate as a generator". He hands the notebook to Levi. "All we will need is 4 tons of scrap steal, 30 feat of rubber hose, and a small power source to turn the machine on with". "But in the end its up to you, boss-man"
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  13. Raven Diya
    "I just had to get stuck with the kid didn't I." Raven sighed as he placed the little picture into his pack and carried on alongside her. He made a habit of checking around the area around them just to make sure that nothing would sneak up upon them. He took note of all the options laid out to them to hit up first on this merry little trip out in the wastes. "That gas station doesn't sound like a bad idea...although hitting that power station isn't so bad either." Just to make up his mind faster he took out one of his caps and flipped it up into the air, "Heads is for power and tails is for gas." Watching it hit the ground he saw that it was heads and shurgged taking that as their best bet while picking back up the makeshift currency. "Hey kid come one we're hitting that power station seems like a good place to start." After telling her that he started walking towards his objective and hoped that she followed instead of running off on her own....though he wouldn't get his hopes up on that end.​
  14. "Is this where I point out that iodine itself would be debris and one several times the density of water?" She had some other issues, but now was not the time to give a several minute lecture on nuclear physics. Not that that was her speciality... no, that was weapons and armor tech. "Now, if such a purification method doesn't remove nuclear contaminants, it is quite unlikely electrolysis will since it does not affect the atom itself... " She pauses for a second and looks off. "Well, we're open to crazy, right? In the unlikely event our water has tritium hydrogen in it for whatever reason on top of contaminants, then we need a way to separate both. Centrifuge. We spin out the heavier minerals and maybe the denser water. We'd need power to run it, but we can likely use the water for fusion later... especially if we get a surplus of heavy water. Easier to use for that purpose. "
  15. Levi wasn't the smartest person in the room, and he wouldn't call himself a physicist, but he did learn this in the vault he grew up in. He cleared his throat. "Okay we will use a system where water is collected, channeled down a pipe with sand and carbon filters. Then it will sit inside of a storage vat, from their it will go through Electrolysis, we will collect the H2 and O2. The O2 will go be pressurized into homemade oxygen tanks, and the H2 will be used in a hydrogen engine, which byproduct is water 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O. Now the problem is not that its not iodine-129 and -131, those have a very short half life. No the problem is the Strontium-90, Caesium-137, Technetium-43, they will hopefully be cleaned through the mineral scrubbers, but the Electrolysis will give us both power through the use of H2 in a hydrogen engine. So here is what i want done. Techie i want you to draw us up blueprints for a Hydrogen engine. Emil i want you to create us a workshop, complete with smelter, forge and anvil, plus a place for the Techie to work. Braum will help me clear out the stockpile and help me transit the foodstuff and ammo inside. Come Braum." He finished grabbing some tools Levi starts to carve out the area for the Stockpile, leaving the others to their assigned work.
  16. Emil thrown his hands into the air from frustration, clearly agitated for overseer not making up his mind with what is needed to be done, then moved over to doing his new task. He took what materials and tools he needed, measured the initial estimates, made some proof-calculations, pre-placement measurements and got to work. He was working with his usual hardworking spirit, making no further comments, although he started to become increasingly agitated, because he did not have anything to smoke.
  17. Braum sighs. "What ever you say boss-man". He sighs walking over to Emil. He holds out a cigar. "Have one of mine, your starting to get on my nerves" he says. He grabs his AT rifle and walks over to where Levi is standing. He looks at the large stack of supplies. "I take it you are going to watch me move everything?" he says as he lifts up a box. "Just point where you want everything"
  18. "On it!" Finally the exciting part for the ex-Brotherhood scribe, designing an engine. She takes whatever material that she can start designing on and moves away from the rest of the group, hoping to find a quiet corner. "Now... let me see... going to need a lot of metal... and some electronics..." She did want this thing to be computer-controlled. Maybe design it in such a way to have it self-diagnose common issues if anything comes up. It would also need to be big enough to power the facility for a long while. "Gotta make sure to keep the plans too, if we need more power later, we can just build another..."
  19. GM
    After a long while the Stockpile and the Workshop had been built, with proper metal walls and electric wiring, consuming 8 units of Metal and 1.5 units of Electricity. The Blueprint had been made successfully and showed no flaws whatsoever.

    After a long while Raven, and hopefully Gwen, had finally arrived to the relatively small Power Station. Searching around he would find that outside the small concrete building there was 1 unit of electronics, 3 scrap metal, some empty cans, 2 packs of cigarettes and surprisingly an Eyebot that when inspected had no more power to run it and basic coding to follow anyone programmed to be it's 'Master'.

    If they went inside the small building they would run into a problem. 2 Bandits had taken up residence inside. If killed the 2 Bandits would yield a Pipe, a Machete, some basic Bandit Armor, and 12 caps each. Besides that, inside the building 1 medium sized broken Generator was located, alongside 2 large packages of cigarettes, with both containing 12 packs of cigarettes inside them, 120 Caps scattered around, 3 bottles of Nuka-Cola, 1 Rad-X, 3 Sim-paks, 1 unit of Metal, and 1.5 units of Electronics.
  20. GM
    As everyone was working and it was starting to get late in the day, a large group of people had arrived to the improvised Vault-City. The group contained 2 Mercenaries, An Explorer, A Doctor with some sort of metallic collar, A surgeon that looked like he had some dried blood on his face, A surprisingly tame Super Mutant Explosives Expert, 2 Builders, and 3 Scavengers. Along with them a Trader was spotted as well. He had 3 Brahmin carrying a lot of materials to sell and 6 hired mercenaries to protect him and his brahmin.

    Trader Inventory

    Metal - 100 Caps per Unit
    Electronics - 50 Caps per unit
    Canned Food - 500 caps per unit
    Beds - 2 in stock - 250 Caps per bed
    Anvil - 1 in stock - 500 Caps
    Purified Water - 700 Caps per Gallon
    Radiated Water - 100 Caps per Gallon
    Kinetic Ammo - 900 Caps per Unit
    Lazer Pistols - 3 in Stock - 100 Caps per Lazer Pistol
    Lazer Rifle - 3 in Stock - 100 Caps per Lazer Rifle
    Micro Fusion Cells - 50 Caps per Cell
    Sniper Rifle - 1 in Stock - 500 Caps
    Varmint Rifle - 2 in stock - 250 Caps per Varmint Rifle
    Broken Mr Gutsy - 1 in stock - 700 Caps
    Broken Small Fusion Generator - 5 in Stock - 200 Caps per Fusion Generator
    Broken Water Purifier - 2 in Stock - 150 Caps per Water Purifier
    Tools - 50 Caps per Unit
    AK-47 - 3 in stock- 200 Caps per AK-47
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