Fallout 4 RP idea (will not be for the faint of heart)

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  1. Preface. I'm a guy, I only like to RP with girls. Nothing against you other guys, I just feel weird about it. If you're a guy and I know it, I'll decline your request as politely as possible. It's just my preference, and I don't enjoy when people try to break my rules or convince me otherwise.

    And READ THE PROMPT! If you ignore half of the things I put on here (these included), I'll deny your request. I play in first person and in PMs, but can be talked into playing in a thread.

    So, I have been playing a lot of Fallout 4 since it came out, and I've played 3 and New Vegas, so I know a bit of the lore and whatnot. Well lately, I've gotten interested in trying out a Fallout RP myself. I'm usually not into the post apocalypse stuff since it's a little played out, but some recent... cough cough 'findings' >.> have piqued my interest in the setting.

    Really, since we'll be in control of the whole setting, I'd like for the story to take more sexual turns than anything else. I would love to do exploring and fighting like the normal games, but I'd also like to take it to some sexual extremes for some kinky, raunchy fun.

    I've got two ideas for our characters (either way, your character will be female, my character will be male, no matter the pairing). The start will be more or less the same from Fallout 4, either your character will be the 'Sole Survivor' from vault 111, or my character will be. I'd prefer your character come from cryo stasis from 111, but I can be persuaded. The vault dweller will have lived in Sanctuary Hills before the war, but will have been single, 21-22 years of age as they moved out of their parents house, just before the bombs fell.

    The other character will play a companion more or less, that the 'Sole Survivor' finds squatting in Sanctuary Hills, in their old home. Or further into the wasteland, that works too.

    The plot probably won't follow the, 'need to find my son' story as FO4 does, but I don't think it'll be too hard to find someway to get on track.

    Anyway, we'll discuss more in the RP, as it'll be a bit raunchier discussion than normal, so should maybe leave it out of this.

    I would really like to add transformative stuff in, transformative items, radiation mutations, stuff like that. I'll give examples in the PM when we discuss stuff.

    This will be a rather dark/kinda rapey story, so it is not for the faint of heart.

    Alright, kinks and character sheets below.



    Kinks I enjoy (bold I enjoy more): big/huge breasts (E-J cups), nipple play, lactation, Sub/(affectionate)Dom, BDSM, mind break, petplay, cat/cow/monstergirls (goes with petplay), slave, collaring, spanking, harems, public, transformation, anal (not on me), deepthroating, yiffs/furries, assorted others.

    ^ These are all just things I like to do! We aren't limited to these and we don't have to use all of them! :)

    Limits: Blood, piss, shit, vomit, abusive BDSM(but could come up. Willing to let it go for some rougher scenes), genital/body mutilation, ageplay, incest, assorted others.


    Your CS: (open)

    (Can use image if you'd like. Put it here. Don't use real images of people)


    Disposition(Nice, sweet, shy, mean, bitchy, etc.):


    Eye color (you wouldn't believe how often I forget this fuckin' option...):

    Hair color/length:

    Cup size(Shrugs I like boobs, preferably E cup to J cup, but can be lower for transformations):

    Body type(also like wide hips, large butt, nice thighs with long legs. But again, transformations):

    Skin tone:


    Special Characteristics:

    SPECIAL stats (this won't go too in depth really) 21 points to spend, 10 max for any one at this point:

    S - 1

    P - 1

    E - 1

    C - 1

    I - 1

    A - 1

    L - 1

    Other(Stuff I should know that won't be in exposition later on):
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  2. I'm interested in this however I can't get fallout 4 till Christmas TT-TT I have played Vegas, is that enough for you or would you prefer I have played fallout 4?
  3. I don't mind :) Have you at least seen some gameplay of it or something? I don't really want to spoil the story for you if we end up following it to a degree.
  4. I'm cool with a few spoilers~ (just don't tell me the ending pretty please~) I've seen some gameplay though so I know most of the mechanics and such.
  5. Alright :) I don't think we'll get to the end by the time you get the game/finish it, so I think we'll be fine. Send me a message and we can discuss it.
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